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How Much I Can Get Cheap Tickets For Jason Aldean Show?

Hello,there was such trouble,crumpled ticket and lost him control. what do I do? can we exchange or with such empty?

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Jason Aldean show?
Good day, both options are possible, it all depends on the organizers, more accurate information can be found by calling us at tel 380-80-50

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Jason Aldean show?
Zdravstvuydosvidaniya want to order tickets through the website and come to Peter only a day концерта23 June. When you choose savvycom when sakasama pichetto need to pick up today or tomorrow. I can get them in the day of the concert? It does not disappear britisli now not taking? And yet there is a method of payment "via credit card" and "Using Alfa-click". Skajite than ratnycele my card is Alfa-bankest whether the benefits of some?

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You need to call to organizers. Their telephone number appears in the upper right corner of the ticket. How quickly You return the money, depends on them. After your money back, You will be given a receipt with a stamp on the return ticket. With that check come to our office on the Big Coin 11, and take the rest of the money.

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Hello, I am very interested in the poster of theatre Maly drama theatre - theatre of Europe on Jan. Unfortunately, she hasn't posted on the official website of the theatre. Could You please tell me if the play "Intrigue and love" to go in January? I would like to pre-order tickets. Whether at the theater Christmas holidays? Thank you.

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skajite at the circus Masha and the bear for a child of 3 years is also a ticket pokupateli on my knees to plant?

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Thank you!)

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Jason Aldean show?
Erinaceous answered in the framework of its kompetenciju we have the contract offer (it's on the website)it States that tickets are not being accepted. But in exceptional slucajna some meropriyatiya can negotiate with organisatorical make. This needs to be addressed with managers.

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1. for Alex Leto Hartanov : on your ticket phone the Ice Palace set, you need to contact them.

2. for Olga Barybina in the near future the musical Chicago has not been reported, follow the information on our website and in the group.

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I have sector.

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Hello, I already wrote that in Veliky Novgorod site doesn't open neither I nor any of my friends since may 7, during this time, I was in SPB and there I have all worked, came back, and there still doesn't open.

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Jason Aldean show?

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Jason Aldean show?
very soon! We switched to entirely new software obespecheniya this question takes some time. You can always reserve/to find out information on the website or by toll-free phone: 8 (800) 555-07-70!

Or write us - we are always happy to help ;)

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office nezavisimye legal organization one! It turns out in Moscow, the money on electronic tickets vozvrashaet in St. Petersburg there?

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good afternoon! You need to contact the organizers of the concert - the telephone number in the upper right corner of the ticket. You will then hand over the ticket, get the ticket that the ticket is surrendered and the money refunded. With this kvitochka come to us in the Directorate. We will refund the remaining 10%.

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Good afternoon! You should call by phone:(812) 331-22-86 (Department of the issues of conclusion of agreements with spectacular bodies).

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Always try to promptly resolve all technical problems, unfortunately it's not always all depends only on us.

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Good morning! Unfortunately not. Only if you have a separate ticket, a child receives a gift:

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always happy to help) have a Nice day)

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Jason Aldean show?
tickets are already in sale -

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Good day all

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detailed information about upcoming performances by the link -

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Hello! If You have a gift card you will be able to pay her tickets in one of our offices or order with delivery, this can be done on the website

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to purchase BILLYGOATS in another of gorodova can use one of the methods of remote payment:

credit card via the Internet (we accept VisaMasterCardAmerican ExpressDiners Club InternationalJCB International);
cash for payment receipts through the savings Bank Department (previously contact the operator by phone (812) 703-40-408-800-555-07-70. Details are here;
Bank transfer (for legal entities);
through the system of Mobile payment
using the system Alfa-Click.

Paid for tickets You can pick up the day of the event, or any other convenient day in our Central box office at the address: St.-Petersburgmoscow Sampsonievsky PR., 7 (metro station "Lenin Square")


09:00 - 21:00 weekdays
10:00 - 19:00 weekend

the delivery of paid tickets is carried out only in St. Petersburg and the nearest suburbs. We do not deliver to other cities and countries.

Attention! Pre-paid tickets will only be issued with a passport of the payer. In the event that the tickets takes another lycopodophyta to provide a notarized power of attorney and passport. Without the required documents, the ticket cashier will not be issued.

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Hello!Please tell me, to the concert of Zemfira 30.11.13 tickets are gone?(((

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Well, a question. We have a place in the orchestra. Can we buy the second cheapest ticket on sector, but the child will have mom's hands in the stalls?

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Jason Aldean show?
Good morning! Elena said all right. In fact the certificate is the equivalent of the money ie if multiple certificates, you can"be used simultaneously, if not enough, you can pay extra money (up to the shortfall)

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Jason Aldean show?
Please, I hope you will succeed successfully))

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Daza 3 working days prior to the event.

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thank you!

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The website not working? 502 Bad Gateway - or is it just me issued this error?

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tell whether the new batch of tickets for Linkin Park in the fanzone?

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Good evening, to clarify this feature, please call us by phone 380-80-50 and our operators will tell you exactly if this is possible.

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I'm 15 friend 16. Can I go to a concert of Simple Plan or need accompanied by an adult?

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Hello! Tell me information about the refund of the concert tickets for Selena Gomez?. With respect.

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Jason Aldean show?
in addition to salanieta also need the original documentfactory duplicate eletronnoy version. Details in private messages.

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CASHIER.Nopochemu no response? For the Commission, you can count on at least dialogue?

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, online can not understand why not to do...
Bought with the receipt at the box office and pay there. To pay for three cards. If the cost is greater, then an additional, if less, the difference is not return of course.

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write us a PM

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good afternoon. You can return

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most of the concerts-Yes, but better to check with operators by phone. 703-40-40

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Jason Aldean show?
thank you very much for the information! Ordered wrong measurements tepericha you cannot book tickets through your first site then to buy them? It was very udobnogo you can safely to choose mestogde going to sit.

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Good day! Ordered tickets for the concert, took the best of those that were. Pay online by card immediately. You can see today that there were tickets closer to the stage. Is it possible to exchange and how (I live in another city, to personally can not)?

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Please tell me if I choose this method-payment by credit card (pay now,get tickets myself) ,how long after payment can I collect the tickets?if a particular term?Or until the day of the event ?)

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Can't find on the website of the cashier in the concert hall 31.1 the view user profile and the link does not work

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Jason Aldean show?
have you tried to buy a ticket on the website after 12?

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Yes,that's right

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thank you. The letter was sent.

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Yes,it is

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, , information on the cost of tickets, availability can be viewed on our website:

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Hello,I decided to return the tickets.Got themselves bilatinmen of the order and a check to the amount of the service fee(400 rubles).You have napisannogo still need to have a check about payment,but I have a receipt no.Will I be able to pass back these tickets?

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Jason Aldean show?

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Prompt, where I can learn what age need to buy a separate ticket for "nitronic" in the CCM ?