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How Much I Can Get Cheap Tickets For Aerosmith Concert?

good day! To redeem in 6 offices.
1. Gorokhovaya str., 6 (Central office)
2. Ligovsky PR. d. 19 (In the Oktyabrsky big concert hall)
3. Seating Dorianna линия13-Pervy floor
4. Opposite the entrance to the metro station "Specific". Train station/ticket office in the waiting room
5. PR. Dobrolubova.18РІС…РѕРґ No. 11 (SK Anniversary)
6. Nevsky PR., 41(Office of the Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace)

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A 20600909, thank you!

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, Good morning.Yet unfortunately in the process of building the website technical problems, we try to fix it as soon as possible.Thank you for the response.We apologize for the temporary problem.

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, Please write in private message your number, leave request and call you back.

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Aerosmith concert?
Good day.
polustanochke Tell whether e-ticket to print tbili need color?

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according to the rules of return You need to contact the organizers - their phone listed on the ticket ( upper right corner).

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, Good morning.Just call us at tel 380-80-50 and our operators will help you book tickets.

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Zdravstvuyte the girl gave e-ticket for the concert Metallicana on the ticket has her name. She bought a map.
if I Can go to the concert with that ticket? And if net, what do I do?

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Different theatres open sale different. In the Comedy theatre.Akimova tickets for February and March are already on sale. Also known repertoire for April, but this month have not yet sold tickets.

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Please tell me. And how to get tickets if you book through the Internet?

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and thank You. Now it works, I button in the sequence pressed.

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thank you. Sorry for the tediousness.

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good afternoon) yeah possible

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Hello! I would like usnate is it possible on your website to book tickets for some time (neprimerno day)?

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Aerosmith concert?
Bought 2 tickets for Muse in Helsinki at the box office Devyatkino in action "9th no service charge". Gave a check - satalice time service fee netcache either. Obisnuieste no no (but seems not needed). Voprosa will be any problems while attending an event for rubiano there is only kasimovskiy tickets?

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Good day!
I would like to purchase 3 tickets to any ballet on 27, 28 or 29 of December.
thanks in Advance!

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it is just one of those performances. The tickets need to be booked in advance, the audience keep track of the beginning of sales in advance. At this moment the tickets are for March, order, please!

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Good afternoon. Make here a section for the resale of tickets please. And then can not return the tickets in some cases! Otherwise, what about people?

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I just brought the order about the cancellation of the event 20.09:( Alas. Return tickets at the box office of the club. Service charge - the CASHIER

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while there are tickets - can)