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Where To Purchase Cheap Tickets For Paul McCartney Date?

, online can not understand why not to do...
Bought with the receipt at the box office and pay there. To pay for three cards. If the cost is greater, then an additional, if less, the difference is not return of course.

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can I buy 10 e-tickets without nankali live in Minsk?

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change the numbers associated with the technical side of acquisitions - the room satisafactory on saltatricula from order number in the Assist system. If You buy e-tickets for our website - You have nothing to worry about ;)

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You can order a ticket online , paying by credit card , specifying the method of obtaining "pick up the tickets myself at the box office" (in this case, the tickets You can take, arriving in Saint Petersburg on the day of the event) or "delivery by courier in Moscow." Tickets can be paid via Bank transfer (on receipt via Bank). Read more about how to order:

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exchange the ticket can only be his buyer. As for authenticity - we can't give a 100% garantizarse your e-ticket can be multiplied many times by the previous user

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lock numbers on the website not to order comes in response to the e-mail such not redeem nonsense

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on the website I booked through a map,after which I again throws in your personal account where the order hangs as unpaid!!what to do??

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thanks , in the phone column with the mode of operation was not visible (already used that service without a break for working lunch). Now only weekend work to get there, but that's about the mode of operation of the weekend is not clear whether there is a break for lunch or not?

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Tell me how to buy tickets to the theater to define the performance in advance. The repertoire there for two months and tickets have already been sold, you can leave the application or it is necessary to contact the specific theatre?

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Makes a mockery of the people, not the action(((

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the flow of information depends on the organizers of the event. At the moment there is no confirmation of the cancellation of the concert.

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Where to purchase cheap tickets for Paul McCartney date?
about job vacancies look on the page or on the website in the section company РІСљРЉ

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why my question went unanswered?

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Hello! Do you plan you selling tickets for the November concert of Scooter?

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Hello, I live in the Novgorod region and I have a website of any new or old doesn't open from the 7th of may.

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Good morning, please call us at tel. 380-80-50 and our operators will tell you for sure if that's possible.

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Good day!!!!
please Tell me how long does the booking for the tickets?

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Where to purchase cheap tickets for Paul McCartney date?
Good day! tell me,please,whether to sell tickets in the fan zone at the concert of Placebo on 24 October? or will only the entrance tickets to the dance floor without the fan zone?

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Where to purchase cheap tickets for Paul McCartney date?
Want to buy tickets with ruckblende have Wasno don't want to run into a fake.
Someone govorilje can send You a picture of the ticket and You check it for authenticity. Is this possible?
thanks in Advance for the answer!

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Structcopy two e-ticket for a Metallica concert in poteriorly cartierville have to mail the tickets which must be printed. Lopressorno can electronic tickets be exchanged for real? I read on some forums that people are so delaytable can answer in laccosperma!

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Hello, I am very interested in the poster of theatre Maly drama theatre - theatre of Europe on Jan. Unfortunately, she hasn't posted on the official website of the theatre. Could You please tell me if the play "Intrigue and love" to go in January? I would like to pre-order tickets. Whether at the theater Christmas holidays? Thank you.

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Where to purchase cheap tickets for Paul McCartney date?
Zdravstvuyte.ochen on the website of the cashier nothing is specified about the return tickets for Crystal Castles? Vyhodite tickets from cashier should be returned through the box office of the concert hall?

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Where to purchase cheap tickets for Paul McCartney date?
thank you:) And specifically at 9 podium will still be tickets?)

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Hello! Is it possible to buy a poster of the concert?

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Where to purchase cheap tickets for Paul McCartney date?
why? In the poster for 2 hours. Concert in Saint-Petersburg

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, Your phone is sent to the operator, expect a call. This burden stems from the fact that it began an active theatrical season plus school vacation. Possible to book tickets on the website not later than three days prior to the event. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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what kind of concert is it?

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good afternoon.

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Where to purchase cheap tickets for Paul McCartney date?
You can choose and buy the ticket on the page

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the tickets are in stock at any date - event anshlagovtsami places is not much left.

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is there any in Kolpino?could you tell me the address

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Where to purchase cheap tickets for Paul McCartney date?
the answer in HP

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bought two e-ticket for myself and for my husband,both my name,I didn't pay attention to it, dalto normal?

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Can't login to your account. After a few attempts in, but no orders!!!! How to print an e-ticket! I was in a panic!!!!!

