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How To Purchase VIP Packages For Liam Gallagher Show?

Thanks for the info. We will check and make changes.

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and die waiting for the answer))) I would love to go to the cashier today)

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Hello! Phone 380-80-50 the robot responds that the dialed number is not in service. How to order a ticket?

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, Clearly,thanks)

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How to purchase VIP packages for Liam Gallagher show?
Tell me, have bought online ticket but pointed email with a typo, respectively e-ticket came. It's possible to change mail?

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How to purchase VIP packages for Liam Gallagher show?
what is the activity?

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good day! Tell me your sending it soobsheniia
in the day of theatre on March 23-28, discounts up to 90%. What does it mean? And where can I see the list of participating performances? Thank you!

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How to purchase VIP packages for Liam Gallagher show?
Hello , please tell what kind of box office You bought the tickets?

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Good afternoon, once officially from the organizers will get all the information and tickets for implementation, just put them for sale and on our website.

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good afternoon. If we are talking about electronic Beletage the most important is the unique barcode on each ticket. Initialy this slotautomaten.

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all pontosphaera!

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good afternoon! This show is recommended for children aged 6 years, so it is provided that each viewer needs a separate ticket. Our consultants confirm that very young children there better not to go - there is a very noisy, vivid special effects. Little kids may be frightened.
More info about the show

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Every 15 minutes comes to 15 the same text for each order. That the ticket is sent by email . I already hate you!
Orders 21900342, 21898485, etc

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Probably already somewhere was this question-and he is now very much an important...
I live in Kiev and I bought an e-ticket. Now I can't quite get to the concert - is it possible to get it back? maybe it has something to sitemapa which I can get back dengie ticket will be cancelled? Could you tell me? br>
Or maybe is possible somehow to pass it at the box office? Friends in St. Petersburg asks at least...

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we are happy to help!

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, please tell me when will be the next performance Kysya, you have anything?)) if you in a private message

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thank you(

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Zdravstvuyte different entrance ticket for 1,400 from the ticket for 1600.

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Please tell me if I choose this method-payment by credit card (pay now,get tickets myself) ,how long after payment can I collect the tickets?if a particular term?Or until the day of the event ?)

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why my question went unanswered?

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Hello! We have tickets to the concert only with swapped input no.

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Already gives an error connection with the server... or Something else will.

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good afternoon! The electronic ticket is issued only with the simultaneous payment. Maybe ordering to-own after 3 days if you book by phone or 380-80-50 on the website with savvycom at the box office.

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How to purchase VIP packages for Liam Gallagher show?

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How to purchase VIP packages for Liam Gallagher show?
please tell me if there are tickets available for Christmas shows at the Palace?

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How to purchase VIP packages for Liam Gallagher show?
thanks for the reply.

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unfortunately, when ordering from the website and there is no option to "pick up myself".
Only by courier or in electronic form

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Aleksandravele in a safe place. Do the same image on the ticket beginning startsavearea defect thermal printing. That is Your service implementation bellacera paid service bromoethane not properly. Dubilet document: it is not nadianne Parvana him nothing was spilled. What to do? You didn't give a specific answer.

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How to purchase VIP packages for Liam Gallagher show?
and Cho to do with the tickets? to wait for years?

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we can't say when will tickets,if you will. Will pojaluista.zaranee on the website.

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Zdravstvuydosvidaniya as the concert twenty one pilots transferred to ledovye places purchased in may tickets? On the dance floor or in the sector?

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all I have are tickets,even a receipt is not given,how can you know they are defective or not,and without a bar code will pass?

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Please tell me where and when in the near future will be a performance of "Dubrovsky"by A. S. Pushkin?

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thank you!

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Yes, that's right. Performance postponed to April 26. Purchased in February tickets are valid.

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How to purchase VIP packages for Liam Gallagher show?
Hello,tell,already have Tickets to Stas Mikhailov, 15.06.2016?

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good afternoon. If we are talking about electronic Beletage the most important is the unique barcode on each ticket. Initialy this slotautomaten.

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My friend bought 2 tickets to my name,the money for which I also made. She soon announced that will not be able to go to this concert,so she decided to sell the ticket ,and threw my me. But I'm afraid that I can not miss,it's my friend,but myself, I have the receipt on transfer of money on her card and a photo of her passport. I miss the concert?

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How to purchase VIP packages for Liam Gallagher show?
please write the order number?

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How to purchase VIP packages for Liam Gallagher show?
tickets for the SKA can be purchased either through Electronic, bilello at: Nevsky prospect 35БГДПеринная линия1 FL. Ligovsky PR. 19Пр. Dobrolubova.18Невский 41Удельный St. 2 Ave. In the waiting room of the railway station Udelnaya. E-ticket will allow you to just print out the order form and bring it to the event instead of a ticket. Detailed information

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and how much are tickets to the circus?

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Please tell me, is there such a service as a gift certificate for theatre tickets with an open date?

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here the mode of operation of the box office

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das answers here as it is all very sad(((

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How to purchase VIP packages for Liam Gallagher show?
And what's with the Robert plant concert? On the official.the website says "moved" at all ticket - erased, as there was...

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good afternoon. Utochnite on our website is that?

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Good day! On the website for events in ice Palace on the plan of the parterre is unclear from which to start numbering. From 212 sector or 205? The concert of 2Cellos. the
place in the pit at number 45 will I sector?

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Good day! Why is there no theater tickets skazkin the house on Gorky for children 2-3 years? There are tickets only for older children. In Skazkin house at Pioneer sells tickets for shows and for kids.

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How to purchase VIP packages for Liam Gallagher show?
Your Trustee will be able to get to the theater on an electronic ticket, You (platelike) must complete an application, order. When you specify passport data of the Trustee, will be sufficient to indicate the series and number of passport.
the Trustee, to attend the event, you must have a passport and printed e-tickets

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most likely Yes

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I personally bought tickets for Nutcracker discount 90%. And Danylo approximately 300 biltomore dismantled and a half hours to 01.30

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strange and have been selling tickets

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Whether the cashier sold tickets for Zenit this season?

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the concert Tomorrow night is cancelled Maximum
Where can I get the money?