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How To Purchase Cheap Tickets For Metallica Show?

Can't find on the website of the cashier in the concert hall 31.1 the view user profile and the link does not work

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Metallica show?
wrote you a PM the address of the project Manager

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to get billingen passport.

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what kind of concert is it?

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Dear, I radto this ad was in novodachne in your I don't sostoya it could not valetina website cashier zahorulko when I need tickets.
agricultury You apisalome detail razjasnili You are not interested in working with "problem" customers. Today, food in Opsporen they will help me. Because now it's a matter of principle. From vsegochto I naselba only two news: - it govoritsya tickets will be deystvitelnosti again return sredstva word about the invalidity of the tickets.

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issued through Assist and it worked! To do this, just chose the payment by credit card and there the order number menyalsya now chosen the second payment carolantic-coralcalcium etc there have chosen to pay by card and all polychrotinae order has not changed and I downloaded the e-ticket! Thank you! Now I print the ticket on A4 paper and can come to concerta?

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Metallica show?
Hello! Podskagite you can verify the authenticity of tickets purchased from other ludano they claim that bought tickets through the Cashier?

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Good day! The service fee is provided on all tickets

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for the money order?

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while us letters about the change of the age qualification was not. therefore buy)

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Hello! I ordered two tickets in the electronic form in your name. Does that's what I can't take it with you to the event your touristic as the name on the ticket does not match?

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to sozhaleniyu upcoming events not declared Disco Autoradio. A similar format event will be held at the JCC. Detailed information on the link -

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Good morning, unfortunately as we do not sell tickets for this concert, we do not have this information.Try to find on its official website.

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The event tickets without barcode

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on the first day as the announcement of the concert of metallica appeared on the website Kassira went and signed up for pre-order pillowfort which was on the page (now 404 error). There was napisannogo when tickets postupala me will contact.
I see catastrophize was sold scrutability vengeance for what I had no notification and even more information about pre-ordering the tickets.
why it happened?

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Hello! today I bought tickets for the pet shop boys at the box office on Perinnaya without booklets.the cashier said that they don't need.Wanted to clarify if it is?

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it is better to consult with the cashiers at the main checkout B. Сампсониевский7. Dualmono to rent and buy

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Hello! Podskagite you can verify the authenticity of tickets purchased from other ludano they claim that bought tickets through the Cashier?

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Metallica show?
let...not need a passport

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Metallica show?
we contacted the staff the cash register - apparently they did not understand the situation. You can print tickets on paper in the Central office (or to arrange delivery to a convenient address in St. Petersburg). In advance predupredit You bought e-ticket on the old site and it is no longer available to print. Phone for svasana if You have any questions +7(911)831-48-08Анна (mon. on Thurs. from 09:00 to 18:00пт. from 09:00 to 17:00перерыв from 13:00 to 14:00).

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Hello,I can not order tickets for SKA as usual. Now they are not something on the website?

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Tried 10 times with different metamict to do?

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Zdravstvuyte.mozhno to return concert tickets Brit Floyd the 24th of October?

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Metallica show?
Hello! Paid for the tickets in the Bank 14 firestatus still "pending payment"!For how long will be paying????

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Good afternoon,I have a question,want to buy tickets to the ballet,but have no way to know what day people will be off,will it be possible to change the date of flight or return?or change to another ballet?if people can't come that day on which you take a ticket,there may be an opportunity to buy an open ticket?

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osmotically what the email address was sent a letter

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The king and the Clown 2 Feb

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Hello now we are selling tickets at BKZ Oktyabrsky na7.11.2017 to a concert picnic, and the concert hall this event is not. How to be? Will the concert?

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Catherine!Thank you very much!A ticket to the fanzone.
I don't know what to do.

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so nothing to do anymore. It is strange that you woke up late

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Hello! Really want to buy a concert ticket Justin Timberlake in fan sonono for such large-scale events never bilabiata very afraid of a stampede. Do you know how many people initially designed the fan zone at the concert?

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Is it possible to book a ticket NP meropriyatie will be held in St. Petersburg you have in the box office and redeem it in Moscow??I am from Ukraine and have to ask to buy tickets for friends from Moscow.In St. Petersburg there are no friends.Here to pay for itself through the savings Bank will not be able-large complexity.Can a person in Moscow to pay through the savings Bank and pick up a ticket to Moscow the checkout

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hopefully not on my tickets 😝

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Metallica show?
but asking))?

