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Where I Can Buy VIP Packages For Liam Gallagher Concert?

Good evening !
I did not understand - whether it is possible to buy tickets online?
And somehow all through the operator , you do not want to bother once again ...

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, , good day! Please contact our specialists by phone 380-80-50

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Hello. no need

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Sell two tickets for the concert of Leps 17.12!!!

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Podskazivaet will do the tickets on the day of may 27 for a concert of classics at the Palace? Like remember that year you could buy your ticket for the money, 2000-3000 for a limited number of seats that are there ( the rest is standing room is free)

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Okedem ;)

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we have offices in Naberezhnye Chelny.

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a passport is always better to have. Minors soprovozhdenii senior let

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Where I can buy VIP packages for Liam Gallagher concert?
tell me..... nothing that on the tickets there is a bar code ?

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Where I can buy VIP packages for Liam Gallagher concert? can I buy 2 tickets for the concert of Lyapis Trubetskoy in St. Petersburg on 28.08?I am from Minsk

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replied in a personal message.

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Daya had already checked in the morning. But sadly do the same for each city I need a separate account to start? When you change gorode logout and login no longer works. Somehow terribly awkward turns.

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good afternoon! You can call 380-80-50, or write the card number and we will see its expiration date.

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Please answer laproscopy have a ticket to the concert Hogepodge found that my ticket without a bar kodukula all photos with barcode. Is this normal?
Thanks in advance for the answer!

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don't know

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thanks, I'll wait)

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tell me,on the shares bought tickets for the Wizard of Oz and Toto on March 12,applied 50% discount, the ticket was 900p, and now without action tickets at 900p on the same row.How can this be? Purposely price inflated in 2 times? It is not pretty. Tickets to other theatres have been discounted as stated. Why actors rose in price action?

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Where I can buy VIP packages for Liam Gallagher concert?
Hello,I can not order tickets for SKA as usual. Now they are not something on the website?

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Have zdravstvuyte.skazhite ticket sitecam to pay through the savings Bank ?

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Totemporarily. Accidentally lost my voucher from Bretano I still have it. Can I exchange the ticket for a new or you can go with spine ticket and eroded.

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Thank you.

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2 tickets,they have different bar compo it will be pass

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That's fucked up.
office in the House of Officers is not working and everything is closed at 10.40.
Call the dispatcher.
place your order yesterday n 3656112 11.

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Where I can buy VIP packages for Liam Gallagher concert?
Excuse me,but football you not using the tickets order?

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good evening. The letter of instruction (paragraph 4 of the conditions of receiving the order) is filled in by the owner of the card, which was paid for tickets. One copy to send to us (), one copy together with the electronic ticket given to those who go to the event. To visit the play enough.

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Where I can buy VIP packages for Liam Gallagher concert?
how fast should come message with code on your phone? I can't understand anything, because the site is written to record the phone "7",so I did. Maybe something is wrong?

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the site says the ORDER has been PAID! if it Seto why didn't the ticket in the mail!?

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Please tell me, 14.02 in theaters you can buy 2 tickets in one hand for 20 rubles? Do I understand correctly?

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Tell me, please, how can I restore my tickets, if I lost them.

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The direction of theatre spectacular box office does not recommend the purchase of tickets. But try to call 380-80-50, Operators will try to check the tickets in their numbers.

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you can pick up at any convenient for you tenpole how will be the payment. It is necessary to take at the box office B. Сампсониевский7. If you order electronic biletta,print it on а4ничего crop is not so nedobrozhelateli

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Where I can buy VIP packages for Liam Gallagher concert?

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Tell me how the name: it is impossible to leave the Beautiful, or amazing, you cannot leave..... how? I don't even know this theater production,movie or a dramatic Playground....

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Please tell me are there any rules for the refund of e-tickets

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How much are your booking rests? booked a ticket for tomorrow meroprijatie to buy now is not uspeyut as the nearest cashier to 20.00. Tomorrow to hours to 12 days your booking will remain?

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at the entrance check is not poprosite do have to give a check for the service fee. At one hand you do not get a check?

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thank you.

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How to order tickets to "the Lady with camellias" 6или7ноября
answer those in PM if you can

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Good afternoon, when you purchase e-tickets and credit card the full cost immediately after some time, the status "processing" status changes to "executed"? I want to be confident in the purchase, already a day has passed since the payment.

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Where I can buy VIP packages for Liam Gallagher concert?
Hello. I bought a ticket for Lana Dal Aconcert perenniels uehata from another portabilit drouseia can return the ticket? Please help. Money is rather big.

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Hello! Students 14 years can go by yourself to an evening performance of the product school curriculum, provided that they are carried out and meet at the exit?

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Your order has been successfully paid ( Depeche Mode (4.03.14 20:00)fan-zone in the amount of 6600 RUB)

souledouttojesus not possible To translate the original ticket form in an electronic format.

Paid for tickets You can pick up the day of the event, or any other convenient day in our Central box office at the address: St.-Petersburgmoscow Sampsonievsky PR., 7 (metro station "Lenin Square")
opening Hours:
• 09:00 - 20:30 week days;
• 10:00 - 18:30 weekend.
paid for delivery of tickets is carried out only in St. Petersburg and the nearest suburbs.
Pre-paid tickets will only be issued with a passport of the payer. In the event that the tickets takes another lycopodophyta to provide a passport poluchitekonomiyu certified letter of attorney and copy of the passport of the payer. Without the required documents, the ticket cashier will not be issued.

a personal message I'll send personal data cabinetid displays the new order number.

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Where I can buy VIP packages for Liam Gallagher concert?
Zdravstvuydosvidaniya paid for the ticket via credit card to the concert.After a time comes a payment notification?What else besides the need to show your passport at the cashier to get a ticket?

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in the cashier. Before the site update and after, respectively.

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the announcement in the news bilobilo in category "return tickets"for details can contact

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the ticket hasn't been opened yet. Follow the information on our website.

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we have now linked up with Ice:( Entrance fees not

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, Good morning.We are working to improve the situation.For convenience, left the old version of the website:
We apologize for the inconvenience.

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to sozhaleniyu did not provide this information. And no comment of the organizers we didn't get an answer

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now read Your answer of 17 March that the collection is taken all the box office and was very surprised. Has anything changed? Last week at the box office DTZK on most of the tickets fee is not charged.

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Refund of tickets is possible not podniece 3 working days before meropriatia Central office (Large Sampsonievsky prospektom 7).
opening Hours:
from 15:00 to 18:00 (Monday to Thursday)
15:00 to 17:00 (Friday)
At return of tickets it is necessary to have a passport and order number.

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Where I can buy VIP packages for Liam Gallagher concert?
There is a possibility to downgrade to the old version (right upper corner). I put bookmarks in the old version of the site and more nothing annoys me. But, I will agree that the updated site is a lot of negative emotions.

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Will zdravstvuite.otvette or even a ticket to the dance floor to the concert Plasibo?

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the company's actions are justified to guarantee the safety of purchased services. Paying for the order You previously acquainted and agree to the terms of purchase. Ticket exchange is not wasmounted as the form of the ticket is a document of strict accountability. The options out of the situation in private messages.