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Skateboard will do the tickets on the floor for Imagine Dragons???
January 26, SPb

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Good afternoon.Tell me what to do? Located in Mosquitoborne ticket at the cashier at meroprijatie will be in St. Petersburg.Food in the coming days in Peter.Choose - pay by cash ,take the ticket to any ticket office cashier. Tell me I can a day (or few hours)before the event to collect the tickets from the cash register???And tell me how can I obtain my electronic ticket to the event?

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Where to purchase cheap tickets for Paul McCartney date?
at this event everyone in the Audience regardless of age must have a ticket

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first and foremost, you need to put the tickets in a more secure place! Your ticket is a document.

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thanks for the detailed advice in the PM :)

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Your order is successfully paid - it is as displayed in the personal Cabinet. Paid for tickets You can pick up the day of the event, or any other convenient day in our Central box office at

Saint Petersburgmoscow Sampsonievsky PR., 7 (metro station "Lenin Square")


from 09:00 to 20:30 - weekdays;
from 10:00 to 18:30 - weekend.

the delivery of paid tickets is carried out only in St. Petersburg and the nearest suburbs.

! Pre-paid tickets will only be issued with a passport of the payer. In the event that the tickets takes another lycopodophyta to provide a passport poluchitekonomiyu certified letter of attorney and copy of the passport of the payer. Without the required documents, the ticket cashier will not be issued.

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Good afternoon, as a rule exchange and refund do the organizers of the event. Call our operators 380-80-50, they will tell You how best to proceed.

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I paid the ticket for Placebo on the website. Card withdrew the money, and the Internet was "Operation completed successfully"even to mail notice came. Pochemuchka I go to your zakaza don't see an e-ticket? And I have a sign saying "Order pending payment"? I paid the same? succinisera were not changed. E-ticket can not see? Where can I get it to print?

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not podskazhite SKK "Petersburg" Luggage work?
come from far and do not have time to take bags.

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Good day! I bought an e-ticket online for my friend's birthday . In the design indicated, its name indicated on the ticket my name. Is there any way to change? Actually this critical? Miss on this ticket?😱😱

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Good day! Tell me, please, is it possible for the ticket to cross out-to paint-to seal the price (not seen it there)? you will not have any problems while passing control directly?

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Why is my orders (e-tickets) in my account? She took the tickets to the concert of Linkin Park in Mosquetaire they propalin personal account they nethistory orders is empty! What do I do now? I'm from Instaspell took e-ticketкататься in Moscow I have no way.

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Zdravstvuyte want to return the ticket to the concert of Travisкоторый was supposed to be in Moscow on November 27. I can do it in the Central ticket office on Nevskiy PR. 7 ?

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Today got a call that the performance on March 31 in DC strip cancelled - said that on the 10th of April, I should arrive in DC from 17 to 19 ( in rush hour ) for a refund . Fees Cashier Ru will not be returned . Plus in idle pay for travel there and back . What is it called ? The word decency is not suitable . I was calculated according to the map, no delivery money back to the card . Why should I go to rush hour in DC?

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Good day! Tell me poluektovna likak some way to check the authenticity of the electronic ticket purchased with?

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Good day! Bought tickets to Educational Theatre on the Fontanka, can't find a letter in the mail!

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I personally bought tickets for Nutcracker discount 90%. And Danylo approximately 300 biltomore dismantled and a half hours to 01.30

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The results of the money for the return tickets shall be made in the Central office of the Cashier.Ru at Bolshoy sampsoniyevskiy prospection 7.
opening Hours:
• from 15:00 to 18:00 (Monday to Thursday)
• from 15:00 to 17:00 (Friday)
At return of tickets it is necessary to have perpertuity and receipt of payment of service tax.

To return accepted tickets of the Cashier.Rune later than three business days prior to the event. Service fee and cost of service delivery is not refundable.
Return tickets to the concert Justin TimberlakeР Р† the Mariinsky theatre and in the matches of the hockey club "SKA" is not performed.
a Refund for the Electronic ticket is possible only in case otmonitoreny or postponing of the Event.

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to return ballynahattina not podniece 3 days prior to meropriyatiyah us for a refund .

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Zdravstvuyte the site disappeared payment option is not an e-ticket with a credit card. Wanted to pay and pick it up the day of the event in the Central kassetas as I come from Moscow to SPb in the day of the event. Before this there were no problems.

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really sorry! But if I repeat a similar situation in budesamt You can always pick up a ticket after the event.

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Zdravstvuyte the site disappeared payment option is not an e-ticket with a credit card. Wanted to pay and pick it up the day of the event in the Central kassetas as I come from Moscow to SPb in the day of the event. Before this there were no problems.

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we are in St Peterburge the website what city you bought a ticket?