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How Much I Can Purchase VIP Packages For Incubus Concert?

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Today got a call that the performance on March 31 in DC strip cancelled - said that on the 10th of April, I should arrive in DC from 17 to 19 ( in rush hour ) for a refund . Fees Cashier Ru will not be returned . Plus in idle pay for travel there and back . What is it called ? The word decency is not suitable . I was calculated according to the map, no delivery money back to the card . Why should I go to rush hour in DC?

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How much I can purchase VIP packages for Incubus concert?
good day! please tell me, I live in another city not in St. Petersburg! I want to make a gift for a friend's birthday who lives in your city. Can I buy an electronic gift card and send her an email or is this not possible? thank you!

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the tickets for March are, along with the performance you need to choose the dates of those tickets ARE, not the dates that we would like. The event sold out, so we would recommend You to buy the tickets in advance. The reference to the date on which you can book tickets on the website:

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, please tell me.I have a child up to 3 years,I want to buy a ticket for Masha and the bear 8-January 16.The question is.Times children under the age of 3 are free,then I have to buy a ticket only to themselves(the child will sit on my hands)can the baby get a gift for my ticket?Thank you

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for Your convenience , offering You addresses of websites of companies that sell event tickets. I hope their service will meet all Your requirements. , , , .

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we came at 9.55, I called your number and it said that the computer in the cash register were included about 9.50. Apparently, the cashier came,then left for some business and returned at 10.12. Came early before opening, if the box office was open as it should be, we bought tickets.

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will need copy of passport of the payer and a notarized power of attorney.

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Oh, thank you very much😊

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How much I can purchase VIP packages for Incubus concert?
How strange: on "the Usher" in the competition repost on the "Dangerous boys" is a reference to a group lecture Vasiliev.
still want to understand: list of theaters by clicking "All sites" will ever be active? Why would need this tab? When you click on institution search is not happening. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

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Hello! May I ask why Autovon PR. Stachek 94касса today at 19:50 was already closed?? Although on the website and on cassee specified opening hours TO 20:30. No explanatory announcement at the cashier was not. I urgently needed to buy biletii possible that because of this situation I can't get to the concert!!!

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very strannoe not been canceled has scassapalle in the order to 10 to 15 hours privateline time, concoa courier all no..

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How much I can purchase VIP packages for Incubus concert?
Will zdravstvuyet to order tickets (and to pay) and now via the Internet and will be able to take a month (we are from out of town).They don't expire?

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Do you have offices in Krasnodar?

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Good afternoon. Please tell me is it possible to change e-ticket to another date? And how to do it? Thanks in advance.

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How much I can purchase VIP packages for Incubus concert?
all did not pass

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please write the order number?

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Thank you)

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good day! objasniajace the sale of tickets for Mozart l'opera Rock Le Concert 10.10.13 you have numbered seats in the stalls not correspond to the numbering in the diagram of Salat.e. in one case, she left napravo other right to left?? why no ukazannogo numbering given in reverse order?? while your statements on oath utverjdenie in the scheme of the stalls numbering indicated Verna now in total vyjasnjaetsja there all the way around and I paid a lot of money for a ticket plus your Commission for the spoiled for the next six months!!

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We don't have information from the organizers that everything is in order. If novostie let

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tickets for this concert are not sold in other regional otdelenije subagency offices.

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How much I can purchase VIP packages for Incubus concert?
vestima looking to just cash in kartino ticket got :)

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but then sways not the city,and of the whole site

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thank you)

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How much I can purchase VIP packages for Incubus concert?
all there

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How much I can purchase VIP packages for Incubus concert?
Whether at the box office handing out posters after the last concert?

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Good day! I want to buy their employees free passes to the theatre. It passes that they chose their time and performance. Could you tell me a theater where you can buy passes. I've got 15 women each would like to give for 2 persons. Anything on the minimum price range in the region of 1000 rubles for 2 tickets. I would be grateful for feedback!

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Scaricamento the prices at the approach of the day of the concert? If Dato ' in what direction?

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I hope in the future everything will be good))

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to check your order you can in our call center 703-40-40

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to exchange the gift card is impossible. You can consider your leisure and choose another ticket for 500 rubles.

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the site is not working