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How Much I Can Buy Cheap Tickets For Lordie Live?

Good afternoon! Phone 380-80-50, check with the operators as You do in this situation.

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the main thing - do not allow copy of the ticket by unauthorized lizabeta how they can use it before You.

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now booked tickets through the website of the cashier and came across the phrase"Bellipanni eventscommunicate and are not subject to exchange."

ie. in case of cancellation of the event - I will remain without meropriyatii without money?
dispel my fears...

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I would like osnatel concert 30 oktyabryata I would like to book two tickets... but paying in junethe possible? just the tickets are a gift for yubileya due to the fact that all monies eats remonto volnuyuschih will not be able to place an order.

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How much I can buy cheap tickets for Lordie live?
today I will fill up with questions navernoee still :DD
Check if all passports have an electronic billowy will you have the poster of plasibo after the concert?)

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Is it possible to learn approximately how many remaining tickets for the fan zone metallics? And why the price rose?

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want to buy El. bilette wypalania to continue and nothing proiskhodit to do?

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How much I can buy cheap tickets for Lordie live?
Refund: in addition to tohope order tickets you put a tick that you have read the contract with clause 7

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good afternoon! Call the organizers of the concert - their telephone number is in the upper right corner of Your ticket. Most likely, they will offer You to return tickets and buy new ones. Commission on distribution of 10% You will be able to return to our office upon return of the tickets in the concert hall.
If the concert hall refuses to make a return or exchange, please email . We will help you understand. The letter must attach a scan or photo of the tickets.

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How much I can buy cheap tickets for Lordie live?
here are the instructions for a nonresident:

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. Which cashier did you call?

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Can you verify the authenticity of an e-ticket? bought from friends. all there. all your sitepal in PDF with a barcode. Or exchanged for ordinary what can be addressed?

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we had a discount of 90% on the the Nutcracker event. The expected attractive offers, they tend to end quickly. The complaint can send for we must all consider

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How much I can buy cheap tickets for Lordie live?

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How much I can buy cheap tickets for Lordie live?
Hello. I got the information about the replacement of the play on April 15 at the city Council. Uncle Vanya the Three Sisters together. Why not tell me? .

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, Good morning.Just call us at tel 380-80-50 and our operators will help you book tickets.

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with flyers

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Good night! What to do if I have not received email. the tickets in the mail?

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How much I can buy cheap tickets for Lordie live?
the rest of the tickets not raspadaetsya value increased in connection with a change in the General economic situation in the country.

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Joined: 30.10.2017 can I buy 2 tickets for the concert of Lyapis Trubetskoy in St. Petersburg on 28.08?I am from Minsk

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and Cho to do with the tickets? to wait for years?

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from the rest is what?

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can't find the information on the website, ask here. Specify, please, how can I pay for the ticket with a gift card if I order it online?

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Good day! Booked tickets for Depeche Mode and Aerosmith. Chose the payment method "at any office". Looked convenient to me. In "my orders" there was a reservation number. Where now to find the validity thereof??? SMS danly information did not come (statisical then had to request a room?) Please write here, at least for a period, I can buy tickets. Thanks in advance.

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good afternoon) yeah possible

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Why do you have a website is not working? only the main page...and then gives "unexpected error". 10.16 - still not working

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Structcopy two e-ticket for a Metallica concert in poteriorly cartierville have to mail the tickets which must be printed. Lopressorno can electronic tickets be exchanged for real? I read on some forums that people are so delaytable can answer in laccosperma!

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How much I can buy cheap tickets for Lordie live?
Hello,tell me if I can take the tickets bought in the checkout concert November 10,but cannot go,it is possible and where to go? thank you

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, ahahahaha

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How much I can buy cheap tickets for Lordie live?
Tell pzhl Colosseum visitors from the future, child 4 years of age need to buy a ticket?

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the tickets reserved will not be sold at the box office DTZK from 9 to 12 February!

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How much I can buy cheap tickets for Lordie live?
Good afternoon! The ready status confirms the consolidation of specific places. Since You have an electronic ticket, the physical ticket (BSO) will automatically be printed on the event day, and then the order status will change.

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Called and wrote to Moscow on this povidone kazalista the ticket can be returned to the Central ticket office in St. Petersburg. And is it possible to return the ticket later than 18.00?

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if I seitpagambetov tickets for Moscow concerts in St. Petersburg to redeem the box office?

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Good morning,thanks for the clarification, will check.

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good day! Yes

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Cashier the theme of the stalls sibling or, as in BKZ on the rise? Thank you very much then will take 205 or 212 of the first row;)

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Question - what I lost in Rozygrysh - where are they?

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Good afternoon. Can I buy a gift certificate at the box office and not online?

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I want to give the teacher a gift certificate. Where she will be able to exchange it for the tickets???

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to exchange the gift card is impossible. You can consider your leisure and choose another ticket for 500 rubles.

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How much I can buy cheap tickets for Lordie live?
thank you for your comments. We are actively working to finalize the site and try to consider all remarks and wishes. We hope for your understanding.

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How much I can buy cheap tickets for Lordie live?
I took biletlerini on the cashier at the station Chernyshevskoye them there main office! write "explanatory" and get all dangerome box office

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good afternoon! You need to contact the organizers of the concert - the telephone number in the upper right corner of the ticket. You will then hand over the ticket, get the ticket that the ticket is surrendered and the money refunded. With this kvitochka come to us in the Directorate. We will refund the remaining 10%.

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depoca no,in the near future will pojavjatsja

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Your order is executed correctly. Site and electronic payment system - no problems. You can contact the contact center by phone 8(800)555-07-70 or with Your Bank.

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How much I can buy cheap tickets for Lordie live?
if you have friends in Petrasevicienes nakupit tickets to JCC)

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Hello,is it possible to return the tickets and what the deadline when they can return?

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Hello,tell me,and to the show "dangerous boys" the tickets will be???

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our ticket offices accept payment by Bank cards.

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we have not had fights in space no one concert. Don't know where you like to read. If you are not allowed to copy your barcode, don't worry

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accumulate and spend bonus "THANK you" when you select a payment method "Payment via Internet". br>
*cards Except for Maestro and Maestro "Social" North-Western Bank of Sberbank of Rossiyanie which begin with numbers 676195639002551.

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now. Will check organizatorom give supplements:(

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Answered in private messages.

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How much I can buy cheap tickets for Lordie live?
Will zdravstvuite.otvette or even a ticket to the dance floor to the concert Plasibo?

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How much I can buy cheap tickets for Lordie live?
Sell two tickets for the Leps 17.12 "Igor"!!!

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Good day! The email address is a misprint and paid for the ticket, respectively, did not come. My actions in this situation?