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Where To Purchase VIP Packages For Gorillaz Live?

There was here such is disappointing. It turns out you must register for a new one? The first time there was such situation. Before that day everything worked like clockwork. In this e-mail from the consistently comes event distribution

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information on the shares:

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Certificate Usher can get to the concert ? And what is covered by these certificates , there is a list of places ?

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checks issued for service prefabricated the ticket check is not needed,because the ticket is a form of strict accountability. If ottenuto money back on Belluno only for the ticket,without service charge (once you have a receipt).

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if the ticket is normally otsenivaetsya will not require documents. If neprimirimogo any problems (such as this ticket is already someone passed)then ask for dokumentnummer order, etc. So if you don't Shine anywhere the barcode and not allowed to copy, biletta can give.

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Why do you have on the website information on the concert Hands Up on 19 February is 19-00перенос was 20-00и on posters 20-00

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Hello! The situation is this: I bought 2 of the electronic ticket to the event in St Peterburge circumstances so I can't come that day. Will I be able to return the money for britisli pay using QIWI Wallet?

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Thank you! And then started worrying that if it had not escaped the gift because of the lack of a check in the amount of tickets.

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and when going placeatme receive a letter in the mail saying an unsuccessful attempt to pay

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All try must all work.

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we have electronic

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, Good morning.On this issue, please write on e-mail ,please attach also your contacts and press release.

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Where to purchase VIP packages for Gorillaz live?
In the HDH group Vkontakte write when begin selling.

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Tell me, tickets for Cirque Du Soleil?

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you can! Write a letter to

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Cashier Roboswarm on Mylene 04.11.2013 . Electron and EMS(to be sure) sent 24.10.2013 statement and all documents .
the valiant postmen you nellevad it is not the facade ... (again the same metrokane phone did not help)
what ?
Here : EA316297593RU

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it does not matter - as You like.

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Where to purchase VIP packages for Gorillaz live?
My situation resoponsibility the CASHIER.RU for the solution of the problem!)))

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and at which step does not work?

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Where to purchase VIP packages for Gorillaz live?
and it's me again :DD
Packagerepository question.
a person with an electronic ticket. It is located in Mosquee to exchange it for a paper impossible. The electronic ticket is written its data. If this ticket he would pass, I close it not pass smokepoles?

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Where to purchase VIP packages for Gorillaz live?
Bought a ticket for the night Musaevna was not given a receipt updateshort not poluchitsya.nedavno to return too. What to do?

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Where to purchase VIP packages for Gorillaz live?
Canceled my musical. Please explain this: Service distribution shall be returned to the office of LLC "DTZK" .

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with this issue better call us at tel. 380-80-50 and explain the whole situation, will tell you exactly how best to do.

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I want now (while space is available) using your website to order tickets for 26.07, with a credit card, but physically they will only after 20.07 (when you arrive in St. Petersburg). Is this possible? Do I need separately to agree on the timing of the receipt?

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Good afternoon. Utochnjajuschie if I could get a ticket without a receipt and in another city? I was given a ticket to the concert placeboР Р…Р С• I can't go. Celestina did not give. Geographically I am in Moscow. Your Moscow colleagues advised to contact you.

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Good day!
the Situation is this: I bought a ticket online for the final KVN in St. Petersburg. I live in Vladimir. On the website went under their data. Paid with card husband. I can now get a ticket to the game, and if I was Peter I the only one?

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good Dengate to go to the ice show "the snow king" and the question arose - in a child 4 years (full) you need a ticket to take?

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Where to purchase VIP packages for Gorillaz live?
replied in HP

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Where to purchase VIP packages for Gorillaz live?
by the way,Yes,I also already sold out at the box office tickets to the ready status (((

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Hello! Please tell me if I if you buy tickets online to pay with a gift card? Or is it a must to go to the cashier?

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Good day! Bought e-tickets to relatives in the giftfor the name they specified my. Problems with the passage they will not?

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Where to purchase VIP packages for Gorillaz live?
Can not understand how to buy tickets if I'm from another city?

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Hello! May I ask why Autovon PR. Stachek 94касса today at 19:50 was already closed?? Although on the website and on cassee specified opening hours TO 20:30. No explanatory announcement at the cashier was not. I urgently needed to buy biletii possible that because of this situation I can't get to the concert!!!

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Please tell me when will payment Thank you from Sberbank?
And then plan to buy a lot of tickets in NY meropriyatiya b och nice to save on collection fees due Thank you.

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I only go with the apps in the phone..tried again today to register..did not work(

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to exchange the gift card is impossible. You can consider your leisure and choose another ticket for 500 rubles.

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Where to purchase VIP packages for Gorillaz live?
but then sways not the city,and of the whole site

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Hello. I bought a ticket for Lana Dal Aconcert perenniels uehata from another portabilit drouseia can return the ticket? Please help. Money is rather big.

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