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Best Way To Get VIP Packages For PVRIS Live?

Pola Negri

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Best way to get VIP packages for PVRIS live?
Hello! Please tell me the gift card number you can determine it is valid still or not?

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Every 15 minutes comes to 15 the same text for each order. That the ticket is sent by email . I already hate you!
Orders 21900342, 21898485, etc

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Good evening! Please tell me which theaters are participating in the rally on February 14?

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With student rate you can buy tickets online?

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savygamer only in letter writing

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Kirill, please call in business hours by phone 380-80-50 and operators will be able to advise You on the procedure of booking tickets.

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thank you :3

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I can print e-ticket to give to another, cheloveka he it no problem to go to the event? My mind Infamiliarity on the printed ticket. Ponimayuchto question braccino it's Russia...

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For points Thank you from sberbankiada you can buy a ticket?

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Best way to get VIP packages for PVRIS live?
HELLO. Then answer the questions? you
Want to buy e-ticket "with hands"the girl sayingthat deception on her part to not be mozetta as she will buy it from you in my name. Is it really so?

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Good day,please call us at tel 380-80-50, and resipratory more accurately tell you the age limit for this event

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because we have selected especially for us quota and not a single ticket field club A2. And why you are interested in such technical questions?)))

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Or pick them up I can only in the Moscow office

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Are unable to login. The username and password exactly your input. Registered under the same data was founded my orders polyetheline... I vosprinjali a new user. It was some kind of technical failure? Horosoft I managed to download your e-ticket.

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Best way to get VIP packages for PVRIS live?
Share on 14.02 held ugly, in 40 min. to sell all the tickets to 22 of the theatre is impossible, even if the box office 60, because the computers were frozen, and in the Moscow metro in Aviation computer was switched on only 11 when . It is better not to take action when you don't know, people were just irritated, late for work, and students in the Institute.

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for some reason, "in the specific case of Yes" and why this information was not on the pre-order page?

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Best way to get VIP packages for PVRIS live?
And how to reserve tickets.

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Tell me please,is it possible to book electronic tickets for some time and not to buy? And if possible,how to do it?

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Best way to get VIP packages for PVRIS live?
all questions can be clarified by phone 380-80-50, the operator will pass Your question to the right Department or just answer how You need to behave in a particular situation.

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At last.
"an unexpected error has Occurred. Try to buy other tickets..."

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Zdravstvuyte.mozhno to return the ticket to the concert Metallicaкоторый was bought in December? The concert on 25 August

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When you receive a ticket to OneRepublic(9.11)?

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Hello, your offices cannot exchange tickets? Purchased on 20 November, but not, I would like to exchange on the 19th. (DK Lensoveta).

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netscale tickets not prihodilost ordering information.
to email. tickets at the Central box office on any day without a call?

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spacemouse did)

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at your request, send a scan of 2 tickets and a receipt.

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there were two of them pressed!!! Now a screenshot of the screen to do every Raskova the order is doing? Decent company before destroying all data from personal cabinetmodule at least mailing lists of shdeletekey to warn customers about the inconvenience! Take a lesson from Ticketmaster to work or at least A2 in which e-tickets without a fee produte then if I had been accused of something!

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the answer in HP

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at the moment, information about the beginning of sales yet. Follow the news on our website.

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, 380-80-50

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Hello! First time buying a ticket over the Internet you have! I do not quite understand one point. Bought 2 tickets on concertplace Bank card and a method for producing "electronic ticket ". So when buying there is filled the name . It turns out on both tickets written my name and familiya I go with a friend ! Would not any problems with prothodontic as on both tickets. Thank you.

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only e-ticket online MSK (((

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At the entrance ticket is not the place of the tear-off control no barcode!

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And the cost of the tickets back?

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Good day! Bought a ticket to the theater of the Leningrad city Council, was automatically redirected to your website. Bought tickets (without registration), payment by Bank transfer spent, the money was removed from the card. In the mail came the information about the operation, but no blank ticket. Tell me how to proceed (for the first time have used your service)?

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NB: children under 16 years allowed in the club accompanied by lindotiger 21 years and is their relatives.
- persons under 18 years are allowed to meroprijatie Concert in the evening (from 19:00 to 23:00) accompanied by adults.

If a person is 17 letto accompanying summer absolutely does not have to be relative?

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Yes, I'm on the phone nakasaleka in the future will be problemated write

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on the phone 380-80-50 You will answer first freed the operator. There's no Voicemail, there's only an advertising splash during the wait.

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thank you!we have experimentally realized such a possibility:)

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The theatre cash Desk at the exit of the metro PL. Vosstaniya. Check I have left

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Hello, when will begin selling tickets for "Alice" in the BDT at the March performances?

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I booked without registratiion as are unable voltino spaces are still available vysvechivajutsja? I will be able to redeem them or someone else will be able to book??

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Good morning, please call us by phone 380-80-50 and our operators will help you to choose the options.