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How Much I Can Buy Cheap Tickets For Spoon Live?

strandow Moscow at the same concert tickets are valid. It is impossible to constantly monitor this information. What and when it was later announced. Now what to do with those tickets?

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In the group of "Monster mania" me for my questions blocked! Where to look for the truth????

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information on refunds:

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Good afternoon. I bought an e-ticket straight to your website. Yesterday I have already reached out to washi operator has fixed the application for rassmotreniya dictated the order number. Now waiting for a response from you. Thank you.

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we indicate the recommended age category. If the child's age does not match with NATO issue is addressed at vodena the discretion of the organizer. As a rule,if it clubto adhere to more stringent rules,because they sell alcohol soobshenie clubs are not the place for children. And at major venues calmly refer to such a case,if there is support.

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nothing important only the barcode

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Good afternoon!
is it Possible to purchase a gift certificate directly at the box office?

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This excitement was shown that for ordinary people, tickets are expensive. Would reduce prices in General - more people would go....

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Thank you

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thank you!

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to what number accept photos for the contest "Summer in St. Petersburg?"

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good afternoon!
to Purchase tickets at the student rate, when you will offer the possible rates! But the student must be in possession when going to the theatre.

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And here's another: in the theatre "Baltic house" heard from the distributor of tickets that will soon have the "Satyricon". On the website information yet.

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Good afternoon, unfortunately we do not have the right not to accept tickets back, not to place in an ad group from individuals, so you'll have in there once you.

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here is my weprovide asked: Good afternoon. Will practicemore here to ask a question? Pojaluista advise which series is better to buy concert tickets Timberlake D. in the PT sector С1чтобы a better look Pensacola he will sing on the moving stairs?) I'll call now I'll try UnitSpace.

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at your request, send a scan of 2 tickets and a receipt.

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Tell pojaluista between cashiers Petrozavodsk and Saint-Petersburg there is no connection?we can't buy tickets for St. Petersburg concerts((how long is this problem?and if it is allowed?(I would be grateful for an answer!

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I accidentally ordered two, bileta need odinic can I cancel one order?

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the concert is cancelled. This information is on our website

18.06 Ice Palace - concert "Robert Plant and the Sensation Space Shifters" - cancel. Refund and service fee for the tickets will be on 18.06.2014 30.06.2014 at the address: B. Sampsonievsky PR., d. 7 on weekdays from 15.00 to 18.00.
Return is carried out in the presence of:
• blank ticket
• a Receipt confirming payment of the service fee,
• Passport.

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can the e-ticket to replace conventional?

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you are so fickle))But we are permanent. Update on the status of the order by phone. 8-800-555-07-70

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That's fucked up.
office in the House of Officers is not working and everything is closed at 10.40.
Call the dispatcher.
place your order yesterday n 3656112 11.

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please tell me if there are tickets available for Christmas shows at the Palace?

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How much I can buy cheap tickets for Spoon live?
Hello. I bought an electronic ticket for a concert Metalicca on the website . Tell me if you suddenly have situacije my e-ticket already someone poselok I can prove that I bought this villasport will naturally be with me? What should be my actions? What is veroyatnostei I will not be allowed to the concert in this case (food indicatative)?

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Zdravstvuyte today I bought a ticket for Mylene Farmerсам I have Enscapulated via the Internet using Visa cards. You can send a ticket to Minsk? If a net is it possible to pick it up at the Central box office on the day of or the day before the concert and I need predyavitelya take it??

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Tell me, please, after payment of non-cash payment at Bank, scan the receipt should be sent to confirm your booking or you have already renewed and you can pick up a ticket on the day of show (order status "feature")?
Thank you.

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send in a personal room will sakasamouse

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How much I can buy cheap tickets for Spoon live?
Nastavljene on the abolition of hanging and wall groups on the wall of my page and on the website of the Cashier in the news.

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replied to Your e-mail.

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Good afternoon! You need to call 380-80-50 and our operators will tell you how to return the money.

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an hour ago the box office remained the only tickets the chapel, the youth theatre, puppet theatre.

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, online can not understand why not to do...
Bought with the receipt at the box office and pay there. To pay for three cards. If the cost is greater, then an additional, if less, the difference is not return of course.

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information about the play :Production company "the Hermitage" represents the performance "Comrade". br>
the Prime Minister. the
"Tovarich" on the play by French playwright Jacques Deval – project of the mastermind behind
which, and also a costume designer and decorator performs the most famous Russian historian
fashion, TV presenter of the project "Fashion verdict" Alexander Vasiliev.
For this performance Alexander Vasiliev brought back from Paris from your own collection of authentic
the period costumes of the 20-ies of the last century.

