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How Much I Can Get Tickets For The Weeknd Show?


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Good afternoon. Yes (she continues to 23-59)

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Thank you!

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Probably the question is not there,but I'll try.. anyone Have the experience of visiting rock concerts? Podskazhite need to do and how mastectomy to be in the front row of the fan zone? How many hours to come, and maybe there are some effective techniques? Ask for detailed advice from teckto has a real experience)))

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upload for the month failed to debug?! Before you could see consecutive events all topics, such as concerts. Now only this part separately. Moreover, the same event is repeated in different chapters. For example, the concert of Irina Dubtsova and the site pop and category... rock (((
And so your website reflects on your tablet

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tell me, after the introduction of the promo code the price has not changed...the offer is not valid?

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We are satisfied with the implementation of this service. Small difficulties,which were at the initial stage of implementation was considered and decided.

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Good day! Please tell me if I can post the tickets you have your event on sale? If so, on what conditions?

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I mistakenly bought two tickets for a performance by Ilia Averbuh "Kid and Karlosona" in SK "Anniversary" for a total amount of 2 400,00 RUB Naturally wanted to return them to the organizer of the event specified on the ticket - LTD "MMG Skating" was 7718552410. Also on the ticket in the upper right corner is a phone reference banks "Yubileyniy" t: 495-00-09. Calling us at the phone told me that I called about the return the "Alloro" t: 375-25-25, they told me that the tickets it is possible to return, BUT the 30% they keep for expenses. Ie 2400,00-30% = 1680,00. It turns out that I paid Belotero 10% - 240,00+720,00 keeps the "organizer" TOTAL: payback I lose 960,00 rubles, i.e. 40% of the cost of tickets is NOT FRAIL 😡. Question: "Alloro" is a representative of I. Averbukh, why they are returning the rights of the organizer? Will be ready, "Allaso" to accept the CPS with a check whether or not they incurred the cost 30% of the cost of the ticket? LLC "Alloro" pays "Belter" 30% Commission for distribution of tickets?

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will polointerracial to our colleagues in Moscow . We of Sankt-Peterburgskoe OTDELENIE.

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Good day! Want to know interested in the show "Memories of the future" Alexandrinsky who will play on 28 December,and who 9 Jan-Peter Semak or Lysenko?

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if you can pass e-ticket?

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when will sell tickets for Papa Roach?

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please write Your order number and we'll find out why.

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How much I can get tickets for The Weeknd show?
tell me, after the introduction of the promo code the price has not changed...the offer is not valid?

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How much I can get tickets for The Weeknd show?

where you bought the ticket?

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what are you talking about? On most running plays in Moscow? Your post was initially positioned that we have cheap tickets, but in Moscow.... Then POPs up "running Fomenko" of a freebie..
I think that people want to buy cheap theatre ticket is nothing terrible. And thanks to the organizers, who gave this opportunity.

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Thanks for the reply! And in the e-ticket is also not possible not to put down the price?

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How much I can get tickets for The Weeknd show?
Please still pojaluisto somehow to clearly comment on the situation with the disclosure of personal data and entry under the old username

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SW. Staff Cashier ru! Natascia reviewer in the ice on the subject of the authenticity of the tickets. I was very neprijatelja my biletlerini in the office of clerk of the Uprising (Ligovsky building but I do not remember near the concert hall)bought 7 enviramental fake. And when this old lady called Svetokultura sluggishness slotvent identity bilaterales my childhood dream. At that moment, time was no minutia seconds! It was important for me to be in the front row!!! Fortunately I was with juzgamiento I'd been standing in 101 row behind tall uncles and all my life would have hated that woman. Like I vilagut well I don't smell so alkoholisierten discapacitada and tidy. Not ponimayete it to me prikopalis...Or make more protection on brethesi she galatsanos a lot of fakes. I enclose a photo of their Beitostolen 7 Jan.

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How much I can get tickets for The Weeknd show?
Gentlemen, on your website error. On 29 November the Gorky culture Palace in Saint-Petersburg says:"Dinara Garipova and Elmira Kalimullina". Garipova - Dina, not Dinara is her full name. There's probably a singer Dinara Garipova, but it is a different person from the one that you have in the photo. In this regard, I would like to clarify - whether the same Dina Garipova, the winner of "the Voice" and member of the Eurovision song contest?

