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Best Way To Get Cheap Tickets For Enrique Iglesias Show?

Hello! I booked 3 billano I only need two. What to do?

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Good evening. Bought a ticket to the concert ByAprill Dead at the box office. The first concert was moved to nearpoor canceled. How to return denguezli is only the ticket check is not preserved? Is it possible to make a return via the Internet?

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Can I have the tickets for the promotional code to redeem in Pushkin. To buy only at the offices of billeter or any?

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We are satisfied with the implementation of this service. Small difficulties,which were at the initial stage of implementation was considered and decided.

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ability to pay is gone. what does it mean?

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Best way to get cheap tickets for Enrique Iglesias show?
Good evening. Booked e-ticket for Linkin parkno for correct behavior online ordering happened 2 times. Orders on the site is "paid"and the other "awaiting payment". Can I cancel one order?!

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still doesn't help me in any way.

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, Phone 380-80-50 find out who took Your appeal and when You wait for a response.

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Good day! Tell me, please, is it possible for the ticket to cross out-to paint-to seal the price (not seen it there)? you will not have any problems while passing control directly?

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strange guys. You can show them the Bank statement.

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service charge was not))) in the cashier of your partners on the Pioneer. if the input is not a problem, bogetto okay. Thank you!

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when passing to the concert, bring your passport

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good day, I can not go into my account I e-mailed you the answer is no

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Good evening. Please check your email for an activation link to your account.If you have already activated your account, try to login use your email.

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Please.Pleasant to you of viewing.

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Best way to get cheap tickets for Enrique Iglesias show?
If I am not mistaken in what way are going to pay... Yes, the fee is possible if the amount of tickets higher than the face value of the card)

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Classic - access to the main dance floor.

Deluxe - access to additional dance floor and chill-out individual whosegame place on the podium with the right to secede on the dance floor.

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Then a legitimate question - when it "temporarily" end? There is at least an approximate time?

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Best way to get cheap tickets for Enrique Iglesias show?
Good day! Can

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Good evening!!! Please tell me, do they sell tickets for the recital Marina Devyatova ,which will 29сентября in DC.bitter
at 19.00? And will there be a concert?

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Today I also had problems with logging into the site,even introduced,so it is better to call operators)

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Send a simple email "Original - to: 194044Рі. Saint Petersburgmoscow Sampsonievsky PR. 7РћРћРћ "CASHIER" RU
Thank you !

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Sdravstvuietoya to solve the issue) bought the tickets on your blankee at the point of Rasprostraneniye not given. That is, I can't docusate bought it in the store. But on the ticket there is a seal SP. So woteki we want to return, biletta whom to contact?

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Best way to get cheap tickets for Enrique Iglesias show?
Does not help, I have a laptop and usb modem

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tell me , please,what means this offer on your website - Sales for the event suspended. Thank you)

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Please, but just in case be sure to save it.

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Best way to get cheap tickets for Enrique Iglesias show?
November 3, 2013 through the website of Usher I ordered and paid with credit card tickets to the Nikulin Circus on January 2, 2014. The tickets were 1 row - specially for a little girl!Came SMS: order w1029725 paid.The order number for collection at the box office 15076340, valid until 02.01.2014 18.59. Arrive In St. Petersburg and December 31, go to the cashier on Nevsky Prospekt 22/24. Can't find the order. Then say: your tickets are SOLD. HOW CAN BE SOLD TO PAID TICKETS???? Offered January 2 to come 30 minutes before the show and solve the problem on the spot. The situation is in my opinion simply out of the ordinary emanating!!! Dear buyer Sostek Victoria ,

payment Information:

payment Number (BillNumber): 5880677240318922
company Name: Usher
order Number: W1029725
Buyer: Shostik Victoria
date of operation: 03.11.2013 15:46:45 (GMT +04:00)
the amount of the transaction: RUB 6 600.00
operation Result: Completed successfully.
authorization Code: 576030
means of Payment: VISA ****6091

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Good day! Bought tickets for the concert Adam Lambert 16.03.2012 in Masquerade unalike it will be Peter. Live in St. Petersburg and tickets can be purchased here. Question: is it possible to exchange?or pass and just buy? Please tell me how to be.

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organizers moved the start of play on 14:00.

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Best way to get cheap tickets for Enrique Iglesias show?
if I want to return militocracy the application and the required Documenta letter gets lost or long ittiest any time?

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Hello! Please tell me the gift card number you can determine it is valid still or not?

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Good afternoon! Until this event we have, it All depends on the event organizer. If we provide the tickets for sale, they will immediately appear on our website.

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Best way to get cheap tickets for Enrique Iglesias show?
thank you))

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Thank you! At the time we went to the play "the wise man stumbles", but was replaced:( I'll Try to go to a Performance of "Night and day"

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Best way to get cheap tickets for Enrique Iglesias show?
hmm..thanks,you are right. Give the

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thank you for the answer

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I haven't bought the tickets. wrote about it immediately.

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open a Google map of the ice😊

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Podskagite to return the money for the tickets of the show "Game monsters"which was not held?

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Good day! How to return service fee, if there was a cancellation of the concert?

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good day! In this case, you can do so: you'd better contact in the Moscow office at +7 (495) 730-730-0 or email and ask namegot if they can trade him to St. Petersburg certificate. Because Petersburg and Moscow - that different departments need to start with the Moscow branch.

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works. Thank you.
PS although still uncomfortable, the site has become

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Good afternoon, the certificate can be used only 1 time.

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Best way to get cheap tickets for Enrique Iglesias show?
Tell me,please, are there any plans in SPb play "Men on call"?Like the touring,but none of the theatrical sites have no information except,"not expected in the near future."

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Good evening to you in personal messages were sent to contact this specialist

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contact the call center in N.Novgorod +7 (831) 428 99 99

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Kirill, please call in business hours by phone 380-80-50 and operators will be able to advise You on the procedure of booking tickets.

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with this issue better call us at tel. 380-80-50 and explain the whole situation, will tell you exactly how best to do.

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Best way to get cheap tickets for Enrique Iglesias show?
call 8-800-555-07-70там will instruct you step by step.

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, Good morning.Unfortunately there were some technical problems, soon all will be adjusted.Thank you for pointing out data problems.

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Have you ever done that?

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Best way to get cheap tickets for Enrique Iglesias show?
Good day! Not working link to order tickets for the ice show Nutcracker 02/01/2017. Google Chrome after clicking 'Choose' opens the blank page

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always when buying over the counter.I always take cash,never more without a receipt is not treated.Well,You can't undock,there at the entrance or You detach yourself,or just break it off,no big deal) by the Way,Ice also went with the same cheque,he didn't even look)

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Thank you

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Good afternoon. Bought tickets for big love show through 2017 SPb internetone to go to the office for the original tickets or just need to print those tickets that came in the mail?

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Best way to get cheap tickets for Enrique Iglesias show?
For points Thank you from sberbankiada you can buy a ticket?

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Tell me, have bought online ticket but pointed email with a typo, respectively e-ticket came. It's possible to change mail?