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Where To Order Tickets For Elton John Show?

all in broadcastasia order "Paid".

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Where to order tickets for Elton John show?
Good afternoon,prompt please, I want to buy a ticket for the musical "the Demon"
is there a way to know what actors will play in any given day?

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Where to order tickets for Elton John show?
Hello, Catherine. In order to answer Your question, I would like to know the correct name of WHAT You're looking for? Plays, performances, etc. In the repertoire of St. Petersburg theatres and private venues of performances with the same name there.
From similar lyrical miniature great American playwright Tennessee Williams "a Beautiful
Sunday for a broken heart", the performance is the Maly drama theatre.

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Where to order tickets for Elton John show?
Similar lopresto Alexander.

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thank you! ))

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Good morning,thank you for the review and an indication of data problems.
If you need the old site is available at
be Sure to check it out and try to work things out, we apologize for the inconvenience.

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With student rate you can buy tickets online?

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good afternoon! Write a letter with a question to our experts quality control

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Let me tell you all the organizers of this event that they ought to consider at least a certain number of tickets sold for those 4 days.
today, riding up to 9:30 in the morning to the box office on Ligovsky Prospekt, found the never-ending turn.
after Waiting more than 2 hours and never waiting for their turn, from the register I heard only: tickets on 14 th of no. ANYWHERE!
From the above: I spent time and another false hopes.
In our country for people normally never do. And will not do.

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Paid the ticket,but as a "Feature" worth the wait,because today is Sunday?Whether the money is returned in case of cancellation?

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Where to order tickets for Elton John show?
Strange, usually it writes, if the event is soon,ie for example the current date is now available for purchase only at the box office.
then Try to book by phone 380-80-50

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Hello, I would like to buy tickets for Roma Acorn in the fan zone,yesterday it was 80 pieces coming in today, they do not have,they could not so quickly to snatch up,they are still on sale,and dance the porter went up,now it is like a fan zone is worth 1000R,and so will the fan zone in the sale or combined?

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Can you help? I sent a letter(envelope) to the (Large Sampsonievsky prospect.7)for Cohocton to cancel the ticket and return the money. A ticket bought on the Scorpions. Case in tomoto a letter waiting when it will be taken for 9-th day. And I don't poyato whether the notice has not come to them in the or some other reason. And with such success that letter will lie in postigo will not take time and does not return the money. Or if not svedeniyami would workers the to do to get the letter?

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good afternoon!
to Purchase tickets at the student rate, when you will offer the possible rates! But the student must be in possession when going to the theatre.

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no. Do not purchase tickets

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Hello, Zadornov on the number 19 got the tickets yet? and what price are the tickets?

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are unable to issue an electronic ticket, the poster noted that it is possible to purchase email.ticket, when ordering this possibility was not. In the end I made the order with credit card and receipt in hand, you can now change email.ticket?

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the cashier strikes 94 there was a conflict with the cashier,who after communicating with the previous tenant behaved correctly (hinting at the fact that my hands are dirty, and so on,so that threw me the change and ticket in the window)I called and complained to the cashier,in answer to this I revoked the tickets,telling me to come read to the cashier,I came,the cashier began to speak:that you authorize the cancellation of tickets to them,and again saying that from the comes to them to buy tickets one redneck!!!I asked on what basis the cancelled tickets?to which she replied that the cashier did not have enough money and she doesn't remember take my money!!! I told her,and how you gave me the tickets and then change? In the end, she said that their service in the next ten days will deal with the shortfall against money held the money!!and you'll get a call!!
Dear,cashier, ru!this is generally what for delirium???the tickets I bought from you,why you are not responsible for their activities?at the moment I have anodirovanie tickets to 5500 thousand rubles!please understand this situation and poegateway me tickets,I bought a concert or return the amount in full before the end of this week.

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thank you very much )

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Please wish you a pleasant visit events.

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When running your app on IOS in SPb?

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There is information about the tour of the Satirikon theatre on the stage of the Baltic house theater!

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Good day! The standard reservation period is 48 hours,but there are exceptions.Ticket offices in Petrozavodsk there.https://

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don't know