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Best Way To Order Tickets For Soundgarden Date?

Tell me,please,if I made a mistake with the mail,can I send the e-tickets again for already the exact email(with order number)?

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thanks, I'll wait!

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I will come to St. Petersburg on July 28 and, therefore, there is no way to pick up the tickets before the 19th, as it was written at the end of the order procedure. If there's any option to keep them longer? If necessary, I can pay the order by credit card. Thank you.

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Best way to order tickets for Soundgarden date?
Hello! wanted prosetice for the event was July 7, Sunday at the box office of SC Anniversary? passed by and saw a big queue)

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Sell certificate "" with par value of 5,000 rupsa 3500

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Hello! You can write me in private message the data to create a personal account (email and password). You can just buy (including remotely) tickets on original letterhead or exchange e-ticket for the original ticket to the Central office.

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Thank you!!!!

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later. Get necessarily

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Best way to order tickets for Soundgarden date?
kaitempi e-ticket. To print it out and semajno to go? Need anything else?

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Best way to order tickets for Soundgarden date?
good day! tell poluektovna whether to return bretonneau electronic application and all required documents to the email address? the official website lists only an address for mailing.

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I want to give the teacher a gift certificate. Where she will be able to exchange it for the tickets???

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Best way to order tickets for Soundgarden date?
Join the question about the tickets for the matches Sconi will be available in the near future?

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Best way to order tickets for Soundgarden date?
Pola Negri

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Good afternoon.At the beginning of the building.There's a sign that the health Committee also hanging black sign DTZK, first floor on the right.

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Best way to order tickets for Soundgarden date?
thank you

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You can choose and buy the ticket on the page

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Your order is executed correctly. Card of which Bank do You have?

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Good day! Please tell me the ticket was paid by credit card, you can pick up in any of your register?

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I ordered tickets on your website and paid with credit card my husband. We live in a different city. Tickets from the box office to pick up my brother. What do you need?
Enough order number and confirmation sent to e-mail?

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welcome! here I have my ticket for November 9 with the Seating position (and I would like on the dance floor that in fact this ticket, like on the dance floor will not miss). slusalice have the opportunity to pass/change the ticket to the dance floor (with a surcharge or not doesn't matter) in the main office Spbmaps explanatory..or is it? unless you want to pay for the passage to the dance floor?

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Best way to order tickets for Soundgarden date?

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Good morning! Could you send screenshots, so we can identify the error display

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Good day! How to refund an electronic ticket to the concert of Hands Up - the event is postponed to February 19, 20-00. I can't get to this day! I just come to one of the box office? Payment was by card through your personal account on your website

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net Saito-pregnelone to enter!

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Best way to order tickets for Soundgarden date?
Podskagite said I won 15 tickets to metromagazine in а2как to know the tickets are real?

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And You also bought the email ?

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Thank you!

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no changes on the old site that on the new one and also "In the moment
armour for cash tickets are not available."

is there something to do?

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Best way to order tickets for Soundgarden date?
you're lucky I got 50!