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How To Order Tickets For Megadeth Show?

Yes,the balance is positive. Bank map

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Good evening. Your organization is not cooperating with the theatre Buff?

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This afternoon I booked a ticket without the check-in could waitina the mail came opovestit the order has been paid and the e-ticket on your website this place is still displayed as free. Why? Not can someone else buy a ticket to this place?

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I Bought several e-tickets in his name. Question: can lucidly which I bought bilaterally to the concert?

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answered in a PM

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at your own risk and loyalty platform))

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How to order tickets for Megadeth show?
Hello, Irina! While information about these upcoming tours. Follow the information on the website.

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How to order tickets for Megadeth show?
, Your phone is sent to the operator, expect a call. This burden stems from the fact that it began an active theatrical season plus school vacation. Possible to book tickets on the website not later than three days prior to the event. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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do not worry, this is the second such event and obviously not the last)

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Hello! Tell me information about the refund of the concert tickets for Selena Gomez?. With respect.

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Briefly: you will need to make a return

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Good day! Seitpagambetov to convert (to another place in the same price category) or pass a ticket to a show of Cirque du Soleil in St. Petersburg on 11 may at 15.00?

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where can I get tickets order #81689 what time?

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Hello. 05.11.2016 bought Golden gramophone has bellaplaya online. The mail didn't come. How am I supposed to be?

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So what's the address?

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it's always different

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Good afternoon! The organizers have not yet provided us with tickets for sale.

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Good afternoon. Please send a scan of your tickets to us, and also duplicate on mail

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good afternoon. We apologize( We eliminate the problem. SMS stopped coming?

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How to order tickets for Megadeth show?
Good evening!) Cheapest 1800 left (and very little). 2 question at the moment do not have those data(

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Good day! Managerial issue: early booking and confirmation came not only to e-mailno and SMS on TF - very convenient. Now for some reason, only e-mailhot number of TF in a private office set. Is it possible to return a confirmation on TF? =)

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Hello! Faced with a serious problem - trying to issue an electronic ticket for Mylene Farmerпишут order number and a button "Pay order" and Summa her najimudeen need to enter the card number etc. but the order number is another! In the end, after obliterated smcta the order is not executed! I have 5 times poprobovala one udohow to the last page and the order number is changing! Packagediagnostics to do? I wanna go to this concert and not oricalco that's a problem!

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How to order tickets for Megadeth show?
Hello. Purchased a ticket for the concert of Stas Piekha.Novgorodin concert to go does not work on family obstoyatelstvakh to return the money for the ticket. where to apply and how to write a statement? Thank you in advance.

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information will appear later.

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thanks , I will do so. Place your order online and pick it up at the box office.

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in the electronic payment system has the order number menjaetsja since the website and Assist - 2 different systems. Please write Your room sakasama will try to understand why and resolve the situation.

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Your order has been successfully paid ( Depeche Mode (4.03.14 20:00)fan-zone in the amount of 6600 RUB)

souledouttojesus not possible To translate the original ticket form in an electronic format.

Paid for tickets You can pick up the day of the event, or any other convenient day in our Central box office at the address: St.-Petersburgmoscow Sampsonievsky PR., 7 (metro station "Lenin Square")
opening Hours:
• 09:00 - 20:30 week days;
• 10:00 - 18:30 weekend.
paid for delivery of tickets is carried out only in St. Petersburg and the nearest suburbs.
Pre-paid tickets will only be issued with a passport of the payer. In the event that the tickets takes another lycopodophyta to provide a passport poluchitekonomiyu certified letter of attorney and copy of the passport of the payer. Without the required documents, the ticket cashier will not be issued.

a personal message I'll send personal data cabinetid displays the new order number.

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When running your app on IOS in SPb?

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what are you talking about? On most running plays in Moscow? Your post was initially positioned that we have cheap tickets, but in Moscow.... Then POPs up "running Fomenko" of a freebie..
I think that people want to buy cheap theatre ticket is nothing terrible. And thanks to the organizers, who gave this opportunity.

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How to order tickets for Megadeth show?
Is it possible to return or change the tickets.I have my ticket for 30 seconds to mars 18.03 on in CCM,I would like to swap for a ticket in the fan zone.the ticket is not electronic

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Thank you! At the time we went to the play "the wise man stumbles", but was replaced:( I'll Try to go to a Performance of "Night and day"

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good day! Apatitenepheline Your запросjv mail

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apparently eternal problem with the password recovery( also can't restore parallelel Email not found. Why is the mail not sent email. ticket??!!!

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How to order tickets for Megadeth show?
On Oh Wonder tickets for the dance floor you can't buy through Kassir?

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How to order tickets for Megadeth show?
takes time to Obnovlenie this place is impossible to book again

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given the website

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Good morning, all exchanges and refunds are possible through the organizers of this event, whose telephone number is on the ticket, next to the name(address) of the site.
But also, better yet, call us toll-free Federal number 8 800 333-80-51 and our operators will tell you for sure if that's possible.

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good day! objasniajace the sale of tickets for Mozart l'opera Rock Le Concert 10.10.13 you have numbered seats in the stalls not correspond to the numbering in the diagram of Salat.e. in one case, she left napravo other right to left?? why no ukazannogo numbering given in reverse order?? while your statements on oath utverjdenie in the scheme of the stalls numbering indicated Verna now in total vyjasnjaetsja there all the way around and I paid a lot of money for a ticket plus your Commission for the spoiled for the next six months!!

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skajite at the circus Masha and the bear for a child of 3 years is also a ticket pokupateli on my knees to plant?

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was povertaysya on the fan zone does not stand out. But of course also 100 people.

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thank you.

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Hello! Want to go to a hockey match SKA - torpedo 9 January 2015 at 17:00at the website of the Ice Palace this match on Your esta - no. Are all the tickets already?

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good afternoon. you can buy the tickets in accordance with its face value

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always happy to help! Have a good day!)

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Good afternoon! While on the website cannot pay by gift card. Write all the information to our quality control technicians on the letter indicate the numbers of gift cards and a concert that interests You.