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Best Way To Order VIP Packages For Enrique Iglesias Date?

still waiting for a response,thank you.

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the tickets for March are, along with the performance you need to choose the dates of those tickets ARE, not the dates that we would like. The event sold out, so we would recommend You to buy the tickets in advance. The reference to the date on which you can book tickets on the website:

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Best way to order VIP packages for Enrique Iglesias date?
So polocrosse by chance on a ticket to the concert shed was bhiraleus part of the text ( where ukazannogo can't smoke and drink in salutaridine video and the name of the organization) and bar-kadathanadan groupsare belease left unerased. Miss Lee's on such a ticket to a concert?

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and the diversion of tickets could not be? MB printed in a public place or lost? Not asked of other applicants, where they have tickets? I once lost paper tickets, but remembered the number and the place I bought the cheapest, and in my opinion lost the ticket the aunt came, said she the police Department awarded him

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Best way to order VIP packages for Enrique Iglesias date?
exchange of e-tickets not proizvoditsya as the form of the electronic ticket is a document of strict accountability (article 7).

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the same . throws in your personal account where the order was placed and offers to pay

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We don't have information from the organizers that everything is in order. If novostie let

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Good afternoon. When you click on the link if you note says is that the Tickets are available at the box office DTZK by phone 380-80-50.
So at this show you can buy tickets at the box office DTZK or call us on the phone 380-80-50 and you will be helped.

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Best way to order VIP packages for Enrique Iglesias date?
Answered in private messages.

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What to do if you have not issued the e-ticket and collect it from the cash there is no possibility?

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the cashier can find Your order by name. View order status under "my orders" on the home page - it needs to be ready - then the tickets can be redeemed.

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G. Tolyattinets in the shopping center Space still work? and then the phone is switched off and the Department is not found there.

and the second question and most important for menabilly purchased at the box office bought from an electronic manually on the website is different physically?

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Good day! Tell me poluektovna likak some way to check the authenticity of the electronic ticket purchased with?

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but you can not order online at the box office from what then to buy?

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welcome! here I have my ticket for November 9 with the Seating position (and I would like on the dance floor that in fact this ticket, like on the dance floor will not miss). slusalice have the opportunity to pass/change the ticket to the dance floor (with a surcharge or not doesn't matter) in the main office Spbmaps explanatory..or is it? unless you want to pay for the passage to the dance floor?

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the promotion is valid from 12.00

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Best way to order VIP packages for Enrique Iglesias date?
it is possible in BW

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Hello! today I bought tickets for the pet shop boys at the box office on Perinnaya without booklets.the cashier said that they don't need.Wanted to clarify if it is?

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Aleksandravele in a safe place. Do the same image on the ticket beginning startsavearea defect thermal printing. That is Your service implementation bellacera paid service bromoethane not properly. Dubilet document: it is not nadianne Parvana him nothing was spilled. What to do? You didn't give a specific answer.

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I absolutely agree with Евгенией100% the same situation.

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Best way to order VIP packages for Enrique Iglesias date?
Yes, thanks, works, already use.

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Good day!!!!
please Tell me how long does the booking for the tickets?

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Best way to order VIP packages for Enrique Iglesias date?
Good evening. Tell me if it is possible to recover utrenny ticket if you have a receipt?

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Best way to order VIP packages for Enrique Iglesias date?
And the entrance will be on the barcode (where it apply) or human controller would.

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Hello!But You still are required to work the sellers of theater tickets?

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, Hello again. Thank you for your reply. Literally-I called the operator and I managed to resolve the issue over the phone. But you still thanks.

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thank you

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Please tell me when will be held the performances with Alisa Freundlich,and whether they have any tickets?

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have pereslavle El silentarmy to continue and nothing happens

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Daya already confirmed it on the phone. Pruducer I would book again

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Best way to order VIP packages for Enrique Iglesias date?
with this issue better call us at tel. 380-80-50 and explain the whole situation, will tell you exactly how best to do.

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Valeriya Sergeevna, You need to write an application for the restoration of tickets to the "Book of complaints and suggestions" on the website. If the tickets were purchased on order through the call center or through an online order on the website, the letter can be sent to the address .

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Zdravstvuyte the site disappeared payment option is not an e-ticket with a credit card. Wanted to pay and pick it up the day of the event in the Central kassetas as I come from Moscow to SPb in the day of the event. Before this there were no problems.

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Good dangde you can take the promo code?

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good day! If you can't go to koncerty can contact our service e-mail providing the following:

1. Dokumentatsiooni personality (scan)
2. The ticket file (with electronic ticket)
3. The application form (scan of signed application)

the Sample application prikreplenyj the conditions of return can be found at:

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, , Good day.Please check now,all should earn,all updated and running.

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detailed information about upcoming performances by the link -

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Hello, I want usati tickets for Carmen not tell me along what stands will the scenery be?

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call 8-800-555-07-70

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Best way to order VIP packages for Enrique Iglesias date?
Dear usher!today bought and paid for with your card ticket to the daughter to the concert Rosenbaum.And purchase indicated her name and telephone number.Received a letter that I should guarantee to send his hand to fill and then scan and send it to the Usher?I live in Ukraine,and a daughter in St. Petersburg,the names have the same order number I sent her.!what we should do,so she gave the ticket to?

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Good day!
tell me we got lost in the rules we want from Moscow to buy through the site the tickets for the concert, which will be only on July 26. Wanted to pay by card,but to get a result at the box office the paper version. But the website, as we understand, says that this ticket, even paid for, will be stored only for five days, and then canceled. We will be in St Petersburg just before the concert. Perhaps we do not understand. Please tell me how to be in this situation. Maybe you can pick up the ticket at the ticket office in Moscow?

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to clarify the situation, we need the phone number which you performed the call to the dispatcher (in order to listen to a recording of the call). Napolitanojanet PM

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in St. Petersburg we have moved to a new site and the opportunity to buy at the moment in Krasnoyarsk tickets for events in St. Petersburg no. It will appear later.

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Gentlemen, on your website error. On 29 November the Gorky culture Palace in Saint-Petersburg says:"Dinara Garipova and Elmira Kalimullina". Garipova - Dina, not Dinara is her full name. There's probably a singer Dinara Garipova, but it is a different person from the one that you have in the photo. In this regard, I would like to clarify - whether the same Dina Garipova, the winner of "the Voice" and member of the Eurovision song contest?

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How and where can I take the ticket?