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Where I Can Get VIP Packages For Little Mix Live?

dabeli problems. Now fixed

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Good evening!) Cheapest 1800 left (and very little). 2 question at the moment do not have those data(

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Where I can get VIP packages for Little Mix live?
do not buy tickets with rochegda they will always be true

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if people wanted evil, postato he could buy a ticket, sebea you copied))) and if he passes on it you perfyme deployed at the entrance. The order number and everything is correct. Whose name is on the ticket?

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Good afternoon. To pick up the ticket at the ticket office needs only a passport or need some kind of digital code? Paid the ticket by credit card. Written order nor paid smsni email. emails not received any confirmation. And at the same time with a text from bankata money saleprice your SMS that I need to buy a reservation for 24 hours. Don't understand((((

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all can be:)

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and at which step does not work?

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Hello! Podskagite you can verify the authenticity of tickets purchased from other ludano they claim that bought tickets through the Cashier?

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Good afternoon! Yes of course you can. The advantage of ordering the cards on the website is that it is possible to choose individual design.

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tickets for the concert of Rammstein in prodaja appeared :

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Clear.Sorry I didn't wait.It's usually rather fast.They work from 10: 00. Thank you for the review.

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Where I can get VIP packages for Little Mix live?
in St. Petersburg we have moved to a new site and the opportunity to buy at the moment in Krasnoyarsk tickets for events in St. Petersburg no. It will appear later.

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Can I E-ticket to change to normal before the concert?

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good afternoon. We apologize( We eliminate the problem. SMS stopped coming?

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konechnoje to change. Specify details of the return in the call center

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Good day!

I booked online a ticket as a gift. Paid by credit card. The electronic ticket sent to whom it was intended.
do I Have to send You a letter of assignment by Fax or, if the ticket to the cashier in do not need? And he kind of is in electronic form.
which of the following must be in possession when you visit the show? the first point is clear. 2,3 and 4 items is not clear.
does a person Have to have - a completed application order? On the ticket - ukazany my name and my credit card number. The mobile phone is also my.
Really do not want to experience any difficulties in attending the event
1. the printed form of the electronic ticket presented at the entrance to the spectacular facility before the event;
2. the identity document;
3. Bank card used for the payment order;
4. mobile phone that you specified when registering on the website .
Thanks for the reply!

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Where I can get VIP packages for Little Mix live?

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write to us in a personal room sakasama to check if everything's OK in there

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otlichnaia for the answer!!!

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tickets for the concert of Rammstein in prodaja appeared :

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DV. I bought the e-ticket over the Internet rocoto called. Is there a way to verify the authenticity and evidencearticle whether there was an order and payment from chelovecescie the name on the ticket?

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good afternoon. Tickets are on sale

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Where I can get VIP packages for Little Mix live?
you go with your husband? Everything will be fine. Check that you did not print one ticket 2 times))

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Rabatowy when the tickets they buy?

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Where I can get VIP packages for Little Mix live?
we have a group called the CASHIER RU in St. Petersburg))

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if I book 4 ticket for themselves through the "savvycom" but in the specified time will not be able to pick them up.
is it possible to have these tickets purchased, my friend,to whom I give the order number?

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Hello. Tell me from what to what number in DC, Vyborg are the VIP tickets??

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Just people who already bought Biltine can go and sell them whatever they're missing vosecek that's very important is it possible the number may be check out these tickets purchased through the

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Good day! Can I buy gift cards at the checkout without predvaritelnogo order?

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Hello,Alexandra.When and where can I get my winnings?Thank you.

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Tell me,please,if I made a mistake with the mail,can I send the e-tickets again for already the exact email(with order number)?

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Yes :)

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I 00что written in SMS and e-mail.
a Manager at 10.40 tabletsto expired greenyellow netsukes cancelled.
How canceled? In "my orders" visitsto platino no reservation is valid
I Ran to the cashier in the Palace of Beloselsky - Oia such we do not sell tickets. I have specified "at any ticket office"! Nate sell.
Oh. the cashier start at 11.15 instead of 11

Question - coincidence of the three idiots or just ohreneli?

PS SMS and e-mail about the cancellation came at 11.

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Tell me what hours you can take the tickets? It can be done only at the Central box office?

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good afternoon! Information about the beginning of ticket sales for March will come later. Stay tuned to our website.

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Where I can get VIP packages for Little Mix live?
Hello, how can I track the appearance in the sale of tickets to the performances of BDT with the participation Basilashvili and Freundlich. Maybe there are some dates when they go on sale? Yesterday I looked at the site: all sold out ((

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Hello! written on the site that the exchange of electronic tickets on Malaya Sadovaya, d. 1, but where in the building?

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Where I can get VIP packages for Little Mix live?
Hello! Tell me, please, is it possible to buy a ticket to use multiple gift cards?

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tell me your number sarasaparilla

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I do. Does not help.
log on to the website out, and to open Personal account - no. Gives 504 Gateway Time-out

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Where I can get VIP packages for Little Mix live?
the certificate of registration of marriage. It specifies both old and new name.

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Sell tickets to the New 3D musical "JULIET &ROMEO" from the creators of POLA NEGRI.
One ticket on 28.01.2015 at 20: 00. The first floor of seredinka 9место 4. Will politicologist about the price.

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Good day, of course, you can choose the performance on our website and pay online, or call us by phone 380-80-50 or at any theater box office , here's the list

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Good day!
What the hell You have going on with the site? No price for the tickets not to see nor to order anything! And not for the first time!
But is now brighter glows and flickers annoyingly.
the previous interface was much nicer. New cause reluctance to use it, unfortunately.

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Where I can get VIP packages for Little Mix live?
Podschital cash how many days it will stay booked?

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Zdravstvuydosvidaniya want to order tickets through the website and come to Peter only a day концерта23 June. When you choose savvycom when sakasama pichetto need to pick up today or tomorrow. I can get them in the day of the concert? It does not disappear britisli now not taking? And yet there is a method of payment "via credit card" and "Using Alfa-click". Skajite than ratnycele my card is Alfa-bankest whether the benefits of some?

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thank you for the answer

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the cashier strikes 94 there was a conflict with the cashier,who after communicating with the previous tenant behaved correctly (hinting at the fact that my hands are dirty, and so on,so that threw me the change and ticket in the window)I called and complained to the cashier,in answer to this I revoked the tickets,telling me to come read to the cashier,I came,the cashier began to speak:that you authorize the cancellation of tickets to them,and again saying that from the comes to them to buy tickets one redneck!!!I asked on what basis the cancelled tickets?to which she replied that the cashier did not have enough money and she doesn't remember take my money!!! I told her,and how you gave me the tickets and then change? In the end, she said that their service in the next ten days will deal with the shortfall against money held the money!!and you'll get a call!!
Dear,cashier, ru!this is generally what for delirium???the tickets I bought from you,why you are not responsible for their activities?at the moment I have anodirovanie tickets to 5500 thousand rubles!please understand this situation and poegateway me tickets,I bought a concert or return the amount in full before the end of this week.