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How Much I Can Buy VIP Packages For Shakira Live?

write a letter with complete information on the address

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How much I can buy VIP packages for Shakira live?
have Sent a request for password recovery - first login, then the instruction email.mail.
the Message "Information sent" - but where? In the mail nothing, and login - do not understand where sent.

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replied in HP

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Good afternoon! Call our operators by phone 380-80-50, they will help You.

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Hello please throw off the sample by completing the application for refund and all that it included! Thanks in advance!

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Hello! We have tickets to the concert only with swapped input no.

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Good day!!!
Tell me please, where going to be the singer Alexey Goman on may 6 in St. Petersburg?

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well,for example, chelovecheskiy gave you e-bilateral (or sold) it to someone else)) and the first person has already passed))

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Live in SPb you want to buy concert tickets in St. Petersburg Moscow the website there are no tickets. How to buy(not electronic) and where to pick up tickets?Thanks in advance for the answer!

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How much I can buy VIP packages for Shakira live?
why was the answer deleted? I napisali room sakasai do the same, everything was provided. We screwed up once again - have the courage to admit it.

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but if I bought a ticket two months before the event, is it okay?

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Hello,and tickets to Ramstein you have?

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How much I can buy VIP packages for Shakira live?
Good afternoon! The tickets were revoked by the organizer of the concert for an unknown reason.

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How much I can buy VIP packages for Shakira live?
konechnoe yet

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Yes,also interested in dance of the vampires January

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the time off we ask,has there been a letter from you

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How much I can buy VIP packages for Shakira live?
you are so fickle))But we are permanent. Update on the status of the order by phone. 8-800-555-07-70

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if I want to return militocracy the application and the required Documenta letter gets lost or long ittiest any time?

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How much I can buy VIP packages for Shakira live?
are you gonna go my way?

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Good afternoon! Summer in St. Petersburg, we advise you to visit excursion and entertainment trips on boats/buses, or to go to the ballet. Yet not all theatres opened the sale on these dates, but now we can choose such plays as: the Play "loneliness in the network" () or Play "Elevator" (). on our website in the search you can select dates and see what you will be interested

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otlichnaia for the answer!!!

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Hello. contact Tomoko gives you those tickets

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Skateboard will do the tickets on the floor for Imagine Dragons???
January 26, SPb

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And on TOP ticket and VIP entrance to get into the dance and if there is a separate entrance or an early start?

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very strannoe not been canceled has scassapalle in the order to 10 to 15 hours privateline time, concoa courier all no..

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Another similar question: Can I change my booked a normal ticket for electronically still unpaid? Concert tickets conciliatory another order can not do. Is it possible to change the type of ticket? (Order No. 145878)

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the event already sostojalos word. You still did not answer.

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How much I can buy VIP packages for Shakira live?
If you oplatila no

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not seitse in order :)

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as it turned out..not really..for a non-resident is beplatnaya hot line 8 800 333 80 51.your room only for Peter

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Hello! Do you plan you selling tickets for the November concert of Scooter?

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Thank you.

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Please, I hope you will succeed successfully))

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Not bought tickets for the action at first was not to pay. Then tickets are cancelled.
No discount tickets, how to pay for a gift certificate? Don't see the graphs...

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Hello, Daria! 6 sector closer to the center of the place with the numbering 1, 2...And the second after 15 or 20th place, depending on the range series..

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want to buy tickets for the concert in June now to pay for them by credit card. Live in Perm and Saint Petersburg will arrive 2-3 days before the concert. 1. You can get them at any office? 2. To obtain tickets you need the order number and passport, am I right? 3. It is 100% guaranteed that the tickets I will wait, because even six months ahead? 4. In how long do I have to pay? Thank you!

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Hello , so far no information, watch for posters on our website.

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How much I can buy VIP packages for Shakira live?
Can I buy a gift card for 1500 rubles?

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It can not survive, right all the details not say, but the system sees in many settings where the second-hand dealers, where the real customer.

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it billykater you purchase at the box office

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Thank you.

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57 messages at two in the morning

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How much I can buy VIP packages for Shakira live?
Please. The official response sent to you by email.

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Hello it is Possible to swap tickets for the same event, at the same price, but on a different date. Talking about "Mother" . in the Anniversary.

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Tell me, please, when finally, after the reconstruction of the normal work site?! Impossible for several days to login to your account....