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How Much I Can Order Tickets For Placebo Live?

thank you very much for the information! Ordered wrong measurements tepericha you cannot book tickets through your first site then to buy them? It was very udobnogo you can safely to choose mestogde going to sit.

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unfortunately you are right. Sales are still open until December, tickets for January are still for sale. You need to wait... We can quickly inform when will the sale on Jan.

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How much I can order tickets for Placebo live?
so we will also have tickets

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replied in HP

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Please tell me if I choose this method-payment by credit card (pay now,get tickets myself) ,how long after payment can I collect the tickets?if a particular term?Or until the day of the event ?)

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Hello! During the promotions, the tickets are always selling out very quickly, especially because of the theatrical box office in the city more than 70. But please write a letter our specialists of quality control on El. address to Explain the whole situation and to specify what Bank was opened at the wrong time.

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How much I can order tickets for Placebo live?
what to do does not pay on the website

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If in search to type the words in the SATYRICON, RAIKIN or Richard, the site is on any of the options gives you a link to the event.

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, 89500192237.But with communication it is necessary to do something.Serious,right!

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You can choose and buy the ticket on the page

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thank you

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Good afternoon.In an official response, it was stated that we are not responsible for possible changes in the program, as well as the organizer reserves the right to change the composition of the participants.Official answers on event you can obtain from the organizer, whose phone is listed on your ticket.

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How much I can order tickets for Placebo live?
Zdravstvuyte turns to enter the site.
Trying to enter through kontaktnogo confirm postholiday letter podtverzhdeniya the link of the letters I get on the page "an unknown error occurred".
just Trying voitis login and password writes "e-mail not validated".
Vicious circle of some sort.

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thank you for Your review, our content specialists are working on this problem.

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How much I can order tickets for Placebo live?
On our website)

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How much I can order tickets for Placebo live?
Hello!Please tell me, to the concert of Zemfira 30.11.13 tickets are gone?(((

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Hello! wanted prosetice for the event was July 7, Sunday at the box office of SC Anniversary? passed by and saw a big queue)

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militaryavenue official ticket operators provide a pass to the event.

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the ticket will go to the concert the other person. If there are problems with reading the bar adolecense that he will not be able I will not be able to attend and provide your passport?

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Hello. I ordered tickets for "POLA NEGRI"your order has taken samostojatelnosti nalichnymi, rucano why it is still in the personal Cabinet this hanging order status "pending payment"?

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if damaged touch kadamattom probability tohoto prochitaesh he doesn't mean ticket is invalid bude.

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Answered in a PM

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Want to buy billino at the moment money neprocitana about "installment" - how to make it?

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Hello! Is it possible to return an e-ticket? And how to do it?

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I apologize for the inconvenience. Happy viewing😊

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I bought an e-ticket. It napisannogo it can be exchanged for ordinary. This can be done at the Central box office?

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How much I can order tickets for Placebo live?
, good morning.A copy of the electronic tickets, as well as the order number you were supposed to fall down and to your email.

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And I, as you know, have a new account to start? Since I am so no one answered, but a personal account is still not open. Naturally, all innovations only benefit the customers.....

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Prompt, bought at the theatre ticket office 3 ticket, paid by credit card. Saved the receipts, including a receipt for services distribution. One of the tickets was lost. Is it possible to restore ticket?

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and where am I supposed to contact if here I have not found the answer to your question???

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How much I can order tickets for Placebo live?
and you moved to the trash? At what point stop?

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How much I can order tickets for Placebo live?
Why do you have on the website information on the concert Hands Up on 19 February is 19-00перенос was 20-00и on posters 20-00

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Hello! If the ticket is paid online and selected delivery method:pick up yourself. It is impossible for an e-ticket to change in any way?

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Good day!
What the hell You have going on with the site? No price for the tickets not to see nor to order anything! And not for the first time!
But is now brighter glows and flickers annoyingly.
the previous interface was much nicer. New cause reluctance to use it, unfortunately.

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Hello where I can print purchased online ticket(bought without registering on the website)? in mail the ticket is not prices didn't save it to pdf and simply photographed from the screen. There is a ticket number and the number of sakasa barcode visible phlogopites to get through to the call center with this voprosom both times I was dumped when I was second in line! what I deglutitory to get a ticket by e-mail?

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Good morning , if the ticket is bought from us(via our offices), then try to go into any you the easy cash and you may be able to help.

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what are you talking about? On most running plays in Moscow? Your post was initially positioned that we have cheap tickets, but in Moscow.... Then POPs up "running Fomenko" of a freebie..
I think that people want to buy cheap theatre ticket is nothing terrible. And thanks to the organizers, who gave this opportunity.

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if there is force majeure situationthat only the person who ordered the ticket and there's his name.

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I am now trying logs on to the website. System somehow otvechaete such email not found.
Question. After changing the site design can and is necessary to register the new? I don't wiranto ever lagunilla on the website in its updated form. Probably not.

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Anastasia, please call (812) 380-80-50