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How Much I Can Purchase VIP Packages For Aerosmith Date?

Answered in private messages.

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Tell, please,and a concert of Dmitry Koldun is not planned in the near future in St. Petersburg?

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Within 10 working days. More details can be clarified by phone 380-80-50.

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Your Trustee will be able to get to the theater on an electronic ticket, You (platelike) must complete an application, order. When you specify passport data of the Trustee, will be sufficient to indicate the series and number of passport.
the Trustee, to attend the event, you must have a passport and printed e-tickets

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How much I can purchase VIP packages for Aerosmith date?
Lost the receipt for the purchased billionare otmelivaetsja to return the money?

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What to do if you have not issued the e-ticket and collect it from the cash there is no possibility?

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thank you.
We have already tried them sweetstone say that it is impossible to do anything.

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How much I can purchase VIP packages for Aerosmith date?
Hello. Write a letter our specialists control the quality

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How much I can purchase VIP packages for Aerosmith date?
Somebody sells a ticket for David Garrett??? BUY!!!

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supposed posticino is at the discretion of the courts

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zdravstvuyte in the room with the camera unable to start?

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Hello! We asked clarifying questions to the organizers, waiting for an answer)

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A question... I Bought and printed off at home e-ticket to the concert. Can I come to St. Petersburg to exchange an e-ticket for a common!? If Dato where and how to do it??? In fact, electronic napisannogo possible.... Please tell me!!!

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How much I can purchase VIP packages for Aerosmith date?
Izvinitie question. In what way will return dengina score card or what? Because Peter to go for the money really not.

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I understand my question will remain unanswered

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no changes on the old site that on the new one and also "In the moment
armour for cash tickets are not available."

is there something to do?

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later. Get necessarily

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Probably already somewhere was this question-and he is now very much an important...
I live in Kiev and I bought an e-ticket. Now I can't quite get to the concert - is it possible to get it back? maybe it has something to sitemapa which I can get back dengie ticket will be cancelled? Could you tell me? br>
Or maybe is possible somehow to pass it at the box office? Friends in St. Petersburg asks at least...

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Thanks for the reply. I already registered a long time ago.) Did as You said. But whether this is the Billboard? Maybe it's just the news of the cultural life of the city? Such a newsletter, I don't want to.

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Hello! The question is:
I want to buy a ticket for The Birthday Massacre. But the problem is tomoto I live in Penza and the ticket can pick up only on arrival in Petercde 15-16 may. To pay by credit card can it simply does not. Is it possible to transfer dengie ticket to pick up later? Ilimage bytecodestream shipping?

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Tell me, for a concert of Rammstein in the 6-th and 2-th sector which places closer to the center of the room? First or last?

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How much I can purchase VIP packages for Aerosmith date?
Good day! I have lost 2 tickets to the play "Dinner with a fool" on March 14. Is it possible to make Ob'yavlenie about selling through your group. On the website of Usher has still all tickets are sold out so you have nothing to lose :) would be returned to your cashier, they would still be bought, but you don't accept(

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Yes,the first and last time.

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Hello buy an e-ticket in the Maly drama theatre - Theatre of Europe, as a gift to friends. Selected payment by credit card, the obtaining of third parties.
I ponel at the checkout, filling the "Application instructions" at the point "trust g." I fill someone give. because they will go to St. Petersburg.

the Question is whether it's be able trust the person to enter the theater for this ticket?

Technical: in the passport are very few characters (30) for entering the data. Together correctly only serial number

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to agelenidae date is not yet known... But You can always track the changes on the website or write to us :)

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Probably the question is not there,but I'll try.. anyone Have the experience of visiting rock concerts? Podskazhite need to do and how mastectomy to be in the front row of the fan zone? How many hours to come, and maybe there are some effective techniques? Ask for detailed advice from teckto has a real experience)))

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How much I can purchase VIP packages for Aerosmith date?
, is tentatively expected to open the sale on Monday, 29.10.

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How much I can purchase VIP packages for Aerosmith date?
21.08.2013 order is cancelled since it was not paid.

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not for that)

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understand the situation!

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Zdravstvuite, when will the results of the contest about the t-shirts on the UFC in 2014?

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Good afternoon!
is it Possible to purchase a gift certificate directly at the box office?

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Totemporarily. Accidentally lost my voucher from Bretano I still have it. Can I exchange the ticket for a new or you can go with spine ticket and eroded.

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Hello! Tickets for all events at which the shares were sold within the first hour of the theatrical box office. Theatrical box office of more than 60 in the city and all at the same time lead sale. The situation with the number of people willing to buy tickets display media:

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Tried 10 times with different metamict to do?

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I apologize for the inconvenience. Happy viewing😊

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Thank you,God!;3

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perhaps it is a technical souporaba again

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Bought now on the website gift has certificatepool delivery method - self on pea 6 (Central office of St. PETERSBURG). After oplatkova went back to the order page somehow was already selected electronic ticket and the certificate came in the mail.
is it Possible to exchange them for physical certificate - it was clearly a crash site after payment? Or issue a refund?

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Zdravstvuyte gave the e-ticket to placeboР Р† paragraph the name of the customer is accordingly not my imawa order to avoid problems with electronic militaryplane to change it to normal. will I have to present a passport at the cash register in the exchange?

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How much I can purchase VIP packages for Aerosmith date?
most likely you enter the wrong promo code

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Kasimpasa Belsolod in the very road here in the center are not visible;( 6 tickets will be expensive;)

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Here imenno also this discount was never found!

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you click on cheatam fall out of place,choose and click on place. Read more:

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How much I can purchase VIP packages for Aerosmith date?

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Podschital cash how many days it will stay booked?

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Booked tickets on Omrny you can redeem at any ticket office?

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By order number in any ticket office to pick up your tickets ordered via the net and paid for...can't print

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Canceled my musical. Please explain this: Service distribution shall be returned to the office of LLC "DTZK" .

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will be required.

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, Hello again. Thank you for your reply. Literally-I called the operator and I managed to resolve the issue over the phone. But you still thanks.

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How much I can purchase VIP packages for Aerosmith date?
Good afternoon. Ordered delivery 2 tickets to the Nickelback concert on October 28. All the courier had brought.Paid. Couple of days bought another ticket to the cashier and the cashier with the ticket gave bucketbrigade without it, the ticket is invalid. The first two billigbestelen gambolati not included. Podskagite to fix the situation? and why on the tickets nothing written on invalidity without booklet?

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How much I can purchase VIP packages for Aerosmith date?
Thank you!!!!

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sorry for the late response - was behind the weekend. The situation was resolved?

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dateregistered for novopolotska

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is it possible to return the tickets to the concert of Todes tomorrow in the concert hall?