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How To Buy VIP Packages For The Chainsmokers Concert?

I would like to clarify,will there be a sale of tickets for the group "Nickelback" in Saint-Petersburg?

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Hello, please tell me the gift card face value of 2,000 can be purchased or if only 2 cards 1tr? and whether in cash, in future, be presented for payment two or more gift cards?

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I Bought an e-ticket,but the payment was not my credit card.circumstances have changed,you must return the ticket(
What to do in this case?

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if orders are reissued for technical reasons, they may not appear in the tab "My orders" on the website (they are). The audience is always provided new order number You see on the web site. With this new number You need to go to the box office to collect tickets.

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Good afternoon. At the moment we have no information on this performance.

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How to buy VIP packages for The Chainsmokers concert?
Napisala learn? I really need

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I also have a not working site. Had no registration book

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Hello, tell me how to subscribe to SMS-informing about promotions.

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How to buy VIP packages for The Chainsmokers concert?
Hangs mobile version of the site. Writes to Download still spins the wheel forever. All other sites work fine

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and do You know if for example the ticket to on 24 December is it possible to take the January ticket?)

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How to buy VIP packages for The Chainsmokers concert?
good day! Utochnjajuschie, phone 8 (812) 703 40 40

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Please hope for a stable job always =)

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checked again.Ovina IE9 doesn't work(((

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How to buy VIP packages for The Chainsmokers concert?
understood, thanks for the reply! :)

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Good afternoon. Please tell me is it possible to change e-ticket to another date? And how to do it? Thanks in advance.

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thank you for your attention, will correct.

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Irina is such a well-known speculator in theater tickets. How screwed up something?

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thanks for the reply. But that's the problem. When you try to buy a ticket at the student rate, it gives an error: failed to take place. Just a week ago I looked at the price and there was no mistake. With the purchase at full price no problem

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Hello , please tell what kind of box office You bought the tickets?

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thank you very much bought!

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if you have a virtual cartata you present only your passport

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thank you. The letter was sent.

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How to buy VIP packages for The Chainsmokers concert?
thank you!

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when will sell tickets for Papa Roach?

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How to buy VIP packages for The Chainsmokers concert?
Lord!What a disgusting relationship!Call yourself on t 380-80-50.Why not do multi-channel...Is in the phone, just hate it...Your turn of the fourteenth...Who wants to wait?Do something!You are not to contact!!!

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How to buy VIP packages for The Chainsmokers concert?
What time is the valid ordering of tickets prior to their payment in cash?

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Hello, I bought a e-ticket by accident on the old familyabout any problems at the entrance? And is there a way for NIB to correct the error?

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write us a PM

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we will try pomicino we have different regional offices and different workers (and different powers)

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Paid the ticket,but as a "Feature" worth the wait,because today is Sunday?Whether the money is returned in case of cancellation?

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Indeed, the site is not working. Tried to download on two different PCs, using different browsers. To no avail. Tried to find out information by phone 380-80-50. I either "sent" or persistently said that working. At the box office to buy a ticket failed in the box office in the subway "black river" very unfriendly cashier. Different options are not allowed. Go to the box office.

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On the Big Companiescan left office?

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How to buy VIP packages for The Chainsmokers concert?
And another question - is there a separate place for electronic bellevile it depends on platform?