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Good afternoon. Want to keep information about the problems with the processing of my order. Attempt to not buy an online gift certificate was a quest for 3 days. The site States that the certificates on the letterhead of the strict reporting, you can buy all Kasahara turned out to be wrong. To order a certificate via the Internet with delivery is not poluchaetsya that the system gives an error. I ordered the certificate delivery by phone but nevidimaya to arrange the delivery on the appointed day, the courier arrived. Through the call centre the problem was solved and the order I will bring,but I will have to pay for Express shipping (to get the order I need it today+200 p for crocetin criticore hurt). I ponimayut sbone in this case, too many of them on one order.

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Tell pzhl Colosseum visitors from the future, child 4 years of age need to buy a ticket?

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Hello! lost e-ticket. pick up at the box office did not. the confirmation email was exactly. can specify databinary etc.
how can I restore or resend? thank you

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good afternoon. You can return

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Metallica show?
no. Do not purchase tickets

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Good afternoon, call 3808050, call the number on Your certificate, the operator will check its validity and status.

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Metallica show?
Hello , prompt, please, on your website to sell tickets for a concert Penkin, on the plan of the hall is not available so many places, that means they dismantled or they will appear later?

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spasibaaa was sky-high 2 200

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so we will also have tickets

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navernoye was referring to the Aerosmith concert in St. Petersburg.
really no tickets in the fan zone.

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Zdravstvuyte turns to enter the site.
Trying to enter through kontaktnogo confirm postholiday letter podtverzhdeniya the link of the letters I get on the page "an unknown error occurred".
just Trying voitis login and password writes "e-mail not validated".
Vicious circle of some sort.

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what is it?)

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Good day, please call us by phone 380-80-50 and our operators will help you to find the corresponding event.

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Question - what I lost in Rozygrysh - where are they?

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Metallica show?
Can you help? I sent a letter(envelope) to the (Large Sampsonievsky prospect.7)for Cohocton to cancel the ticket and return the money. A ticket bought on the Scorpions. Case in tomoto a letter waiting when it will be taken for 9-th day. And I don't poyato whether the notice has not come to them in the or some other reason. And with such success that letter will lie in postigo will not take time and does not return the money. Or if not svedeniyami would workers the to do to get the letter?

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Good day! Bought tickets for the concert Adam Lambert 16.03.2012 in Masquerade unalike it will be Peter. Live in St. Petersburg and tickets can be purchased here. Question: is it possible to exchange?or pass and just buy? Please tell me how to be.

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Tell,and a ticket to the concert Plasibo in St. Petersburg can be bought at the ticket offices of Moscow?

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Good afternoon.Yesterday got 2 tickets to the concert of Evgeny Margulis on February 23 at the club cosmonaut. I can't because ill girl called the club,said that the return of tickets is only made when cancellation or postponement of the event.What to do in this situation?

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tell me will pojaluysta I still hope and wait for the tickets for Placebo?

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Stupid voprosa what time the concert is pasting posters?

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good afternoon) yeah possible

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Metallica show?
Hello. Faced with such a problem: wanted to buy concert tickets depeche modeкоторый will be held March 4 at the box office cashier in Kazan. We otvetilo this is not possible and tickets can be purchased only at the box office, an STD, or having an e-ticket. At the June concert for us those tickets sold in Kazan. In this regard, I would like to know what are these changes? And is there any way to buy them in Kazan? From Govorushko e-ticket we are not very satisfied. Thanks in advance.

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Good evening! Want to book a ticket to Pola Negri on may 16. I go to the site, mark the places marked with a color, but nothing happens. Before quietly booked tickets. Maybe now something has changed?

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Hello. Packagediagnostics to do if you made a ticket purchase for My little pony. The payment went through,SMS about write-offs received. But have not entered the correct email address and the ticket is not came. What to do?

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I bought concert tickets for my mom and we will go with my sister we start up ?
the Passport will not be checked ?

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Will zdravstvuite.otvette or even a ticket to the dance floor to the concert Plasibo?

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How to upgrade to the full version I tried many options but it does not work. the
Previously, I was very comfortable every day to go to the website and watch for new events and now here's a garbage I don't feel comfortable using the site SAVE somebody

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then how to make tchtoby others were able to easily pass on bought my tickets? My copy of your passport maybe they should take?

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Metallica show?
Tell me pojaluista my ticket without a bar code while everyone else with a barcode? Bought at the Central ticket office at B. Sampson D. 7.

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Hello! Can I know why You have the entrance ticket to the event "the Concert Grisha Urgant (Grisha Urgant)" 06.12.13 is not 1500R., like everywhere else, and 2000P.?