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Where I Can Purchase Tickets For Little Mix Live?

Please tell me,and Alexey Maklakov will arrive in St. Petersburg with performances?

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I wanted to buy it in the Cashier.. It was e-ticket..

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Tell me, for a concert of Rammstein in the 6-th and 2-th sector which places closer to the center of the room? First or last?

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Where I can purchase tickets for Little Mix live?
Hello! When the usher will open the sale at the Golden gramophone (Ice Palace 26.11.2016). The cashier did trades, and you do not. And we are bound to gift certificates exactly of usher(((((

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write to us on this issue to add the name and date of the concert,number of tickets and amount. You will meet managers

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Where I can purchase tickets for Little Mix live?
Thank you! The site works!

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Where I can purchase tickets for Little Mix live?
Hello , You can pay for tickets by Bank transfer and pick them up at the box office at any time, including the day of the event.

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Daya already confirmed it on the phone. Pruducer I would book again

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we 24.12.16
ie, the need to the cash register still to go?)

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Good day, perhaps you chose a delivery method electronic ticket can also be paid online only.
please Call us toll-free Federal number 8(800)333-80-51
and our operators to more accurately advise you on this issue.

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November 3, 2013 through the website of Usher I ordered and paid with credit card tickets to the Nikulin Circus on January 2, 2014. The tickets were 1 row - specially for a little girl!Came SMS: order w1029725 paid.The order number for collection at the box office 15076340, valid until 02.01.2014 18.59. Arrive In St. Petersburg and December 31, go to the cashier on Nevsky Prospekt 22/24. Can't find the order. Then say: your tickets are SOLD. HOW CAN BE SOLD TO PAID TICKETS???? Offered January 2 to come 30 minutes before the show and solve the problem on the spot. The situation is in my opinion simply out of the ordinary emanating!!! Dear buyer Sostek Victoria ,

payment Information:

payment Number (BillNumber): 5880677240318922
company Name: Usher
order Number: W1029725
Buyer: Shostik Victoria
date of operation: 03.11.2013 15:46:45 (GMT +04:00)
the amount of the transaction: RUB 6 600.00
operation Result: Completed successfully.
authorization Code: 576030
means of Payment: VISA ****6091

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The site is not working: neither new nor old! 380-80-50 on the phone did not get through! 5 minutes listening to a million advertising information and no operator, in the end just passed out! The horror! No tickets to buy! рџ‘ї рџ‘ї

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thank you! Missed apparently! 😊

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Where I can purchase tickets for Little Mix live?
Do not tell public performances is played by Anna Kovalchuk? I'd like to see on stage.Thank you.

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Good afternoon
When they start selling tickets in MDT for February?

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Where I can purchase tickets for Little Mix live?
would it be possible to make a purchase using my visa card?
And is it possible 2 days in a row to buy 10 tickets with 1 card?

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Where I can purchase tickets for Little Mix live?
if you can pass e-ticket?

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I have a similar problem. called immne in tech support said will work only in the morning 😒 ebenaceae ... written on it is "00-00 27th"...

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Where I can purchase tickets for Little Mix live?
Today I bought a ticket. And nicehouse on the ticket there is no sticker? Well, the gold shimmering. Just in the pictures it is everywhere

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the problem is solved. You book the tickets? Or do You question the orders?

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Where I can purchase tickets for Little Mix live?
is such an action.

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Where I can purchase tickets for Little Mix live?
Good afternoon.On this issue, please call us by phone 380-80-50 and our operators more accurately tell you how to do in this situation.For other cities there is a free Federal number 8(800)333-80-51.

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Hello! I bought an e-ticket on their credit card. Maybe this ticket to go to a concert the other person (want to get a ticket)? On the ticket napisannogo may require a passport at the entrance

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Good evening. Tell me if it is possible to recover utrenny ticket if you have a receipt?

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Where I can purchase tickets for Little Mix live?
Tell me, please, when finally, after the reconstruction of the normal work site?! Impossible for several days to login to your account....

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The website not working? 502 Bad Gateway - or is it just me issued this error?

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Hello! Ordered a ticket to the festival Saturday (06.07.2013) Internet payment card. Took the ticket to the Central ticket office in Moscow and then obnarujivat on the ticket has no bar code. What to do in this case?

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Hello! Why I bought an electronic gift certificate after payment is listed in the "completed" and not "active"?? He's still not used..

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Good evening! Want to book a ticket to Pola Negri on may 16. I go to the site, mark the places marked with a color, but nothing happens. Before quietly booked tickets. Maybe now something has changed?

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Where I can purchase tickets for Little Mix live?
and what is to enter a promo code? where can I get it? when ordering tickets

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Where I can purchase tickets for Little Mix live?
Is it possible to return an e-ticket?

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good Dengate to go to the ice show "the snow king" and the question arose - in a child 4 years (full) you need a ticket to take?