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How Much I Can Purchase Cheap Tickets For Lana Del Rey Concert?

thank you, trust us!)

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How long before the concert tickets at the cashier?

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How much I can purchase cheap tickets for Lana Del Rey concert?
Not for that,she once bought,came in and was shaking,but then I was lucky,the people were honest and on the ticket it is written that it is impossible to sell...

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Briefly: you will need to make a return

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How much I can purchase cheap tickets for Lana Del Rey concert?

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How much I can purchase cheap tickets for Lana Del Rey concert?
We just do not able to buy. Although a night at our theatre tickets were not a few, 100 pieces for sure. But the cashier came to work in 10.12, while watching the remaining four tickets, they were gone. Left with nothing. And completely disappointed in the "action" and the usher.

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Good afternoon! Yes, 3 days from the date of registration)

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How much I can purchase cheap tickets for Lana Del Rey concert?
Whether Ivan Dorn soon in St. Petersburg to play a concert?

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thank you for Your review, our content specialists are working on this problem.

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write to us on this issue to add the name and date of the concert,number of tickets and amount. You will meet managers

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if you postpone or cancel contestability back without any problems.

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pacitated-the theme was). Depends on what concert and where - personal record U2там 2 days and foremost;).

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How much I can purchase cheap tickets for Lana Del Rey concert?
Good afternoon.Yes, an e-ticket you can exchange for regular.

EB Exchange for paper tickets.
EB is not a form of strict accountability. The client DL is entitled to receive a ticket, generated on the letterhead of the strict reporting, and the original check CMC for the service distribution. The exchange is made at the office of DTZK, OOO at St. Petersburg, Malaya Sadovaya, d. 1, tel 380-80-51 weekdays from 9:00 to 17:30 within 14 days starting from the day following the day of the event. Other terms and methods of receiving (shipping on General tariff) documents agreed by the Buyer EB in addition on the above telephone numbers.

we Recommend that you call at the number listed above and will tell you exactly how best to do.

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At last.
"an unexpected error has Occurred. Try to buy other tickets..."

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Hello. For how many days after you place your order on siteporno to buy the tickets? What's the deadline? And do you have offices in Petrozavodsk?

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Thanks for the quick response!!!

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good afternoon! You can call 380-80-50, or write the card number and we will see its expiration date.

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I apologize for the inconvenience. Happy viewing😊

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Good day! Where the claimed 90% discount.
Or is it cheating? Yesterday 2 hours trying to find a 90% discount on tickets and not found. Please indicate those activities which are stated the discount

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very sorry (((((and I was so happy ((((

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can pick up when podnapisi and a credit card which was paid.

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Hello! Tickets for all events at which the shares were sold within the first hour of the theatrical box office. Theatrical box office of more than 60 in the city and all at the same time lead sale. The situation with the number of people willing to buy tickets display media:

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When ordering on the website, the payment methods, You can choose the column "pay now,trust getting tickets to a third party". In this case, you can pay with your card, and will receive tickets to the other people. Tickets will be issued in the name of paying with a note on the recipient, but on the physical ticket names do not indicate, there is only information about the event.

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sex in the evening with the same problem spent... Not allowed to buy tickets

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If you oplatila no

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Why is my orders (e-tickets) in my account? She took the tickets to the concert of Linkin Park in Mosquetaire they propalin personal account they nethistory orders is empty! What do I do now? I'm from Instaspell took e-ticketкататься in Moscow I have no way.

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testcontent will be held March 4 100% Yubileyny? In case of cancellation of the concert will return us the money for the tickets?

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Hello! Please tell me why the website still declining? We haven't had time to get used to the inconvenience of the last site, as it is now to these inconveniences were added the new. There is a limit to perfection? You want a website stopped using everything and forever?

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thank you very much!

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thank you for the answer.

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tried to call tel. 3808050, but there is an answering machine.

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Good delmono to return 2 tickets for Metallica?

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Good afternoon! Until this event we have, it All depends on the event organizer. If we provide the tickets for sale, they will immediately appear on our website.

