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Best Way To Get Tickets For Lady Gaga Date?


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Good afternoon! Summer in St. Petersburg, we advise you to visit excursion and entertainment trips on boats/buses, or to go to the ballet. Yet not all theatres opened the sale on these dates, but now we can choose such plays as: the Play "loneliness in the network" () or Play "Elevator" (). on our website in the search you can select dates and see what you will be interested

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I took biletlerini on the cashier at the station Chernyshevskoye them there main office! write "explanatory" and get all dangerome box office

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Postoraysya, the answer is no for two Dakota I have already written a few Razi in feedback on the website too. The problem is not resetnavpane ignored. br>
I can Not go to the old personal Cabinet. I from Ekaterinburg. Through the website, bought a ticket to a concert in another city (Nizhny Novgorod)in a month. I need to know your order number. the
Old account viewedimage sushestvuet with him gone and the room is PAID for the order. HOW can I get a ticket in someone else's gordene having this information??

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Best way to get tickets for Lady Gaga date?
Good afternoon. Make here a section for the resale of tickets please. And then can not return the tickets in some cases! Otherwise, what about people?

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Call 8-800-555-07-70продиктуй order number and tell him to cancel it

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Lord!What a disgusting relationship!Call yourself on t 380-80-50.Why not do multi-channel...Is in the phone, just hate it...Your turn of the fourteenth...Who wants to wait?Do something!You are not to contact!!!

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Pola Negri

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Best way to get tickets for Lady Gaga date?
why you have an age restriction on concertapes Republic 16+and A2 on the website 18+?

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Best way to get tickets for Lady Gaga date?
Interested in this concert site is not seen Bilthoven all are?

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Thank you!

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as usual,but with the indication in the note - purchase in St. Petersburg

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Best way to get tickets for Lady Gaga date?
Lord!What a disgusting relationship!Call yourself on t 380-80-50.Why not do multi-channel...Is in the phone, just hate it...Your turn of the fourteenth...Who wants to wait?Do something!You are not to contact!!!

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can your specify. through web money can not

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and what this can cause problemerne togoto the barcode is not proceda?

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but then sways not the city,and of the whole site

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All hangs(((

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hopefully not on my tickets 😝

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Best way to get tickets for Lady Gaga date?
Here you have only relative of Peter? Or about the Moscow event is also possible to ask?

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please write a letter outlining this entire situation to our experts of quality control at El. address .

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Tell me please, where will take place the performance "Free love" may 22? Thank you.

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where do you live?

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Hello! Electronic gift certificate means that the person will give will be able to pay when buying tickets online?

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Best way to get tickets for Lady Gaga date?
thank you)

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If the child is 3 years already, you must purchase a ticket. Under 3 years free.

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no, tickets bought the house at 1.30 am and once printed. In a public place where to print?😂 Tickets kupte 24.03. night and 25.03 we went to the circus😊. And takes the tickets to these places was only myself and three!!!!! And the two bought tickets to the circus, and two (one) - on the website usher. ru.

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hmm..thanks,you are right. Give the

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Hello!and is possible to extend your booking?

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deponia that's my bad not to read YOUR rules...but repeatedly use the services of different organizations of St. Petersburg and of the Russian Federation with the payment of a Bank cartasi nobody trubet power of attorney when you receive a paid order. Just horror. Then I adjust the tickets to the event..... how to solve the problem??? do you have suggestions???

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we apologize for the delay in response! To agelenidae we do confirmation only through e-mail. But you can also subscribe to our e-mail of rassylku not miss promotions and discounts to events!

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on the wall in the group

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And certificates just for this year can be purchased?

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Best way to get tickets for Lady Gaga date?
replied in PM

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Thank you very much! Wrote tehpotdergka asked to send the last four digits of the Bank card and promised to send a link to the tickets. The figures sent around 11 UTRAN while nothing policylink have to start to worry?)

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if you have a virtual cartata you present only your passport

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you are all you can also exchange e-ticket for a physical at the box office?

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unfortunately you are right. Sales are still open until December, tickets for January are still for sale. You need to wait... We can quickly inform when will the sale on Jan.

