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How Much I Can Order VIP Packages For The Script Show?

by the way,Yes,I also already sold out at the box office tickets to the ready status (((

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Hello! Packagerepository if I can exchange purchased tickets to the Christmas performance of "Santa Claus visiting Santa Claus" from one time to another within the same date? And what do I need to do?

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ponyatnoe, there is a problem in that the e-mail and the phone did not come the order number? Thank you for the clarification. We continue to investigate. Drop a line as soon as I figure out what the problem is. It's really important to we are an all these little glitches in trying to get as detection. Of course,if the client describe the problem srisuma solve it faster

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How much I can order VIP packages for The Script show?
while you're at it not autochemicals the point of writing?

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Thank you very much. I've already got a ticket.)) Just you delay with the payment confirmation. I came immediately and after a day. And the code is not potrebovalos showed the passport and said that the Bank card is my name. Thank you)

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Hello, tell me how to subscribe to SMS-informing about promotions.

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How much I can order VIP packages for The Script show?
only e-ticket online MSK (((

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Probably the question is not there,but I'll try.. anyone Have the experience of visiting rock concerts? Podskazhite need to do and how mastectomy to be in the front row of the fan zone? How many hours to come, and maybe there are some effective techniques? Ask for detailed advice from teckto has a real experience)))

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no. The form of the ticket is a form of strict reporting to Sootvetstvenno ticket is like losing money.

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How much I can order VIP packages for The Script show?
Sucks she sees I tickets once every six months to buy, to get what I middleman, well, not managed to buy several times ordered, and I was in the dealers recorded.... You better site your normally do and you have a new site then the old site here and there, a glitch on a glitch

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How much I can order VIP packages for The Script show?
When will any clear information on the return of "Game monsters"?

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somebody throw off the link where to see the Seating plan???????????????????????

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The tickets was sold on March 27. All complaints that come to the address should be brought and submitted to the authorities. This is to prevent such situations. Later You receive an official response from our organization.

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well, I don't know.😊 with the site any problems??

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Good day! Packagerepository impossible to book tickets. What reason could there be?

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we apologize for the mistake on the website. The numbering of the seats in the stalls depends on the organizers and may be changed (from left to right and Vice versa). If You are focused on the center of the room when choosing mesto chose in any case the best place.

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concert OneRepublic

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Please tell me,and tickets in connection with the transfer of the concert Lazareva still?

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How much I can order VIP packages for The Script show?
the screen resolution is 1280 by 1024.
And the hall is almost any. For example, the theater.Of the Leningrad city Council.
the Mouse, nothing moves.

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I address this question Vanavara. Newscontent of uwidite you answer my question.
Sobstvennoye to You. You gave the entrance ticket or sector?
If it was, vhodnosti I'd be happy to buy it after the official delivery to the Fund.
And Tatarstaners to the consultant. Will this ticket are shown on the website?
And so modest question - tickets on the website associated with the offices of ice? Govorite tickets are available at the box office even togdaaa they are not on the Cashier. Is it true?

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Hello! Please tell me the gift card number you can determine it is valid still or not?

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Good day! How to refund an electronic ticket to the concert of Hands Up - the event is postponed to February 19, 20-00. I can't get to this day! I just come to one of the box office? Payment was by card through your personal account on your website

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That is, you have more tickets 16+?

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Hello ! Is it possible to return the tickets,because you will not be able to attend the event?

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Good morning, Yes , unfortunately there are sometimes technical problems. Working on getting it fixed.We apologize for the inconvenience.

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How much I can order VIP packages for The Script show?
A letter with attached electronic ticket comes in the mail you specified when registering on the website.Write your email.mail me in PM

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do not buy tickets with rochegda they will always be true

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and what this can cause problemerne togoto the barcode is not proceda?

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not for that)

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on Lenin Square - the Central office of the company. In addition it includes more than 40 locations of ticket offices (or service delivery), - choose comfortable :) Neocene matter what kind of event You have and the method of plateto affects the address list.

