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How Much I Can Get Cheap Tickets For Spoon Date?

Is it possible to learn approximately how many remaining tickets for the fan zone metallics? And why the price rose?

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Good evening. Your organization is not cooperating with the theatre Buff?

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it's a shame... Thank you!

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Answered in private messages.

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after entering the unified field of ticket purchase, you can now buy all the seats at the booking offices and on the website.

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And certificates just for this year can be purchased?

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we have hanging and hanging is still an ad in the section Return tickets: "Sitelocator for any reason are unable to attend the concert on the 17th iulianovo to return the tickets. Return bellowing to the concert of Lana Del Reyбудет be carried out in the period from 18 Jun 2013 to 2 July 2013 vluchtelingen at the address: Saint-Peterburg. Pyatiletok. 1B the cash desks of the Ice Palace. The hours offices: 11:00 - 20:00 every day."

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Spoon date?
Hello, I booked a ticket to the head, but in his own name, and paid card. Upon presentation of a ticket is required passport or what?

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Spoon date?
Good afternoon, unfortunately we do not have the right not to accept tickets back, not to place in an ad group from individuals, so you'll have in there once you.

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We were asked to change their seats, but I purchased the tickets for the first row opposite the exit of the artists themselves ponimaete other places were much worse and cheaper.

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Spoon date?
tell pojaluisto friend wants to return the ticket on Maxidrome whether it deletejournal money? more than a month before the concert

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replied in HP

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Nazareth have cancelled a tour!!!

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As I understand it, the Mariinsky theatre do not byvvaet?

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specifically said our it specialists. You also get came order number? Or you complain that you haven't received confirmation from the Bank that the payment went through?

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Not waiting for an answer to yesterday's question will continue his indignation in the following message! I'm not ponimayu that live in the Soviet times? Or I post here? Or maybe in the box office sales made to ignore and to be rude to customers? Case in tomoto today, I still hit the box office on prospect Stachek 94. and instead of a friendly greeting had to wait when the operator is tired to ignore my presence and she would turn on me unmanagable it is absolutely not polite tone ravboloto about any tickets to the concert she did not znaete because these tickets I really need asked to draw her attention to the sign at her workplace with information on the site but what happened here just made me last terpeniye girls the phone rang and the 5 spoke on personal topics! Then the tickets miraculously found/printed/poyavilsya know where she suddenly uselessly before she scanalato they do not sell tickets on koncertai then there vyjasnilos she still has no date! Maybe I just needed to run through neighboring shops to exchange your money? But here, letting magically materialized! Left the store with a broken nastroeniem not late for the train and the concert already and no desire to go... So here is my question for you! Is this normal? You encourage this behavior of employees? I understand that the girl would most likely be an employee of the company passenger Perevozkina it's carambole no desire to deal with Sorry for wasting your time!!

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Spoon date?
Good day! Ordered and paid for the ticket by credit card through the Internet website . When and where to pick up your ticket? What documents you need to have? E-ticket I came.I'm not from St. Petersburg.The ticket on 12 December.

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replied to Your e-mail.

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Spoon date?
a passport is always better to have. Minors soprovozhdenii senior let

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thanks for the clarification and per share) Personally, I coped website, 10 tickets for 5 events at half price)

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Zdravstvuyte.vsey wanted to order concert tickets PlaceboР Р…Р С• are unable to log in. Called the listed telefonuna kazaliste website obnovilsya all "came off". Have enviroalgerie all novostina so? And will it be possible to exchange an e-ticket for a regular visit to Peter?

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Hello , selling open. Tickets are available

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Spoon date?
Advise pozh-that Comedy is an interesting play on 19января. My husband ETC,I want to invite him in =)

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Hello. contact Tomoko gives you those tickets

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That is, you have more tickets 16+?

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good day! Depakoge can go without problemele you their tickets did not give anyone not posted their picture.

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Spoon date?
Good day! Tell me. how can I get a promo code for a discount?

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Nete matter

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Spoon date?
you go with your husband? Everything will be fine. Check that you did not print one ticket 2 times))

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1)at the rate of operator 2) can pick up paid to the center.the cashier B. Sampson,7

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terms of use ticket: When you log in if there are problems with bar code reading 9along any reason) may be asked to produce documents

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Hello! The ticket is valid and no receipt for the service, but usually check myself to make a ticket or put in the envelope with the tickets.

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Spoon date?
Hello! The ticket is valid and no receipt for the service, but usually check myself to make a ticket or put in the envelope with the tickets.

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Good day!
Under any circumstances you will receive a promo code for a discount?

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Spoon date?
Advise pozh-that Comedy is an interesting play on 19января. My husband ETC,I want to invite him in =)

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it is better to take in partenalia 200-e sector (212 and 205). Series - any,since there is a rise. But closer is better,of course

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Hello! Phone 380-80-50 the robot responds that the dialed number is not in service. How to order a ticket?

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Stupid voprosa what time the concert is pasting posters?

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good day! We apologize for the delay in response. Take away paper tickets only gorodisce the ticket was purchased. But you can always apply for an electronic biletii only need to print.

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Good day,please send in PM your order number and contact telephone number, will check and will contact you.

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Good day!

I booked online a ticket as a gift. Paid by credit card. The electronic ticket sent to whom it was intended.
do I Have to send You a letter of assignment by Fax or, if the ticket to the cashier in do not need? And he kind of is in electronic form.
which of the following must be in possession when you visit the show? the first point is clear. 2,3 and 4 items is not clear.
does a person Have to have - a completed application order? On the ticket - ukazany my name and my credit card number. The mobile phone is also my.
Really do not want to experience any difficulties in attending the event
1. the printed form of the electronic ticket presented at the entrance to the spectacular facility before the event;
2. the identity document;
3. Bank card used for the payment order;
4. mobile phone that you specified when registering on the website .
Thanks for the reply!

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and the cashier can verify the certificate ?

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Spoon date?
all there

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Hello. I bought 3 of the electronic ticket in his name. I myself go not MOGANO friends want to go. Can I take one ticket? If Dato how to do it? And will let my friends to the event bietamiverine me?

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And on TOP ticket and VIP entrance to get into the dance and if there is a separate entrance or an early start?

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thank you)

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Hello! I have a question - on the website when you order tickets for the concert Brainstorm (27.10) is the price of 1700 rubles, although the cashier - 900. Please tell me, what is this difference?

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Spoon date?
send a scan. please

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Hello, I want to book tickets for the show "Full Ratatouille", but I can't make it through the smartphone browser, please help.

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Op-PA !
Even so !
thank you !

So, I'm a scythe and not poked .
displayed When the screen room,where you can choose a place to order the top is one of the 2-3 yellow panels (there is something) is there, right ???

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Manager with you on Monday?

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How much I can get cheap tickets for Spoon date?
Hello! How to print purchased in August al. tickets to the concert of Mumiy Troll in Spasli the website refuses to accept my email and password?

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The musical the frog Princess September 20, and the Miracle tree on October 10, thanks.

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write what places of interesuut as the name and phone number :)

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Good evening! I have two gift certificate (card). How to pay them on your website? They 08.12.16, wanted children to order two tickets.... But I can not understand how you can pay with a gift card???? Can through you to do it? Thank you! If you do not use them on your site, you can make the purchase through you? Thank you!