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How Much I Can Purchase Tickets For Shawn Mendes Live?


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You have received confirmation from the operator about the receipt. All order information You can see in the folder "My orders" on the website.

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good afternoon. We apologize( We eliminate the problem. SMS stopped coming?

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Spilled perfume on a ticket with a bar code on the big Love show
Powerlille barcode quite a bit Chu (the drop has worn off the top)
Miss me??

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Hello! You can write me in private message the data to create a personal account (email and password). You can just buy (including remotely) tickets on original letterhead or exchange e-ticket for the original ticket to the Central office.

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Good day, generally when an electronic ticket to your email after payment, he must come in pdf format so you could print it yourself.It pays to check the spam folder on your mail.
Also, please call us at tel 380-80-50 and our operators will advise you on this issue.

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das answers here as it is all very sad(((

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Thank you!

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You need to make the shipment of the password to enter the private office is now possible via email. address. Ie in the username field you need to enter your e-mail address.

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Good afternoon! Bileth for the football games we sell very rarely. If they appear in prodaje, we will post information in the social. networks and on the website.

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How much I can purchase tickets for Shawn Mendes live?
And esimone whether to exchange an e-ticket for a regular at the box office Mosquino the concert will take place in St. Petersburg? The name on the ticket not mine.

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replied in HP

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In connection with the updating of our website, possible errors. We apologize for the inconvenience! Here is the link:

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Good afternoon! write a letter with all the information to our quality control technicians on

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thank you. Sorry for the tediousness.

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Hello! We said the organizers expect that the Singers will play on 11 and 12 April (unless force majeure).

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if I want to return militocracy the application and the required Documenta letter gets lost or long ittiest any time?

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thank you very much:) since Saturday just waiting for a ticket in the mail its all there(

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service fee always estimativo the method of purchase and place

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tickets for this concert are not sold in other regional otdelenije subagency offices.

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I have tomorrow will be 2 weeks, as the website is no longer open. Do not open any tablet or laptop. Had to buy tickets from others that is extremely inconvenient.

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How much I can purchase tickets for Shawn Mendes live?
Book tickets for hockey matchpro clicking the button "Order" appears "an unexpected error has Occurred. Try to buy other tickets or choose a different payment method.". Choose a different way obliterirute the ticket is already booked.

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I want now (while space is available) using your website to order tickets for 26.07, with a credit card, but physically they will only after 20.07 (when you arrive in St. Petersburg). Is this possible? Do I need separately to agree on the timing of the receipt?

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Spilled perfume on a ticket with a bar code on the big Love show
Powerlille barcode quite a bit Chu (the drop has worn off the top)
Miss me??

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but asking))?

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How much I can purchase tickets for Shawn Mendes live?
Dr gave) role still plays?
thank you.

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Bought with a concert ticket from your box office. You can then quickly verify that the ticket is not counterfeit ?

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it all depends on concerthouse to specify in our call center