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Best Way To Buy Cheap Tickets For Travis Scott Concert?

Yes,now add

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das answers here as it is all very sad(((

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Hello. Do You have gift cards? (well, there is a certain amount that a person could then take the ticket for what he wants, using this card)

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That , according to the rules in the Dolphinarium:
- children under 3 years are free of charge;
- children from 3 to 10 years - are "Child's" ticket;
- from 11 years and older are at an "Adult" ticket.

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Tell me why the fan zone is not present ,why so fast sold out????? today, only watched 124 places was even now nothing at all

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When will be the concert of the Ural dumplings

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Hello,Alina. Return of tickets is only possible in case of cancellation or change of event by the organizers.

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Best way to buy cheap tickets for Travis Scott concert?
Already called and explained the situation in connection with the website updates all the orders disappeared,

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Hello is there any cashier .ru in Gatchina ?

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Trying autoritatea on the website and place an order for electronic tickets. But I reference their letters sent on e-mail will not let me into the office. Writes - "an unexpected error has Occurred.Try to use search or start with home page". How to be? (Tried autoritatea using your account in Vkontakte)

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depoca no,in the near future will pojavjatsja

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write a personal message Your e-mailчтобы to authorize a personal account.

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I haven't bought the tickets. wrote about it immediately.

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Friend brought a ticket to the concert of Black Sabbath. To ensure that the ticket I need to return Peter to go or I can do it at home in the city?

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Thank you

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strange and have been selling tickets

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Best way to buy cheap tickets for Travis Scott concert?
I correctly ponimayuchto you aidecad all the rest and forget? I sent You a letter with acknowledgment of receipt a formal statement to both your addresses. The notification I received and as it States the delivery date 27.08.2014 - it's been more than 10 days. To me, no one communicates, and not trying to solve the issue. Nagiosgrapher to the claim in the Federal service. If she will conceive, deistviia write all this groppetti filed similar.

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Good day, and tickets for DDT at 6 October can still be purchased

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Hello! My daughter ironed the ticket to the concert of iron( it turned black in places, can you please tell whether it will miss with such a concert ticket?

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Best way to buy cheap tickets for Travis Scott concert?
The fan zone is already sold out for the concert of this band The Neighbourhood??

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Well horodatage go to Linkin Raccolto in Saint-Petersburg

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tell me why the site is not working promotional code for a discount?

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Nakonechna - for convenience, You can fold an e-ticket in half.

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Paid the ticket,but as a "Feature" worth the wait,because today is Sunday?Whether the money is returned in case of cancellation?

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, Good morning.Unfortunately there were some technical problems, soon all will be adjusted.Thank you for pointing out data problems.

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Op-PA !
Even so !
thank you !

So, I'm a scythe and not poked .
displayed When the screen room,where you can choose a place to order the top is one of the 2-3 yellow panels (there is something) is there, right ???

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Will zdravstvuydosvidaniya any time soon tickets for LP in the fanzone and on the podium? :)

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And how much are the cheapest tickets for Ural dumplings at the DK Lensoveta and tours in Karelia?

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thanks - it's paradisaea found. Just hiccuping my Name :) In any sluchenkova obtaining original documents to transfer a sum of money for a return ticket - You can contact Pocoyo-Schalkwyk we understand the documents are still with them? Before we never teraelectron.

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good morning! tickets issued under this promotion are only available at the box office of the city and the offices of entertainment institutions parties)

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Do not tell the prices for a flight to aerotrube? and what is the cost of the gift certificate?

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To use the site in the new version of impossible: the schedule is inconvenient, and loading of the data becomes a test of patience. Why so often to change their design? Why make "the people" raw product?

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Hello! I bought the tickets on the website "New Year in barboskinyh"by choosing to pick up at the main box office.I would like to clarify You can pick up tickets December 31?

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will polointerracial to our colleagues in Moscow . We of Sankt-Peterburgskoe OTDELENIE.

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Good evening! Question for the concert of Lenny Kravitz: that the transfer of the concert from 19.09.2012 G. for 2013?

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Thank you.

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good day ! Tell me how to check the validity of a gift certificate . Bought with it and want to know exactly not deceived me by selling of already used

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Hello! Lost tickets to the show. in the Anniversary. Is it possible to recover?

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Best way to buy cheap tickets for Travis Scott concert?
Hello. Tell me, please, just play "Summer of the same year" moved from 20.02.2012 g 26-04.2012? In the repertory, this play is not for April 26. I would not want to be in an embarrassing situation...... Thank you.

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Best way to buy cheap tickets for Travis Scott concert?
Good day!
I was presented with a certificate by mistake Moscow. What you can do with it? How to convert and use in St. Petersburg?
Thank you

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you are all you can also exchange e-ticket for a physical at the box office?

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Best way to buy cheap tickets for Travis Scott concert?
Hello! Recently bought the Officers a ticket to the concert Temperino was not available posters. Is there somewhere afisyone to get?

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2 tickets,they have different bar compo it will be pass

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why you have an age restriction on concertapes Republic 16+and A2 on the website 18+?