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Best way to get tickets for Lady Gaga date?
with this issue better call us at tel. 380-80-50 and explain the whole situation, will tell you exactly how best to do.

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Hello! Tickets for all events at which the shares were sold within the first hour of the theatrical box office. Theatrical box office of more than 60 in the city and all at the same time lead sale. The situation with the number of people willing to buy tickets display media:

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Good day, of course, you can choose the performance on our website and pay online, or call us by phone 380-80-50 or at any theater box office , here's the list

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Good day! Why today the site again. Have to use the services of your competitors.

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Best way to get tickets for Lady Gaga date?
Aleksandrasasha for the help! :)

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Best way to get tickets for Lady Gaga date?
do not buy tickets with rochegda they will always be true

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After a call to the call center ARE IN SHOCK!!! Today tried to pick up the tickets at the box office at the Civic Avenue. Ordering 3877220. The cost of tickets 7400A money nobody wants to take)) To the checkout I otvetilo problems with the system and the tickets I can not give. A similar response was received last week in another casserole what my reservation was removed. I said how often do these problems...I wanted animateimage if I ever get tickets through the box office (previously always used the services of a courier)and received the answer "always". I asked the book reviews and suggestions or something of podobnosti leadership has paid attention To such technical aspects. Followed otvette there and suddenly decided to give me my tickets) then Casalasco Cards are not prinimaut in the call center informed coolselect take! Probably forgot utochnite not in all offices)) I decided to call the call center. Answered some of Usefamily not nasalate as "not required". Beginning immediately purebeautypillowtalk and I knew just what she doesn't Obasanjo to provide information about tongde not accept payment by card not required, etc. Dear cashier.rune do subtract when purchasing a product/uslugowa the client has the right to obtain reliable information? It's the little things.....the reason I write tohoto atsivalatsa do the same, your employee call center concluded the CONVERSATION MAT!!!! I AM EVEN ASHAMED TO QUOTE IT!!!! I'M IN SHOCK!) THE CALL WAS TODAY AT ABOUT 20.30. For fun, listen to) you strabatut a drug addict or an alcoholic??? Another explanation I can find! Either the management encourages such communication with the customers. It's just unthinkable!!! I want to buy the product and I'm on the phone to my address saying minneapolie words!!! I think this is nowhere to be found!!! Your employee is vaseto your way to say "the first person". What the ...even words do not pick up...employees you allow to customers!!!! This servicesl ridicule, and the Mat can be called never met!!!!!!! Thank you for the tickets to the theater)) better than your 7400 to pay another operator)

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the input is a ticket to the dance floor. If you bought a place in sectorto advanced you purchase does not need

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check with the cashier MSK

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for some reason the news in the public obnovlyaetsya no one still did not deign to answer questions in this thread. Can you articulate why? Moscow the cashier works clearly better.

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Let me tell you all the organizers of this event that they ought to consider at least a certain number of tickets sold for those 4 days.
today, riding up to 9:30 in the morning to the box office on Ligovsky Prospekt, found the never-ending turn.
after Waiting more than 2 hours and never waiting for their turn, from the register I heard only: tickets on 14 th of no. ANYWHERE!
From the above: I spent time and another false hopes.
In our country for people normally never do. And will not do.

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When will be the concert of the Ural dumplings

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bought two e-ticket for myself and for my husband,both my name,I didn't pay attention to it, dalto normal?

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the Manager says that will be better seen on a large podium (BT)

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Best way to get tickets for Lady Gaga date?

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good day! You need to write a statement in the mail . To return the ticket to the cashier the Cashier ROUX in another city.

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Best way to get tickets for Lady Gaga date?
Good afternoon! Unfortunately no, you can't

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Best way to get tickets for Lady Gaga date?
Need tickets 2 pieces at the Mariinsky theatre ,came to visit !

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, ,tickets are gone, but I left a request on your website. We want the class to go to, if not all , then at least partially)))

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Best way to get tickets for Lady Gaga date?
NB: children under 16 years allowed in the club accompanied by lindotiger 21 years and is their relatives.
- persons under 18 years are allowed to meroprijatie Concert in the evening (from 19:00 to 23:00) accompanied by adults.

If a person is 17 letto accompanying summer absolutely does not have to be relative?