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Where To Get Tickets For Lordie Date?

Have zdravstvuyte.skazhite you have an e-ticket today. Somehow I don't see it in my proctector specified when ordering ticket. The payment was made. What to do?

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the exchange will only take place at the offices of SPb. Getting too, only at the box office SPb. Dapo issues return, please contact the call center 812 703-40-40

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Hello, the problem is this. Made a reservation on tickets, it is up to 25 numbers, and I will arrive in St. Petersburg with a gift certificate that I want to pay for tickets only on Sunday evening. Is there a way to report the certificate to another person, and he paid. Or transfer your booking to one day later

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netolko return

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I called to 21 hours, I was put in the queue

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Where to get tickets for Lordie date?
strange, I created a new account, and the booking it worked again

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information about other performances from the organizers has not yet been reported.

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better at Ivan, Dornau we can search to see the availability of tickets to any concert

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Zdravstvuyte.mozhno to exchange you have an e-ticket for a regular?

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Hello. Recently purchased tickets to one of the banks gorodno they are no Golden stickers. Tickets without a valid sticker?

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Zdravstvuyte different entrance ticket for 1,400 from the ticket for 1600.

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Dear Usher. The website has been up for a month. The opinion here. Please take action.

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Hello,please tell me the prices of the tickets for the performance "kysya"?

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das answers here as it is all very sad(((

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There is a possibility to downgrade to the old version (right upper corner). I put bookmarks in the old version of the site and more nothing annoys me. But, I will agree that the updated site is a lot of negative emotions.

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call 8-800-555-07-70,you perebroniruyut correctly

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Good day! First time confronted with the purchase of the electronic ticket. There are a couple of issues. I'm from Rabirius to the concert in St. Petersburg. Asked znakomyatsya lives in Perekupit me a ticket. She bought the email and sent it to me by email. mail. But there is its name. Wouldn't it be a problem with that? And another question. On the ticket is not worth the price. This is not so important? I thought it was standingat decided to clarify here. Thanks in advance ! :)

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Where the results of the competitions post

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we apologize for the unprofessional actions of employees of our partners in the Agency "the Agency of Passenger Transportations". We are currently working on temtory future incidents do not recur. Thanks for posting about this proisshestvie all neobhodimosti purchase tickets at the box office was convenient and prijatnymi in all the others.

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Always try to promptly resolve all technical problems, unfortunately it's not always all depends only on us.

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Good evening. Perhaps the question balne it. I am in Syktyvkarskaya a ticket to the concert Sohrab aprilina now I'm not sure you get to go to Concertone how to return the money in case I didn't get to go to the concert? Paid through carbonchloride to pick up a ticket to cassies the presentation of a passport and cheque.

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Hello ! I ask the email address of your technical Department ( required for service ) .Thank You in advance.

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Good day! Can you tell which performances for children (12 years old) will be in September? Please advise!

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Where to get tickets for Lordie date?
Good day! Bought tickets to Educational Theatre on the Fontanka, can't find a letter in the mail!

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Where to get tickets for Lordie date?
Thanks for the info.

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Where to get tickets for Lordie date?
Certificate Usher can get to the concert ? And what is covered by these certificates , there is a list of places ?

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what event do You choose?

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Where to get tickets for Lordie date?
will kaitersberg e-ticket in black and white variantinit terrible?

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Good day
is it Possible to verify the authenticity of Your tickets to the box office?

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Hello. Possible
to exchange an e-ticket for a regular? The villains hacked into the mailbox. There are fears that the tickets were stolen.

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Where to get tickets for Lordie date?
Thanks for the reply! And in the e-ticket is also not possible not to put down the price?

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Where to get tickets for Lordie date?
I have here a question. I'm from Novosibirsk and going to a concert at SKK arena. Tickets will be ordered according to Internetwebsite on-line and pick up at the day of the concert. If suddenly, for some reason, the concert perennate there I have problems with the replacement ticket?

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Good morning, all exchanges and refunds are possible through the organizers of this event, whose telephone number is on the ticket, next to the name(address) of the site.
But also, better yet, call us toll-free Federal number 8 800 333-80-51 and our operators will tell you for sure if that's possible.

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, Hello, and when will open the ticket offices in the subway?

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All polucilasi thanks for the help in situatiile fault was completely ours!

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Where to get tickets for Lordie date?
thank you very much! Everything came)

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Tell me,if we are not able to go to a concert and want to take the ticket,how much will You charge Commission?

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Tell me please,plan ever concert Sean Paul in Russia???? WOULD LOVE WHATEVER HE GAVE A CONCERT IN PITERE...

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Hello! today I bought tickets for the pet shop boys at the box office on Perinnaya without booklets.the cashier said that they don't need.Wanted to clarify if it is?

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Where to get tickets for Lordie date?
if I have 10 seconds...I was detained for 2-3 minutes! Okay! We were lucky to get to legendary group! And it is happy...In Europe somehow Promega something terminalid put a ticket and practiceworks doesn't work...Any protection and a QR code and a hologram embossed and hairs as on money bill....this year we bought tickets to a festival in Germanyin and imennye ready for example to show what PASPORTNO! It is necessary to rewrite 15 Euro and sign it over to another person. There is no such nigeriaonline in bad faith...

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giving soon

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Where to get tickets for Lordie date?
sister can change

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Good danielczinko and Teller!
I sold on the Internet e-ticket in the fan zone at the concert on 25 August 2015 Metallica in the CCM.
How can I check its authenticity? I have file a ticket in PDF format.
There is written: E-ticket e-ticket# 615..........the numbers are only 12 digits.
Next is the order number of 7 digits. the
Forth: the name and surname of the buyer.
And below the barcode is 12 digits long. It's the same zarychta and the top 615.
How can I check its authenticity? If I guaranteed to pass it on to the concert on 25 Aug?

With vaginastanislav
tel: 8-926-610-08-06

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Good evening. Bought a ticket for the maxidrom 2013Р Р…Р С• sorry to go to Moscow to meguest it possible to return the ticket?

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Where to get tickets for Lordie date?
otlichnaia for the answer!!!

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I'm afraid of 12...
the Site will hold? Or massive entry of visitors will not issue tickets?

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Good afternoon, the certificate can be used only 1 time.

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Podskagite order/buy the ticket from another city? Here in Ulyanovsk is not your banks. At the right concert no e-ticket (not displayed such stromatolite by courier or by yourself). Your booking is given for 48 hours concert in November)?

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Where to get tickets for Lordie date?
Therefore, as a variant - you can buy on siteaudit by Bank transfer and pick up tickets at our Central box office SPb on the day of meropriyatiya to buy e-ticket

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Where to get tickets for Lordie date?
zdravctvyite.podskazhite please
I registered on the site kassira from Krasnoyarsk,
wanted to buy a ticket for Maxidrome I did 2 tickets and order now hangs in the personal cabinete not indicated no adresowe haven't pressed "next"to remove these 2 orders and will not remove any money from me for it? what orders wisata I never closed it

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We are working on improving the experience of the new site, Yes, there may be glitches sometimes, but we always try to work things out and to make it easy for users, including thanks to your feedback.

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Where to get tickets for Lordie date?
zaglavnoy barcode in the Internet, svetia you can not get to the concert)

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Good afternoon! Discounts or special conditions for families with many children provide spectacular companies. Usually there are discount tickets to the aquarium and exhibitions (for example: )

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Hello! Is it possible to buy tickets for Roxette?