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Best Way To Order Tickets For Muse Show?

How long before the concert tickets at the cashier?

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The cashier Mayakovskaya metro station at 9.20 there was a queue of 50 people, no less, and all occupied by one person, and came eventually entire companies. At 11 am there were no tickets in any theatre, at 12.00 was able to buy only in cinema Zanevsky grandmothers...and there were a lot, even though the action was more prednaznachalas for young people. In General, almost 3 hours in the queue, the result is a ticket to the cinema Zanevsky, this is the only film that remained by this time the tickets, yeah who are small to perfect people is great)

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Best way to order tickets for Muse show?
most importantly - keep the e-ticket bereznytsia deformation or copying by third parties. All what is required at the entrance is a unique bar code.

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Best way to order tickets for Muse show?
We don't have information from the organizers that everything is in order. If novostie let

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Best way to order tickets for Muse show?
Hello. Gift cards can be purchased in our box office or order a delivery (in this case, you can choose any card design )

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You can order a ticket online , paying by credit card , specifying the method of obtaining "pick up the tickets myself at the box office" (in this case, the tickets You can take, arriving in Saint Petersburg on the day of the event) or "delivery by courier in Moscow." Tickets can be paid via Bank transfer (on receipt via Bank). Read more about how to order:

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Best way to order tickets for Muse show?
Good day, generally when an electronic ticket to your email after payment, he must come in pdf format so you could print it yourself.It pays to check the spam folder on your mail.
Also, please call us at tel 380-80-50 and our operators will advise you on this issue.

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with a passport and order number in the Central office at the address: the Big Sampsonievsky prospection 7.
opening Hours:
from 09:00 to 20:30 - weekdays;
from 10:00 to 18:30 - weekend.

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You came in the mail e-ticket? Link kept?

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Tell me do you plan the play with Olga Buzova in SPb ???

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even for personal reasons tickets are REQUIRED to return... that the legislation... although the tickets is a service which is not refundable... and the Statute of many sites written not to return the following from the paragraphs such that such that... in the event of litigation you will return the funds...

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Good afternoon! We said diagram, which is shown on the website is correct. the
Scheme, which depicts the website DK im. A. M. Gorky properly.
Thank you for your question!

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Best way to order tickets for Muse show?
good day! Utochnjajuschie, phone 8 (812) 703 40 40

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Victoria, Hello, Your order was not sold - he re-arranged. We will contact You shortly.

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Hello. Recently purchased tickets to one of the banks gorodno they are no Golden stickers. Tickets without a valid sticker?

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Good day!!!
Tell me please, where going to be the singer Alexey Goman on may 6 in St. Petersburg?

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Best way to order tickets for Muse show?
, please send it by e-mail

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ordered the tickets on the stock with a redemption at the box office, drove to the box office near the metro station 'Primorskaya in 15-30, and there blinds are down and no information on the phone 380-8050 car is and no one answers... how do you know which cash at what time you work?

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On the website I want to buy two cards face value of 1 000 rubles each, but of different design, unfortunately, you can only choose one design, I buy two cards with different design?

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and where you bought the ticket?

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concert black sabbath

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thank you very much.

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Best way to order tickets for Muse show?
write what places of interesuut as the name and phone number :)

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Best way to order tickets for Muse show?
but where can I get promo codes for a discount ?)

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the company's actions are justified to guarantee the safety of purchased services. Paying for the order You previously acquainted and agree to the terms of purchase. Ticket exchange is not wasmounted as the form of the ticket is a document of strict accountability. The options out of the situation in private messages.

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statement) and send it to our adress statement to make all that I have

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Hello! The results have already been podvedenie can be found at: Stationa even a special offer - 50% discount for this performance :)

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Good day! tell me,please,whether to sell tickets in the fan zone at the concert of Placebo on 24 October? or will only the entrance tickets to the dance floor without the fan zone?

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Hello. Do You have gift cards? (well, there is a certain amount that a person could then take the ticket for what he wants, using this card)

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Best way to order tickets for Muse show?