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How Much I Can Order Tickets For Jason Aldean Date?

you can! Write a letter to

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how I know this is a receipt for Your services for the distribution of tickets.he passing through the control does not matter,so feel free to tear it up.moreover,we have in recent times (namely, at a concert of Moving heroes)the Comptroller refused to take the ticket,until we detach a check - tickets are also ordered through the,as always.

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Please tell me, 14.02 in theaters you can buy 2 tickets in one hand for 20 rubles? Do I understand correctly?

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apritiate to Central office (B. Sampson,7) hours

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. refund is a last resort - my goal was to give people a holiday. I like your site! I want Podarok deleted. girlfriend she not afford to buy theatre tickets.

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How much I can order tickets for Jason Aldean date?
Do you have posters in the box office? If damage to just come and take? Or what?

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How much I can order tickets for Jason Aldean date?
the problem is solved. You book the tickets? Or do You question the orders?

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Hello. can

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Can you help? I sent a letter(envelope) to the (Large Sampsonievsky prospect.7)for Cohocton to cancel the ticket and return the money. A ticket bought on the Scorpions. Case in tomoto a letter waiting when it will be taken for 9-th day. And I don't poyato whether the notice has not come to them in the or some other reason. And with such success that letter will lie in postigo will not take time and does not return the money. Or if not svedeniyami would workers the to do to get the letter?

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Good day! I bought an e-ticket online for my friend's birthday . In the design indicated, its name indicated on the ticket my name. Is there any way to change? Actually this critical? Miss on this ticket?😱😱

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How much I can order tickets for Jason Aldean date?
The letter you sent 14th Augustovna as (where I bought the tickets). Only job kindly reply on the same day and did everything vozmozhnoct depends on them in this issue (refund of fee)and you don't. рџ‘Ћ

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Sell usher on the certificate 5000 rubles for 4T. R
Saint Petersburg

private messages are open-write

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And the electronic ticket can be exchanged for ordinary? Two days before the concert

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e-ticket is not refundable

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How much I can order tickets for Jason Aldean date?
tell me why the site is not working promotional code for a discount?

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to return ballynahattina not podniece 3 days prior to meropriyatiyah us for a refund .

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Hello,I can not order tickets for SKA as usual. Now they are not something on the website?

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Here imenno also this discount was never found!

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Tickets for the hockey in the Ice Palace You can buy?

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alteration of the personal account and was the initial difficulty. Everyone who approached us with a similar problem (there were nemnogoe was)solved the problem. As for the room takasato we tested again the service last week at your request - all goes and comes correctly,if pressed, the corresponding checkbox.

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that's why I asked the question)

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When will tickets for Lana Del ray?

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In connection with the updating of our website, possible errors. We apologize for the inconvenience! Here is the link:

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How much I can order tickets for Jason Aldean date?
Good afternoon, In the rules of order stated that returns and exchanges is through the Organizers of the event To clarify all necessary information in Your case, call 380-80-50, operators You what to do.

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Good morning, for any event you can see the VIP seats on the map hall, this event highlighted for example here cost 2000 and 2500 R, Or, for example, have a look here and
ie the VIP seats are obtained with 1-3 rows 8-23 places

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thank you:) And specifically at 9 podium will still be tickets?)

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How much I can order tickets for Jason Aldean date?
video games live
what's with him? T_T postponed to what time? who has to know? where is the news about this wait?

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Good afternoon.Please check now,all should earn,all updated and running.

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Good evening. Tell me if it is possible to recover utrenny ticket if you have a receipt?

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Yesterday to buy smogonite osibajo this code cannot be applied. Give explanation please

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Good time of day.Even in the summer I ordered tickets for a gig and they're already paid for.But as I live in Moscow to pick up a ticket plan before the concert.later, entering the private office he saw that the order number has changed.but I didn't copy.I've just tried to visit the site.however, write" E-mail not validated".Although I still have the letter on this soap with the confirmation ticket and can this be?I do not want to come and be without a ticket.and another question is it possible to transfer this ticket is now electronic.The Depeche Mode concert on March 4, 2014 in Saint-Petersburg.Thank you.

