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Best Way To Order Tickets For Beyonce Live?

your booking for the ordered tickets are held during the day of the order + the next dentatum automatically annulirostris again go on sale on the website. The exceptions are the orders in status "Completed"are decorated with delivery or pre-paid through the site or a Bank branch.

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good day! We sell tickets for all the matches of SKA Saint Petersburg you have any technical difficulties with your order?

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, Good morning.Yet unfortunately in the process of building the website technical problems, we try to fix it as soon as possible.Thank you for the response.We apologize for the temporary problem.

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Thank you. Just a sell electronic concert June 9 in the concert hall

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Hello! How to print purchased in August al. tickets to the concert of Mumiy Troll in Spasli the website refuses to accept my email and password?

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1. You need to book tickets.
2. To pay within a specified time order.
3. If you are oplatila your order will be canceled.

Potomogeton need to pay in the specified crocias order to take it at any time.

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Hello , You can place your order on our website and pay by Bank transfer. Paid tickets can be picked up at any time, including on the day of the event.

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Best way to order tickets for Beyonce live?
replied in HP

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Best way to order tickets for Beyonce live?
Good afternoon, unfortunately this information is not received from the organizer, therefore, is still unknown.

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If all the same call does not work, then please send a written request to the address You Spotorno send EB to the correct email address.mail

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thank you very much.

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I do. Does not help.
log on to the website out, and to open Personal account - no. Gives 504 Gateway Time-out

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Good day! First time confronted with the purchase of the electronic ticket. There are a couple of issues. I'm from Rabirius to the concert in St. Petersburg. Asked znakomyatsya lives in Perekupit me a ticket. She bought the email and sent it to me by email. mail. But there is its name. Wouldn't it be a problem with that? And another question. On the ticket is not worth the price. This is not so important? I thought it was standingat decided to clarify here. Thanks in advance ! :)

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For payment it is necessary that the basket had tickets with the same method receive. To remove the tickets from the trash can only the user.

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Good day! Can you tell which performances for children (12 years old) will be in September? Please advise!

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Good afternoon. From morning till now, there were small technical works, try to call now.

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there's still time. You will receive your ticket. If you don't get tomorrow call amps. in the call center. I passed your request to support.

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thank you for the answer

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Best way to order tickets for Beyonce live?
Order the card via Internet email it is a confirmation about the successful Platea in a private office stands ready status . As it should be?

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Best way to order tickets for Beyonce live?
want to buy 4 tickets for 21 or 22 February in the circus on Fontanka. they already are on sale? if Yes, through Vasmi? interested in those that for 150 p
Thank you

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paid for the ticket on Friday Sberbank(cash,transferred amount in your account details),the order status is still Saturday "completed":(

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Sorry, but the area code 499 or 495?

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in a personal message please write the order number.

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please write Your order number and we'll find out why.

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Hello! When the usher will open the sale at the Golden gramophone (Ice Palace 26.11.2016). The cashier did trades, and you do not. And we are bound to gift certificates exactly of usher(((((

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I took biletlerini on the cashier at the station Chernyshevskoye them there main office! write "explanatory" and get all dangerome box office

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Good day!
Interested in the play "Intrigue and love" on 26 and 27.01. On your site there are tickets only starting from the 3rd row, and tickets for the first and the second row is using you to gain?
And the second question, we are from the city of eagle, how can we get the tickets? Can it be done on the day of the show?
Thank you!

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Sell the gift certificate for 1000 p. 500 p. valid until March 2017

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Promotion! Tickets without service fee!

event Tickets: AerosmithBlack SabbathUnderworldМарсельИгорь Grigorevicha Kuprik sold without a service fee in their own banks for delivery order and purchasing an e-ticket.

How long will this promotion? And which offices are "private"?

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good afternoon! You need to call the organizers by the telephone number in the upper right corner of the ticket. Organizers will tell you how to get the ticket.

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And if the SMS message has a number dogovoryatsya to change, sitao it normally give the tickets?

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good afternoon. You can return

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good day!
how can I check the ticket, which according to its owner, bought from You?

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osmotically what the email address was sent a letter

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what questions do You have?

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I booked the ticket he lineplot proceptive order number... in the end look on the website those mustache I ordered and hang free....

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write a personal message Your e-mailчтобы to authorize a personal account.

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Aaaaaa all hanging!!!!

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if you're over 12 letto problems should not be. Just in case bring a birth certificate and in case of controversial issues just show at the entrance . A good concert вњ‹

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There was a 90% discount and Nutcracker in DK Lensoveta. But in 1-30 only a couple of tickets left.

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the rest of the tickets not raspadaetsya value increased in connection with a change in the General economic situation in the country.

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let...not need a passport

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I pozhaluista concert of Hollywood Undead Mar 11, tickets in the fan zone will be? Or only the input and sector?

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good day! Yes