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and what is to enter a promo code? where can I get it? when ordering tickets

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To acquire BILLYGOATS in another of gorodova can use one of the methods of remote payment:

- credit card over the Internet (we accept VisaMasterCardAmerican ExpressDiners Club InternationalJCB International);
- when you pay with cash receipts through the savings Bank Department (previously contact the operator by phone (812)703-40-40)8-800-555-07-70;
- Bank transfer (for legal entities);
- Yandex.Money;
- via WebMoney
- through the system of Mobile payment
- using the system Alfa-Click
Paid for tickets You can pick up the day of the event, or any other convenient day in our Central box office at the address: St.-Petersburgmoscow Sampsonievsky PR., 7 (metro station "Lenin Square") opening Hours: 09:00 — 20:30 weekdays 10:00 — 18:30 weekends. (Pre-paid tickets will only be issued with a passport of the payer)

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Good dentali question may have already zadavalsya still. Can exchange e-ticket on a normal other person? Or when sharing is necessary my presence?

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can't pay
gives "the order number is being processed"
what to do?

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how to return the money for the return ticket to the circus purchased through ? By mistake I bought with a friend tickets for the same performance:it is two tickets and I two tickets.Wanted BV two back.

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Zdravstvuite, is it possible to exchange e-ticket on plain? if Dato how to do it?

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Good afternoon, as the rule book for cash website prohibited in several cases, if the event in the coming days, or was the last room in the hall. You can call our operators by phone 380-80-50 and they will be able to place an order for cash.

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no, tickets bought the house at 1.30 am and once printed. In a public place where to print?😂 Tickets kupte 24.03. night and 25.03 we went to the circus😊. And takes the tickets to these places was only myself and three!!!!! And the two bought tickets to the circus, and two (one) - on the website usher. ru.

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even for personal reasons tickets are REQUIRED to return... that the legislation... although the tickets is a service which is not refundable... and the Statute of many sites written not to return the following from the paragraphs such that such that... in the event of litigation you will return the funds...

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Hello! Bought 2 tickets to the on "circus show of Giant fountains". We left all the anger and frustration from this show, maybe it is not fully consistent with the stated program described on your website!! More tomoato even a show can not be called!! This divorce! Paid for 2 tickets 2600 + box office. Someone at the cashier I can write your displeasure about it? Possible measures will be taken

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How much I can purchase cheap tickets for Lana Del Rey concert?
Good day, please tell me whether you have to sell tickets for the football match Tosno 30.07.17 Zenit at the Petrovsky stadium and if so, approximately when. Thanks in advance.

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If tickets will not be provided or refunded the money,we will put you in court,because while it looks like a banal theft!
sincerely,so-called your cashier ,cattle,bought you concert tickets for his son.

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can the e-ticket to replace conventional?

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Good day.
polustanochke Tell whether e-ticket to print tbili need color?

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How to order tickets to "the Lady with camellias" 6или7ноября
answer those in PM if you can

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could you send a scan of the ticket?

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only SPb

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we Reducto was able to help ;)

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How much I can purchase cheap tickets for Lana Del Rey concert?
Trying to order tickets to the circus on Fontanka on your website on October, on Saturdays and Sundays when you try to choose and to buy tickets do not have a plan of the hall with empty seats.... Get it everyday on Friday - everything is fine. We only need on Saturday, how can I do this?

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Hello! Bought 2 tickets to koncertowa issued to me and paid meyeti going with a young chelovekom miss out on meropriyatikh on the ticket is my name? Very voluzione realized (electronic tickets).

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This information we have added to Your appeal (which you have written to our experts). When replying, all of this will take into account.

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How much I can purchase cheap tickets for Lana Del Rey concert?
Good morning,sorry for the delay in response.On this issue, please call us at tel 380-80-50 and our operators will tell you how to do in this case.

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How much I can purchase cheap tickets for Lana Del Rey concert?
good day, all the questions about vacancies you can email our HR Department at

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How much I can purchase cheap tickets for Lana Del Rey concert?
thank you. Interesting about the alpha clique

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replied to Your e-mail.

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How much I can purchase cheap tickets for Lana Del Rey concert?
good evening, and event tickets discounts to theatre day do you not work?

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Good afternoon tell me,please,to the concert of Elena Vaenga 28 Jan already sold tickets??

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if people wanted evil, postato he could buy a ticket, sebea you copied))) and if he passes on it you perfyme deployed at the entrance. The order number and everything is correct. Whose name is on the ticket?

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Please answer laproscopy have a ticket to the concert Hogepodge found that my ticket without a bar kodukula all photos with barcode. Is this normal?
Thanks in advance for the answer!

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good day!can

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We were asked to change their seats, but I purchased the tickets for the first row opposite the exit of the artists themselves ponimaete other places were much worse and cheaper.