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Where I Can Get Tickets For The Script Concert?

Good afternoon. Yes, the gift card can be used to pay any ongoing DTZK bility, goods/services in any of our cash, but just in case you always molete enquire by calling by phone 380-80-50

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Where I can get tickets for The Script concert?
Panemune unfortunately similar or the same events yet.

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Where I can get tickets for The Script concert?
Good morning,thank you for the review and an indication of data problems.
If you need the old site is available at
be Sure to check it out and try to work things out, we apologize for the inconvenience.

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Where I can get tickets for The Script concert?
Thank you for the information we gave the information to the office of orders and delivery for the repair order status. Hope Your order delivered on time! Happy viewing and a happy New Year. Stay tuned;)

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Hello. I am planning to go to a concert of One Direction in Milan in June this month. Want to buy tickets with delivery to Russia. Can I purchase this ticket in your firm? I from Krasnodar. You deliver the tickets from abroad?))

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Will zdravstvuite.otvette or even a ticket to the dance floor to the concert Plasibo?

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Where I can get tickets for The Script concert?
On these dates until the sale opened. Follow the information on the website.

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Indeed, the site is not working. Tried to download on two different PCs, using different browsers. To no avail. Tried to find out information by phone 380-80-50. I either "sent" or persistently said that working. At the box office to buy a ticket failed in the box office in the subway "black river" very unfriendly cashier. Different options are not allowed. Go to the box office.

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we have conveyed Your message to technical support.

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Hello! How to contact the administrator of this group on the topic of cooperation?

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the tickets in the mail never came

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if you can recover 2 tickets if I ordered them at the call center and then purchased a regular ticket office?and how can it be done?

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Where I can get tickets for The Script concert?
at the moment, information about the beginning of sales yet. Follow the news on our website.

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can your specify. through web money can not

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Good day! Ordered and paid for the ticket by credit card through the Internet website . When and where to pick up your ticket? What documents you need to have? E-ticket I came.I'm not from St. Petersburg.The ticket on 12 December.

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Sell certificate "" with par value of 5,000 rupsa 3500

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Where I can get tickets for The Script concert?
Good day.
polustanochke Tell whether e-ticket to print tbili need color?

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Where I can get tickets for The Script concert?
, Good morning.Yes,if suddenly for some reason the order was never otredaktirovat, when it is not paid it will be canceled automatically.Also, you can always call us tel 380-80-50 our and our operators will help you.

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Where I can get tickets for The Script concert?
How to upgrade to the full version I tried many options but it does not work. the
Previously, I was very comfortable every day to go to the website and watch for new events and now here's a garbage I don't feel comfortable using the site SAVE somebody

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Good day! See on this issue in our stake center, 8 (812) 703 40 40

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of course - to exchange the tickets at the Central office at the address: the Big Sampsonievsky prospection 7.

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Apply discount 50"% concert Metodii Bujor 8.03 in the concert hall?

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Where I can get tickets for The Script concert?
Hello. Possible
to exchange an e-ticket for a regular? The villains hacked into the mailbox. There are fears that the tickets were stolen.

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Hello,I bought today March 27 at the box office tickets for theatre Akimov,I was charged another fee. I was very surprised because last year for the same action was not taken. As it should be?

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Hello. Prompt,please, in what the box office takes a collection,and what is not.

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we will learn to work with everyone who deserves it:) But the last ones we had sold a lot of e - billowy problems almost was not. Sorry they happened to you.

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why you have an age restriction on concertapes Republic 16+and A2 on the website 18+?

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Sdravstvuietoya ticket at the Ice Palace (Window No. 5), Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour Cirque du SoleilР С‘ only later somatilake on the ticket was missing the bar code.I slusalice the authenticity of the tickets is determined at the entrance to the bar code.Pauliteiros.

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I want to buy the concert tickets which will Peter sell any tickets in Nizhny Novgorod ?

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And I needed to see any performances in the near future I'm interested in busy artist, and I haven't been able to get this information on the website, although earlier that no problems had arisen.

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concert OneRepublic

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have Sent a request for password recovery - first login, then the instruction email.mail.
the Message "Information sent" - but where? In the mail nothing, and login - do not understand where sent.

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technical support is now addressing the issue.

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Where I can get tickets for The Script concert?
I have bought tickets for 6 events. Today all these activities the option of e-ticket on the website. Maybe you can still do something. Very problematic to the cashier to go.(

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Where I can get tickets for The Script concert?
Yes , there are gift cards DTZK denominations of 500, 1000, 3000 and 5000 rubles. More information about gift cards You can read on our website

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to return ballynahattina not podniece 3 days prior to meropriyatiyah us for a refund .

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Good afternoon.

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There was a 90% discount and Nutcracker in DK Lensoveta. But in 1-30 only a couple of tickets left.

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Where I can get tickets for The Script concert?
Tell me, have bought online ticket but pointed email with a typo, respectively e-ticket came. It's possible to change mail?

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Where I can get tickets for The Script concert?

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we 24.12.16
ie, the need to the cash register still to go?)

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Hello. Today, the action in comedianta. How to get a discount on the website???

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Nakonechna! Read more here

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Where I can get tickets for The Script concert?
Please.Pleasant to you of viewing.

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Where I can get tickets for The Script concert?
Hello! Skaiteboardermag of the participants of the "black Friday" is already final?
If the Pilot and Apocalyptic no in spikenet on them and there will be no discounts?

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Where I can get tickets for The Script concert?
We're through You bought one ticket at the box office we were assured that children under 3 without a seat in his mother's arms.

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Where I can get tickets for The Script concert?
want to buy tickets in the concert hall. but there is no option to choose the electronic version only purchase tickets at the box office. why is this happening? is there opportunity to get into the concert hall with electronic tickets? or they need to pick up at the box office?

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Hello! Why online concert 30 seconds to mars no tickets in the fan zone? They all are? Or is it I don't see them?? Ahaha

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Thank you!

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YAY! THANK you! Today it worked. 😃

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Hello, tell me what to do, if the ticket is in the envelope were wet, and the "spine" imprinted paint? Let whether with a ticket to the show?

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Where I can get tickets for The Script concert?
Good morning, unfortunately probably not.But call us by phone 380-80-50 and our operators will tell if this is possible.

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Where I can get tickets for The Script concert?
Yes,also interested in dance of the vampires January