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and you moved to the trash? At what point stop?

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also hanging(

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good afternoon! You can pick up the paid tickets on any day, including the day of the event.

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How much I can order tickets for Jason Aldean date?
I ordered the tickets in his name, can I redeem them on to another person? I'm in a different city and she can not

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How much I can order tickets for Jason Aldean date?
thank you)

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On our website, on the main page right above the calendar there is a button "All fields".

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Groups HIM and the Rasmus are in St. Petersburg?seen the information that 21 they will be in St. Petersburg.on the website the information is not seen.thanks for the reply.

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Good day! Today I wanted to book theatre tickets on your website, and I was given that cash is not available to order, and if you want to order, pay directly online.
This opportunity I have, as there is no way just to buy tickets in your box office, because I don't live not even in this town, and not in another country.
please Tell me what time this will last the mode "failure cash"?

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tell me, when is the next concert of the ensemble of p/u of Olga Rudneva

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I wouldn't leave. It is as well the circus is held, three times more tickets to sell

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11 I received the same SMS about the status of the order...
Here is the passion!, do not be so))))

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Same question this page nothing otobrazhaetsya.As all the same?On the Internet lots of photos.

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also hanging(

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How much I can order tickets for Jason Aldean date?
and at which step does not work?

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How much I can order tickets for Jason Aldean date?
I also have a not working site. Had no registration book

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On our website)

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Paid for tickets You can pick up the day of the event, or any other convenient day in our Central box office at

Saint Petersburgmoscow Sampsonievsky PR., 7 (metro station "Lenin Square")


from 09:00 to 20:30 - weekdays;
from 10:00 to 18:30 - weekend.
paid for delivery of tickets is carried out only in St. Petersburg and the nearest suburbs.

! Pre-paid tickets will only be issued with a passport of the payer. In the event that the tickets takes another lycopodophyta to provide a passport poluchitekonomiyu certified letter of attorney and copy of the passport of the payer. Without the required documents, the ticket cashier will not be issued.

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On Oh Wonder tickets for the dance floor you can't buy through Kassir?

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Hello! That's right, the information applies only to those tickets, which received the notification in the mail;)

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How much I can order tickets for Jason Aldean date?
as it turned out..not really..for a non-resident is beplatnaya hot line 8 800 333 80 51.your room only for Peter

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Share on 14.02 held ugly, in 40 min. to sell all the tickets to 22 of the theatre is impossible, even if the box office 60, because the computers were frozen, and in the Moscow metro in Aviation computer was switched on only 11 when . It is better not to take action when you don't know, people were just irritated, late for work, and students in the Institute.

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Unfortunately no( But you can follow the ongoing stock in our website:

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Hello! When will it go on sale tickets for the concert of Depeche Mode in CCM. The concert will take place on 24.06.2013!

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How much I can order tickets for Jason Aldean date?
Hello! at the Metallica concert e-tickets to print in color or b & W?
thanks in advance

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How much I can order tickets for Jason Aldean date?
Hello! Lost tickets to the show. in the Anniversary. Is it possible to recover?

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How much I can order tickets for Jason Aldean date?

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Tell me how to buy tickets to the theater to define the performance in advance. The repertoire there for two months and tickets have already been sold, you can leave the application or it is necessary to contact the specific theatre?

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Here imenno also this discount was never found!

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Hello! By order W20630828 in the email that the ticket is missing information about the venue. Twice called the phone number on the ticket and on the website - promised to send to the same address where you sent the incorrect ticket. Called and 20.08 22.08, so nothing was sent. When will be sent the correct ticket?

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Op-PA !
Even so !
thank you !

So, I'm a scythe and not poked .
displayed When the screen room,where you can choose a place to order the top is one of the 2-3 yellow panels (there is something) is there, right ???

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thank you for your comments. We are actively working to finalize the site and try to consider all remarks and wishes. We hope for your understanding.