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Where I Can Get Tickets For Paul McCartney Show?

Depeche Mode 04.03.2014

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Where I can get tickets for Paul McCartney show?
, Good morning. Answered in private messages.

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Good day! Not found on the site information about: is there a special Fund for the purchase of tickets on a gift card or buy gift card ticket at any ticket office?

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Where I can get tickets for Paul McCartney show?
In any case, thanks for the comment. Your opinion is important to us! In 2016 we will try to further diversify and increase the number of "compliments" for our clients)

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Hello, I live in the Novgorod region and I have a website of any new or old doesn't open from the 7th of may.

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Yes,at the Central box office

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specifically said our it specialists. You also get came order number? Or you complain that you haven't received confirmation from the Bank that the payment went through?

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Where I can get tickets for Paul McCartney show?
Want to buy tickets for the concert of your favorite band with a friend,she is student,interested in the question:on a student ticket discount?no benefits or not?

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good day!can

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booked a ticket to a hockey game.going to pay by card,click to pay via the ASSIST system,it gives me "AUTHORIZATION denied. Payment with this number already exists."

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concert tickets NICKELBACK sold bookletmakers??

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Where I can get tickets for Paul McCartney show?
Have zdravstvuyte.skazhite you have an e-ticket today. Somehow I don't see it in my proctector specified when ordering ticket. The payment was made. What to do?

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Where I can get tickets for Paul McCartney show?
Hello! Tickets for all events at which the shares were sold within the first hour of the theatrical box office. Theatrical box office of more than 60 in the city and all at the same time lead sale. The situation with the number of people willing to buy tickets display media:

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When will any clear information on the return of "Game monsters"?

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Where I can get tickets for Paul McCartney show?
to sozhaleniyu did not provide this information. And no comment of the organizers we didn't get an answer

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with this issue better call us at tel. 380-80-50 and explain the whole situation, will tell you exactly how best to do.

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Yes, I can) that's right, at any ticket office DTCS this map will be active.

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Where I can get tickets for Paul McCartney show?
the tickets in the mail never came

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And is there any information on Gogol Bordello?

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Interested in this concert site is not seen Bilthoven all are?

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You have received confirmation from the operator about the receipt. All order information You can see in the folder "My orders" on the website.

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podskagite the ice Palace on the Leningrad tickets box seats do not buy through the Internet?

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Hello, tell,please, it is possible to book tickets for the performance you have?

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If the e-ticket in my Kamolot do it to other people?

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Hello. can

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the order number I only see in your account! No Smsni message on mail came.

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with a passport and order number in the Central office at the address: the Big Sampsonievsky prospection 7.
opening Hours:
from 09:00 to 20:30 - weekdays;
from 10:00 to 18:30 - weekend.

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about job vacancies look on the page or on the website in the section company РІСљРЉ

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Good day! The email address is a misprint and paid for the ticket, respectively, did not come. My actions in this situation?

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Where I can get tickets for Paul McCartney show?
1)at the rate of operator 2) can pick up paid to the center.the cashier B. Sampson,7

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if damaged touch kadamattom probability tohoto prochitaesh he doesn't mean ticket is invalid bude.

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Since the concert Brand nopflera otmenena would like to return the tickets. Tickets purchased at the Central box office in Proplacheny through my personal Bank cartoonito check I have not kept. honestly hovorany was pennydale me.

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. refund is a last resort - my goal was to give people a holiday. I like your site! I want Podarok deleted. girlfriend she not afford to buy theatre tickets.

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Good day!
Prompt on the Depeche Mode concert the 13th of July. Bought a ticket to the fan zone and another package "early admission". It will be organized by the start-up of those who have the most "early admission"? Will there be a separate line as will give out bracelets?
And how many VIP packages? Really there with him to be in the front row fan?
thanks in Advance for your answers!

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the exact numbers we call are not pojemno Yes-less znachitelnoy it and the fan zone

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Where I can get tickets for Paul McCartney show?
Bought with a concert ticket from your box office. You can then quickly verify that the ticket is not counterfeit ?

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All was found. Tickets are printed from the account of the social network. Thank you!

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why you have an age restriction on concertapes Republic 16+and A2 on the website 18+?