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How Much I Can Order VIP Packages For Aerosmith Show?

Good day!Tell pozh, whether You have to sell tickets for the concert in the concert hall ,,Stars with love"" on October 28, in the concert hall already sell, can you tell about a possible sale of the Ushers, thanks!

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A good supper would like to order tickets for Hanukkah. The morning the tickets of bylino suddenly says "no Tickets"how is that possible?. Two sectors bought in one day:)?.

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Good afternoon, at this moment, the information on this performance is missing.

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Hello! Please tell me when will be on sale the tickets for "Tanz der vampire" in January 2013?

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lock numbers on the website not to order comes in response to the e-mail such not redeem nonsense

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Hello! Please tell me how long before the event be tickets on sale? Want to buy tickets to the show, dates are displayed, but when clicking "buy ticket" gives a message that "the Sale of tickets for the event will open in the near future."

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and in Petrozavodsk by chance. to buy tickets or just electronic??

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a response is not received . what address did you send it?... please send it in a private message or email .thank you!

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Don't understand how to book a flight to Maxidrome ordering formalno he probably Moscow. How to do it properly?

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thank you for your feedback

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Here imenno also this discount was never found!

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Yes. And documents

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How to cancel an order for tickets or change seats?

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thank you for the answer.

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thank you))

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good morning, we are not event organizers.Our tickets to the front side at the bottom of our yellow stripe and on the reverse side of the ticket our logo.You can also try to check in any of our theatre box offices.DTZK not recommend buying tickets.

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, 89500192237.But with communication it is necessary to do something.Serious,right!

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How much I can order VIP packages for Aerosmith show?
Answered in a PM

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also hanging(

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Thank you!

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Hello! I booked 3 billano I only need two. What to do?

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How much I can order VIP packages for Aerosmith show?
We're through You bought one ticket at the box office we were assured that children under 3 without a seat in his mother's arms.

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to clarify pricinilor to contact the Bank. But rather segodnea card will not work to pay.