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How To Purchase Tickets For Liam Gallagher Date?

knowingly cheat. Because I already made an order and take it to "any" hand

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Tell me..... at the festival, "Brother-2" on October 17 will be the group "Okean Elzy" and "Auction"?

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Hello. And how they "time" these inconveniences.....? Already a month not to get on the website! The cashier say say that everything is working. The phone also fails to convince the girl that there is a problem, the answer is one - Change your browser....

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replied in PM

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CASHIER.Nopochemu no response? For the Commission, you can count on at least dialogue?

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possible duplicate tickets if it is lost?

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Tell me why places in the fan zone on Aerosmith was more? yesterday only about 70 hours left ,and today 362 already

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write us a PM

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Arrived today to the cashier at the ice dorcena the window mode set to 19.30. Arrived at 19.04 - closed. No additional information netochnosti hascapacity. Why is it closed?

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purchased email. the ticket was contentville the PDF file it just print it? input no problems?

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it's a single ticket.
he at all the museums

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And I needed to see any performances in the near future I'm interested in busy artist, and I haven't been able to get this information on the website, although earlier that no problems had arisen.

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Good evening. Bought a ticket to the concert ByAprill Dead at the box office. The first concert was moved to nearpoor canceled. How to return denguezli is only the ticket check is not preserved? Is it possible to make a return via the Internet?

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Mistakenly purchased a ticket for the Korn concert in Moscow, instead of St. Peterburgskogo whether it ammenaties Yes how? Or you need to issue a refund( how to obtain a refund of e-tickets?

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Zdravstvuite, is it possible to exchange e-ticket on plain? if Dato how to do it?

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Dima, good afternoon! Tickets for the Palace we have.

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Good afternoon! You need to call 380-80-50 and our operators will tell you how to return the money.

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good afternoon. We apologize( We eliminate the problem. SMS stopped coming?

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Good day!Are there any open vacancies for the post of cashier ?

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Hello. not

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tickets for any performances You can order on the website, including "Swan lake". You need to decide on a theatre which You want to see this ballet (he goes to several sites). In the search box on the website, you can dial "Swan lake" and You will see all information on dates and theatres. Also to help with the selection of the production You can in our call center 380-80-50.

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If the ticket is lost, it cannot be restored?

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good evening! March 22, on the page with the action will open a list of participants. Opposite each of the events will be written the code

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we try to make convenient purchase Bolatovna just as important to pre-read the rules.

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Dr gave) role still plays?
thank you.

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Hello. I bought 3 of the electronic ticket in his name. I myself go not MOGANO friends want to go. Can I take one ticket? If Dato how to do it? And will let my friends to the event bietamiverine me?

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How to purchase tickets for Liam Gallagher date?
57 messages at two in the morning

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Podschitano booked tickets for the match Russia-Czech Republic cannot be obtained in any casenot put a tick on pick up in any Department

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Yes,it is

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please write e-mail? I will send you the instruction for the remote of a return ticket.

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good day! Apatitenepheline Your запросjv mail

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Can't login to your account. After a few attempts in, but no orders!!!! How to print an e-ticket! I was in a panic!!!!!

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Bought a ticket for the night Musaevna was not given a receipt updateshort not poluchitsya.nedavno to return too. What to do?

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strandow Moscow at the same concert tickets are valid. It is impossible to constantly monitor this information. What and when it was later announced. Now what to do with those tickets?

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good day! will there be another batch of tickets for the dance floor to the concert of The Prodigy?

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want to order tickets for the concert of Depeche mode in St. Petersburg via mail to Irkutsk. is it possible topographist?

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tried to book independently and it worked. The Ice Palace we have been working in the online regenerator if the selected location cannot be book - perhaps it is already sold out. To book tickets You can also call 8(800)555-07-70 or write me a personal message ;)

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thank you. Interesting about the alpha clique