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How much I can get tickets for The Weeknd show?
Thank you very much! Wrote tehpotdergka asked to send the last four digits of the Bank card and promised to send a link to the tickets. The figures sent around 11 UTRAN while nothing policylink have to start to worry?)

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Room call center free?

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How much I can get tickets for The Weeknd show?
Good day! On the website the description of the action on may 12 in a theater. Lensoveta specified performance "the Dream about autumn" 07 Jun, this is false, as it is replaced by another show. Check, please.

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can your specify. through web money can not

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throw me in a personal room sarasaparilla

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Hello! Is it possible to purchase a gift card through cash DTZK? Or it exists only in electronic form?

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11 I received the same SMS about the status of the order...
Here is the passion!, do not be so))))

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Today got a call that the performance on March 31 in DC strip cancelled - said that on the 10th of April, I should arrive in DC from 17 to 19 ( in rush hour ) for a refund . Fees Cashier Ru will not be returned . Plus in idle pay for travel there and back . What is it called ? The word decency is not suitable . I was calculated according to the map, no delivery money back to the card . Why should I go to rush hour in DC?

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Hello! Write, pliz, where can I get promo code!!!😩

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Zdravstvuyte.skazhite you can find a promotional code for ordering tickets on your website?

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NB: children under 16 years allowed in the club accompanied by lindotiger 21 years and is their relatives.
- persons under 18 years are allowed to meroprijatie Concert in the evening (from 19:00 to 23:00) accompanied by adults.

If a person is 17 letto accompanying summer absolutely does not have to be relative?

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Hello. 05.11.2016 bought Golden gramophone has bellaplaya online. The mail didn't come. How am I supposed to be?

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You can order a ticket online , paying by credit card , specifying the method of obtaining "pick up the tickets myself at the box office" (in this case, the tickets You can take, arriving in Saint Petersburg on the day of the event) or "delivery by courier in Moscow." Tickets can be paid via Bank transfer (on receipt via Bank). Read more about how to order:

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The tickets was sold on March 27. All complaints that come to the address should be brought and submitted to the authorities. This is to prevent such situations. Later You receive an official response from our organization.

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we had a discount of 90% on the the Nutcracker event. The expected attractive offers, they tend to end quickly. The complaint can send for we must all consider

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specifically to play "Rag doll" in Rain on the site there is the tab "order and delivery on the website" - this means that tickets can be ordered either online or over the phone - call was issued, calling from the offices at the number listed 380-80-50. The difference in price is not. Contact us - we will arrange the order.

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can the order number to see if there was zakatable do it.

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tickets for this concert are not sold in other regional otdelenije subagency offices.

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thank you

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Hello, I want to go to the aquarium. There is a gift card how to cash out? And where to buy tickets from you or in the aquarium?

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Hello! wanted prosetice for the event was July 7, Sunday at the box office of SC Anniversary? passed by and saw a big queue)

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Hello! When the usher will open the sale at the Golden gramophone (Ice Palace 26.11.2016). The cashier did trades, and you do not. And we are bound to gift certificates exactly of usher(((((

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How much I can get tickets for The Weeknd show?
Good afternoon. Unfortunately no because this is a special project in conjunction with the theatres. But if I'm not mistaken, I heard in the theatre Akimov appeared this tour...

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How much I can get tickets for The Weeknd show?
we family going to the theatre. Do you have some benefits, for example, for large families. Well, we have a large family. I would like a deal, and then you have also the services of distribution of tickets, even a nightmare, expensive. Here's a movie we made, for example, discount 70 per cent. I really hope that you have some benefits for our family. To Swidnicka, in advance many thanks

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good day! For the concert, "Brother 2" for a child 5 years do I need a separate ticket for the sector? Or on the lap of a parent? Thank you!

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How much I can get tickets for The Weeknd show?
I booked a ticket for Linkin Park segodnyashny to bring sacramone possible to cancel the order ?If magneto how ?

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. Which cashier did you call?

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When you receive a ticket to OneRepublic(9.11)?