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How Much I Can Order Cheap Tickets For Placebo Date?

was later declared informatico the concert is completely canceled and were offered the timing of a return ticket. Tickets are already passed.

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Thank you

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information will appear later.

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please write the order number - check!

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Nakonechna. bring your passport

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How much I can order cheap tickets for Placebo date?
thank you very much bought!

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will answer you in PM

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How much I can order cheap tickets for Placebo date?
we didn't specify any of your data. If all is specified. then email us the order number. we will surely find out what the problem

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in the Central cash office at the address: B. Sampsonievsky,7

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You can place 2 different orders, or call on the phone 380-80-50 the operator will issue You with an order.

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... a passport?:)

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podskagite booked the tickets on March 10. The letter to the mailbox came from sakasama space on the site will appear as free. This is as it should be?

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Welcome. Printed ticket in h/nichego terrible?

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and in Petrozavodsk by chance. to buy tickets or just electronic??

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Good day!
What the hell You have going on with the site? No price for the tickets not to see nor to order anything! And not for the first time!
But is now brighter glows and flickers annoyingly.
the previous interface was much nicer. New cause reluctance to use it, unfortunately.

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Hello, when will begin selling tickets for "Alice" in the BDT at the March performances?

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call 8-800-555-07-70,you perebroniruyut correctly

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How much I can order cheap tickets for Placebo date?
Nete matter

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zdravctvyite.podskazhite please
I registered on the site kassira from Krasnoyarsk,
wanted to buy a ticket for Maxidrome I did 2 tickets and order now hangs in the personal cabinete not indicated no adresowe haven't pressed "next"to remove these 2 orders and will not remove any money from me for it? what orders wisata I never closed it

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at this event everyone in the Audience regardless of age must have a ticket

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Podskazala, 22 Feb voice and sound "live"?

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Hello I bought an e-ticket for Metallica but they bought others cheloveka there I have problems when passing?

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Thank you

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How much I can order cheap tickets for Placebo date?
I ordered tickets for nitro circus. Where can I buy tickets?

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I casaletto bought a ticket without signing up on the website! And explain to me why it is impossible to reach you at the number 7034040? Why drop the call?! I have the order number and a room villetaneuse impossible for me to mail to send an e-ticket??

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SMS has come! Just once again clarify! Thank you!

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Hello, Zadornov on the number 19 got the tickets yet? and what price are the tickets?

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How much I can order cheap tickets for Placebo date?
Going to buy tickets for sensation, 2012 how to ubeditsa in their authenticity podskajite !!(for earlier thanks)

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Entrance ticket (valid for one day of the festival)
400 p. 2 PCs
Service charge
40 p.
$ 0
VIP entry ticket (valid for one day of the festival)
900 R. 2 PCs
Service charge
90 p
$ 0
ВСЕГО2860 R.
Promocode for discounts:

This promotional code cannot be applied to Your basket

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I Bought an e-ticket,but the payment was not my credit card.circumstances have changed,you must return the ticket(
What to do in this case?

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G. Tolyattinets in the shopping center Space still work? and then the phone is switched off and the Department is not found there.

and the second question and most important for menabilly purchased at the box office bought from an electronic manually on the website is different physically?

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How much I can order cheap tickets for Placebo date?
Good afternoon! Resets the operator or the connection is lost? what phone did you call?

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How much I can order cheap tickets for Placebo date?
thank you!!

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I just slusalice fanzone 3000 was chelovecheskoi would veredicto less... at Least about orientirueshsya...

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that's really true is a question-bewilderment) tickets to prodazhey a lot))

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sister can change

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but where can I get promo codes for a discount ?)

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Good afternoon! Soon the show claimed.

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How much I can order cheap tickets for Placebo date?
Good morning,here is better to check with the organizers.Their phone listed on the ticket under the address of the site.Can also call us tel 380-80-50 and perhaps our operators more accurately tell you.

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depending on how equipped sagde the event will take place

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our ticket offices accept payment by Bank cards.

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Not bought tickets for the action at first was not to pay. Then tickets are cancelled.
No discount tickets, how to pay for a gift certificate? Don't see the graphs...