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Best Way To Buy VIP Packages For The Script Concert?

thank you, I'm afraid ogromnoe start)

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now this deals with the It Department. You enter your password with the new site or the old one?

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Dear usher!today bought and paid for with your card ticket to the daughter to the concert Rosenbaum.And purchase indicated her name and telephone number.Received a letter that I should guarantee to send his hand to fill and then scan and send it to the Usher?I live in Ukraine,and a daughter in St. Petersburg,the names have the same order number I sent her.!what we should do,so she gave the ticket to?

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thank you:) And specifically at 9 podium will still be tickets?)

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Good afternoon, In the rules of order stated that returns and exchanges is through the Organizers of the event To clarify all necessary information in Your case, call 380-80-50, operators You what to do.

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Yes,the first and last time.

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Best way to buy VIP packages for The Script concert?
there on the tickets your logo and website.

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Please still pojaluisto somehow to clearly comment on the situation with the disclosure of personal data and entry under the old username

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on the weekends the money is not periodicreport on a weekday

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now read Your answer of 17 March that the collection is taken all the box office and was very surprised. Has anything changed? Last week at the box office DTZK on most of the tickets fee is not charged.

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Booked tickets on Omrny you can redeem at any ticket office?

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Hello! Bought 2 tickets to koncertowa issued to me and paid meyeti going with a young chelovekom miss out on meropriyatikh on the ticket is my name? Very voluzione realized (electronic tickets).

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Best way to buy VIP packages for The Script concert?
takes time to Obnovlenie this place is impossible to book again

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netcam lunch neoprobe again. It is not necessary in an open access order No. to write

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Best way to buy VIP packages for The Script concert?
on the website
after the Bank paid

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when passing to the concert, bring your passport

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Best way to buy VIP packages for The Script concert?
the concert Tomorrow night is cancelled Maximum
Where can I get the money?

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Please tell me when will be held the Moscow musicals "the Three Musketeers" and "Cabaret"?The tour was scheduled for this fall.
there is no information Anywhere(((

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lock numbers on the website not to order comes in response to the e-mail such not redeem nonsense

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later. Get necessarily

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Best way to buy VIP packages for The Script concert?
Good afternoon! Of course money can be returned. You must fulfill the conditions: . Better to call 3808053 and clarify all the moments return.