Events of the play occur in the French capital in 20 years. The main characters are much-loved
the French, the Russians with their mysterious world and strange ideals. Emigrated from
revolutionary Russia Prince Michael Bratiev Alexandrovich and his wife Grand Duchess Tatiana Petrovna
are owners of multi-billion dollar state of the former king, but you steal the artichokes from the shop
and serve the Parisian bourgeois. But their homeland is not forgotten and periodically reminds of itself
appearances of the scary people from the past...

the Performance runs with one interval. br>
Recommended for audiences of 14 years. the
In roles: A. Urgant, Alexander Astrakhantsev, N. Popov, A. Kamchatova etc.

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Gospodarowanie aloudat on weekends they do not respond to emails. Sogelease we (office workers) are the same vychodnich and across the country. On the weekends all the questions you can ask on the phone or 8-800-555-07-70 we will reply to them since the beginning of the working week.

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How much I can buy cheap tickets for Spoon live?
Good afternoon! Opened sales to the event:.

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Yes, that's right. Performance postponed to April 26. Purchased in February tickets are valid.

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Hello, I want to go to the aquarium. There is a gift card how to cash out? And where to buy tickets from you or in the aquarium?

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no. The form of the ticket is a form of strict reporting to Sootvetstvenno ticket is like losing money.

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How much I can buy cheap tickets for Spoon live?
Tell me why places in the fan zone on Aerosmith was more? yesterday only about 70 hours left ,and today 362 already

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good afternoon. you can buy the tickets in accordance with its face value

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doverennosti or notarized by a notary?

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Many retirees have the opportunity to visit theatres and concerts for free. Or almost for free. Society "Theatre-goer", the "Philharmonic society" provide such an opportunity. Inhabitants of the besieged city, members of various veterans ' organizations is also covered cultural activities.Those who are theatre and music love, find ways to enjoy cultural activities in addition to any of the shares. Unfortunately, some "grandmother", used to free events are not at the height of the jump without waiting for the end of the presentation, and flee to the closet, like sprinters.

as for the tickets at "fomenok", look at their website. Most running plays of 8-10 thousand.

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How much I can buy cheap tickets for Spoon live?
By order number in any ticket office to pick up your tickets ordered via the net and paid for...can't print

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Tell me, please, after payment of non-cash payment at Bank, scan the receipt should be sent to confirm your booking or you have already renewed and you can pick up a ticket on the day of show (order status "feature")?
Thank you.

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Good afternoon! You can pay for your order on the website, and tickets pick up at one of our offices any day!
You need to place an order, choose the way of receiving "Receipt at the box office" and the payment method "Bank card". After payment, the order will be assigned a number, this number will need to come to one of our theatrical box office, the day before the event. (Note! you must have a passport, and the order is paid card, can pick up only the card holder or person will be filled in the statement-order )

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How much I can buy cheap tickets for Spoon live?
Good day! no

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Sell 2 tickets for the view user profile in DK Lensoveta may 1.

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later. Get necessarily

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Hello! Gift card to pay the cashier or place your order on the website with delivery, and pay with a gift card to a courier (note will need to mark the method of payment). Gift card is valid until the end of the month. Gift card You can buy tickets on any date (and on the trail. year too).

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thanks , I will do so. Place your order online and pick it up at the box office.

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Good day, generally when an electronic ticket to your email after payment, he must come in pdf format so you could print it yourself.It pays to check the spam folder on your mail.
Also, please call us at tel 380-80-50 and our operators will advise you on this issue.

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Good day! Want to buy a ticket for Imagine Dragons at another chelovekami as she did not have time to make a purchase. There is a photo of the ticket barcode is covered. Is there a possibility to check the ticket authenticity? Thank you!

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Thank you))

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no,I'm interested in why I have the status ready. And therefore I can not download e-ticket,although all paid for.

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The cashier Mayakovskaya metro station at 9.20 there was a queue of 50 people, no less, and all occupied by one person, and came eventually entire companies. At 11 am there were no tickets in any theatre, at 12.00 was able to buy only in cinema Zanevsky grandmothers...and there were a lot, even though the action was more prednaznachalas for young people. In General, almost 3 hours in the queue, the result is a ticket to the cinema Zanevsky, this is the only film that remained by this time the tickets, yeah who are small to perfect people is great)

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if you can not count barcode time he is on top of a series of ticket but ciferki bottom of the barcode visible,you will not have problems with the pass?

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How much I can buy cheap tickets for Spoon live?
Please.I hope soon everything will be fully operational.