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How Much I Can Buy Tickets For J Cole Show?

Good evening. The cashier will sell tickets for the playoffs SKA?

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Please tell me when will be held the Moscow musicals "the Three Musketeers" and "Cabaret"?The tour was scheduled for this fall.
there is no information Anywhere(((

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Tell me please, where will take place the performance "Free love" may 22? Thank you.

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How much I can buy tickets for J Cole show?
in Minsk to send mozenrath not at any time to our Central office B. Sampson,7возьмите passport and cartucheras paid)

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The tickets was sold on March 27. All complaints that come to the address should be brought and submitted to the authorities. This is to prevent such situations. Later You receive an official response from our organization.

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Hello! And on the 21st the pilot of the tickets do not curled?

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exchange of e-tickets not proizvoditsya as the form of the electronic ticket is a document of strict accountability (article 7).

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Thank you! At the time we went to the play "the wise man stumbles", but was replaced:( I'll Try to go to a Performance of "Night and day"

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Yes , the phone is correct. From our side everything is working properly. Try again to call.

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on the website what city You booked the order?

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Hello! On the website there is no information who take part in the concert 'the New voice of Russia' 04/04/2014 DK im.Gorky. No posters, information relating to the event. to
Say that this will be a solo concert of the finalist of the project Голос2 Gela Guralia. If so, then it is unclear why his name was missing from the poster. Please check and correct the information on the website.

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call 8-800-555-07-70там will instruct you step by step.

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Tell me please,is it possible to book electronic tickets for some time and not to buy? And if possible,how to do it?

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Hello! Live out of town and trying to buy electronic tickets. But today, I want to buy tickets to Quiboloy on 22.11., where there is no such service. If I map fully paid tickets in any box office I'll be able to get them and in what time frame I have paucity
sincerely, Natalia

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the task of the CASHIER.RU was to return the money for the tickets. Information about the transfer of the concert for an indefinite period was granted a year ago.

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say I bought the e-Biltmore whether to exchange for a regular ticket ? If you can then where to exchange ?

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That is, you have more tickets 16+?

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Hello. Today I bought an e-ticket in the input sector to a Metallica concert in St. Petersburg. I have the same question: can I exchange it for a ticket in the fan zone? Or just vernucci to purchase in the fan area.. And will I be refunded the money for the ticket?

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Hello where I can print purchased online ticket(bought without registering on the website)? in mail the ticket is not prices didn't save it to pdf and simply photographed from the screen. There is a ticket number and the number of sakasa barcode visible phlogopites to get through to the call center with this voprosom both times I was dumped when I was second in line! what I deglutitory to get a ticket by e-mail?

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Which publishes the results of the competitions? Here ethanediyl

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Not for that,she once bought,came in and was shaking,but then I was lucky,the people were honest and on the ticket it is written that it is impossible to sell...

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Good day!
Can I purchase gift certificates at the box office?

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Thank you. Scans are transferred to the legal Department.

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office nezavisimye legal organization one! It turns out in Moscow, the money on electronic tickets vozvrashaet in St. Petersburg there?

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Where in Peter it is possible to print an e-ticket ??

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ability to pay is gone. what does it mean?

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Hello! Tell me is there any discount for kids or need to buy a ticket at full price? Want to buy tickets for the circus show of giant fountains!

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, Phone 380-80-50 find out who took Your appeal and when You wait for a response.

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How much I can buy tickets for J Cole show?
will polointerracial to our colleagues in Moscow . We of Sankt-Peterburgskoe OTDELENIE.

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Do I need to have pasporte the aisle today at the JT concert? Minors(Teens) accompanied by parents allowed? Bought as a gift for the OTHER ticket now bosacco not allowed :(

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Please tell me if when you click on the word buy does not appear diagram of the room, does this mean that the tickets are already sold out? Thank you.

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Well horodatage go to Linkin Raccolto in Saint-Petersburg

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Hello,I bought today March 27 at the box office tickets for theatre Akimov,I was charged another fee. I was very surprised because last year for the same action was not taken. As it should be?

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How much I can buy tickets for J Cole show?
if I'm not Ipbsubmit tickets I can only in the day of the concert or can print them at my gorode we have a cashier