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Where To Purchase Tickets For Coldplay Date?

all the questions better to ask directly the organizers of the event. We can provide only informaticacorp sends us an organizer.

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Where to purchase tickets for Coldplay date?
Dear Usher. The website has been up for a month. The opinion here. Please take action.

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And about the job?) You can find out theatrical cash desks

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Thanks for the info!

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Where to purchase tickets for Coldplay date?
Good evening !!tell and tickets to the disco /90 ON 22.11.2014 is there ?

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and where can I see the list of theaters with which Your organization works?

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as usual,but with the indication in the note - purchase in St. Petersburg

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Paid for tickets You can pick up the day of the event, or any other convenient day in our Central box office at

Saint Petersburgmoscow Sampsonievsky PR., 7 (metro station "Lenin Square")


from 09:00 to 20:30 - weekdays;
from 10:00 to 18:30 - weekend.
paid for delivery of tickets is carried out only in St. Petersburg and the nearest suburbs.

! Pre-paid tickets will only be issued with a passport of the payer. In the event that the tickets takes another lycopodophyta to provide a passport poluchitekonomiyu certified letter of attorney and copy of the passport of the payer. Without the required documents, the ticket cashier will not be issued.

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with a passport and order number in the Central office at the address: the Big Sampsonievsky prospection 7.
opening Hours:
from 09:00 to 20:30 - weekdays;
from 10:00 to 18:30 - weekend.

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vozrozhdeniy not yet received to our account.

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Hello! Phone 380-80-50 the robot responds that the dialed number is not in service. How to order a ticket?

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Thanks for the info.

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On 05.01

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and where can I see the list of theaters with which Your organization works?

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, SMS not there, the mail came. Thank you,the question is removed,tomorrow will buy it.

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unfortunately no

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good day ) suitepopularespanola do in order to change the delivery method of the ticket? or now only need jgutikova will be the term of the reservation?)

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Issued through website tickets to see Roxette(September 9),has chosen the form of delivery-pick up at any ticket office. Come into the nearest office,and they tell me that these tickets can only be obtained at the Central box office. Why is this not covered on the website? To go to this Fund I have no hands.

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Where to purchase tickets for Coldplay date?
with flyers

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Good day! Seitpagambetov for how many days to wait for the return of the den. funds on the card after you apply for a refund? (the concert canceled).
Thank you!

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Where to purchase tickets for Coldplay date?
You can always get support on the phone 8(800)555-07-70 - our contact centre specialists will be happy to help even during the holidays.
it is difficult to say why You have not received SMS opovescheniya it can affect a number of reasons (information about the validity of the reservation also appears in the public offer during checkout).
In the event that an order annulirovavshego be approached to any convenient address ( or arrange delivery) and buy tickets mastabas reservation.
the Most convenient way - is to buy e-ticket from the comfort of home.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Good luck.

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so we will sell)

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good day! Polustoiki your problem and send your order number and full name to our email for further details via our database.

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and when and where will this play? Also want to go!))

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Where to purchase tickets for Coldplay date?
we apologize for the delay in response! To agelenidae we do confirmation only through e-mail. But you can also subscribe to our e-mail of rassylku not miss promotions and discounts to events!

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Good afternoon. On October 28 at the "Baltic house" scheduled "Tovarich". Can I get some clarification? What is troupe? Who puts? The people involved in the show?

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, Good morning.No ,nothing has changed, try again. If that doesn't work, call us by phone 380-80-50 and will help you with the purchase of tickets.

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In some cases, possible to buy a ticket without paying the service fee? Or he is charged anyway?

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Where to purchase tickets for Coldplay date?
good day! Polustoiki your problem and send your order number and full name to our email for further details via our database.

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now selling gift certificates for 2013 adnominal 2000 and 5000. Possev sale gift certificates for 2014 gods a wide range of denominations. Gift certificates are not registered.

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Where to purchase tickets for Coldplay date?
Nakonechna! Read more here

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called the response of the operator has not received resets

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and barcode this Melkites should be?

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I gave the ticket person was just evil joke) and I want to make sure whether there is such a ticket)

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Good evening,I purchased e-tickets on concertge they can be exchanged for ordinary?

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answer I never received. Cm.the question above.

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Hello. Possible
to exchange an e-ticket for a regular? The villains hacked into the mailbox. There are fears that the tickets were stolen.

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, Please write in private message your number, leave request and call you back.

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Where to purchase tickets for Coldplay date?
You can place 2 different orders, or call on the phone 380-80-50 the operator will issue You with an order.

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zdravstvuyte wrote on the address of Department personnel: about I vakansie of sozhaleniya no one otvetilo you tell me how else to contact?

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Zdravstvujte.proshu Cashier me another question came - how many people still designed fanzone concert Mylene Farmer CCM? Want veredicto it is much less entrance...

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And the gift is already included in the ticket price?

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the tickets turned out to be Elizabeth. Dear viewers: please specify your correct data!!!