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Where To Buy VIP Packages For Depeche Mode Show?

Good morning , and for what specific event? In any case, you can call us on tel 380-80-50 and our operators accurately tell you the reasons.

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on the website what city You booked the order?

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Svetlana,thanks for the info)

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I gave the ticket person was just evil joke) and I want to make sure whether there is such a ticket)

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How long before the concert tickets at the cashier?

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can't buy through website tickets to the Alexandrinsky on the 15th. Help, please.

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Hello, I purchased tickets to the Youth theatre on the Fontanka. Was the pdf icon, i.e. have the ability to e-tickets. Paid the order by credit card, and in the letter they sent me a list of theatrical box office, where I have to pick up the tickets. This is so? Why you need somewhere else to go, and I can't send tickets by email. mail?

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on a Big Sampsonievsky 7РїСЂРё should have a passport of the buyer

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You can choose and buy the ticket on the page

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It ain't over till it's over!

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Where to buy VIP packages for Depeche Mode show?
Answered in private messages.

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the event already sostojalos word. You still did not answer.

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can the order number to see if there was zakatable do it.

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Where to buy VIP packages for Depeche Mode show?
A question... I Bought and printed off at home e-ticket to the concert. Can I come to St. Petersburg to exchange an e-ticket for a common!? If Dato where and how to do it??? In fact, electronic napisannogo possible.... Please tell me!!!

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Hello! So far we have information from the organizers has not been received.

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Can not understand how to buy tickets if I'm from another city?

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Thanks,but not that.The flyer apparently it was just a quote to some kind of performance......

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about job vacancies look on the page or on the website in the section company РІСљРЉ

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well. Thank you.

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tell me,pojaluista find a sample application? Not find it

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2 tickets,they have different bar compo it will be pass

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Good afternoon! While on the website cannot pay by gift card. Write all the information to our quality control technicians on the letter indicate the numbers of gift cards and a concert that interests You.

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the service fee is charged regardless of the method of purchase or booking.

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Where to buy VIP packages for Depeche Mode show?
Yes, I can) that's right, at any ticket office DTCS this map will be active.

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thanks for your opinion. We will be better

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if the description of the event is not flagged "e-ticket" that duck sozhaleniya the event electronic ticketing is not. Paid for tickets you can pick up at our Central box office on the street Gorokhovaya 6

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in ticket offices you can buy cards of 1000 and 3000 rubles.

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Where to buy VIP packages for Depeche Mode show?
it's always different

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Hello. Today, the action in comedianta. How to get a discount on the website???

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Where to buy VIP packages for Depeche Mode show?
Want to buy billino at the moment money neprocitana about "installment" - how to make it?

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Where to buy VIP packages for Depeche Mode show?
Order the card via Internet email it is a confirmation about the successful Platea in a private office stands ready status . As it should be?

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Where to buy VIP packages for Depeche Mode show?
To apply for a refund sledstvennogo not podniece 3 days before the event to come to the Central office at a Large Сампсониевский7:
from 15:00 to 18:00 (Monday to Thursday)
15:00 to 17:00 (Friday)
! You must have a ticket and Russian passport. The service fee is not refundable.

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Well, thank you.

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if you can pass e-ticket?