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Where To Get VIP Packages For Depeche Mode Show?

we are happy to help!

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In the HDH group Vkontakte write when begin selling.

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People,please help!
girls going tomorrow to buy 2 e-ticket from the cashier.I'll take her money,she will tell me the password of the Cabinet,I'll go and print .At the entrance to the concert I will not ask the passport for proof of identity?(I bought the tickets)have now just this one person scared.
Thank you!

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At last.
"an unexpected error has Occurred. Try to buy other tickets..."

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Where to get VIP packages for Depeche Mode show?
need a ticket for 22 March to October on Leontiev!

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thank you!

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find out.soon write

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good afternoon,I hope that this problem will be restano if we are talking about near mesazhet you may want to enjoy on SPb website,redeem for cash payment and pick up your tickets the day of the concert in our Central box office

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, Then you reply in private messages.

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Hello. Do not understand where to find a promotion code for concerts.

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Where to get VIP packages for Depeche Mode show?
good day! We sell tickets for all the matches of SKA Saint Petersburg you have any technical difficulties with your order?

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Hello have purchased e-tickets to the concert. Would like to know is it possible to change them on a regular? If Yes then where? SPb

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Zdravstvuyte booked 2 tickets for the concert (orders number 161222 and 128158)they now hang in the "my orders" as takasakiyama charge. I need one of them to pay with WebMonitor to cancel. How to do it? I don't see the relevant drill-down links to the payment page.

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Hello!Please tell me, to the concert of Zemfira 30.11.13 tickets are gone?(((

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Where to get VIP packages for Depeche Mode show?
I wouldn't leave. It is as well the circus is held, three times more tickets to sell

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Hello, I want to go to the aquarium. There is a gift card how to cash out? And where to buy tickets from you or in the aquarium?

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thank you!

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authenticity can be guaranteed only if the tickets purchased from us. You can ask for those receipts ldapadduser purchase with us

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Good afternoon, really sorry, at the moment there are technical problems with the site, our specialists are already working on a solution to this problem, I hope soon everything will work.

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Thank you belsoeur figured out!

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Now I will change the method of payment - try to repeat the payment.

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Where to get VIP packages for Depeche Mode show?
hope was gone :DD Thanks for odweyne will drive friends there)

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Where to get VIP packages for Depeche Mode show?
on the phone 380-80-50 You will answer first freed the operator. There's no Voicemail, there's only an advertising splash during the wait.

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the company's actions are justified to guarantee the safety of purchased services. Paying for the order You previously acquainted and agree to the terms of purchase. Ticket exchange is not wasmounted as the form of the ticket is a document of strict accountability. The options out of the situation in private messages.

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by clicking on the link You can see full details about the event.