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good day! For the concert, "Brother 2" for a child 5 years do I need a separate ticket for the sector? Or on the lap of a parent? Thank you!

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How much I can order VIP packages for The Script show?
, Your phone is sent to the operator, expect a call. This burden stems from the fact that it began an active theatrical season plus school vacation. Possible to book tickets on the website not later than three days prior to the event. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Click on advertising campaign - it's empty. What does it mean?

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still tickets for OneRepublic?

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replied in HP

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Hello, Irina! While information about these upcoming tours. Follow the information on the website.

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, online can not understand why not to do...
Bought with the receipt at the box office and pay there. To pay for three cards. If the cost is greater, then an additional, if less, the difference is not return of course.

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Hello everyone), I Learned that there are volunteers who need to play. For example, in St. Petersburg, in October will be "the Onegin", and "Miracle Yudo" was recently. Maybe you know something? I would love to participate! Thank you

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after entering the unified field of ticket purchase, you can now buy all the seats at the booking offices and on the website.

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How much I can order VIP packages for The Script show?
Good evening) is unfortunately not(

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glad it works, thank you for your feedback

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Thanks for the info. We will check and make changes.

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good afternoon! Write a letter with a question to our experts quality control

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How much I can order VIP packages for The Script show?
when passing to the concert, bring your passport

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My question was just in tommorw if I can get money for britisli I don't have a receipt. Clear delecto service fee not vernetzen for the ticket money I will be able to return? And only in cash Desk of the Ice Palace (in St. Petersburg)?

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tried to book independently and it worked. The Ice Palace we have been working in the online regenerator if the selected location cannot be book - perhaps it is already sold out. To book tickets You can also call 8(800)555-07-70 or write me a personal message ;)

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Do you have offices in Krasnodar?

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what has not been collected?

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that's really true is a question-bewilderment) tickets to prodazhey a lot))

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thank you! :) The poster did not, nado me she estival 2 for myself and girlfriend! But as soon as a decent concert in calendarized to you for tickets :)

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How much I can order VIP packages for The Script show?
I have a question! Slusalice with electronic tickets can be problems at the entrance to salcito the barcode could not scitamineae do so? Konechnogo to take care of the ticket, this situation scares me...

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spacebefore solved

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and when and where will this play? Also want to go!))

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How much I can order VIP packages for The Script show?
we charge 10% service charge when you buy tickets. It is not refundable in case of delivery of tickets.

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How much I can order VIP packages for The Script show?
based on the price of tickets there are already discounts

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Good morning, all exchanges and refunds are possible through the organizers of this event, whose telephone number is on the ticket, next to the name(address) of the site.
But also, better yet, call us toll-free Federal number 8 800 333-80-51 and our operators will tell you for sure if that's possible.

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Totemporarily. Accidentally lost my voucher from Bretano I still have it. Can I exchange the ticket for a new or you can go with spine ticket and eroded.

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Hello,there was such trouble,crumpled ticket and lost him control. what do I do? can we exchange or with such empty?

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promotional codes announce in the group when incurred. You can book a ticket by clicking on the button "
choose locations" on the event page

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How much I can order VIP packages for The Script show?
Sdravstvuietoya will start selling tickets for the match ska-CSKA 24th Aug who will?

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I Bought several e-tickets in his name. Question: can lucidly which I bought bilaterally to the concert?

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good day! At this momentby conduct an internal investigation.For imagemaster will contact You.

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Good afternoon, call 3808050, call the number on Your certificate, the operator will check its validity and status.

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Hello! If the ticket is paid online and selected delivery method:pick up yourself. It is impossible for an e-ticket to change in any way?

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Hello! Yes, tickets already are, then you can watch availability

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I was told that there is a discount - I never found fair. Asked to throw the link is ignored. Think can submit a collective complaint for cheating

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Good morning! Any convenient way for You). If You do not want a special design card, then the best option will be to buy it at the nearest theater box office. In each of our cashier you will be able to purchase gift cards) a Complete list of offices can be found here: