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How To Buy Cheap Tickets For Incubus Date?

sent today paid receipt by e-mail. Then he called to DTZK, asked why I didn't receive an SMS that you obtain a receipt of paid (previously left a text message that you have received a receipt), she said that she sees that I sent her. And I within minutes you will receive an SMS. And she never came. What to do???????

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Bought a ticket for concordatory will be in 2 months. I was not given a receipt (just didn't know what the ticket receipts given). Question: can I return denguezli concert will not take place?

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If the ticket is lost, it cannot be restored?

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Tell me what hours you can take the tickets? It can be done only at the Central box office?

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for the money order?

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all I have are tickets,even a receipt is not given,how can you know they are defective or not,and without a bar code will pass?

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why you have an age limit on the concert of One Republic 16+and A2 on the website 18+?how old can I go?

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information about concerts Sean Paul in Saint-Petersburg yet was not.

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How to buy cheap tickets for Incubus date?
the ticket hasn't been opened yet. Follow the information on our website.

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dateregistered for novopolotska

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good day! will there be another batch of tickets for the dance floor to the concert of The Prodigy?

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How to buy cheap tickets for Incubus date?
good afternoon. . details otechnologist in the call center 703 40 40

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please write Your order number.

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good day! For the concert, "Brother 2" for a child 5 years do I need a separate ticket for the sector? Or on the lap of a parent? Thank you!

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Hello! tell them to return the tickets I can only a change or cancellation.well, three days before the event. I didn't know for three days that this day'll come down with fever and so on. the concert tonight...can't go. how to be? let lost 4.5 thousand? there must be exceptions...????

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Good day, please add to friends, or make available personal messages, duplicate you the answer.

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I 00что written in SMS and e-mail.
a Manager at 10.40 tabletsto expired greenyellow netsukes cancelled.
How canceled? In "my orders" visitsto platino no reservation is valid
I Ran to the cashier in the Palace of Beloselsky - Oia such we do not sell tickets. I have specified "at any ticket office"! Nate sell.
Oh. the cashier start at 11.15 instead of 11

Question - coincidence of the three idiots or just ohreneli?

PS SMS and e-mail about the cancellation came at 11.

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Good day! tell me,please,whether to sell tickets in the fan zone at the concert of Placebo on 24 October? or will only the entrance tickets to the dance floor without the fan zone?

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we have independent from each other departments. You can email us at outlining in detail your claims.

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we apologize for the unprofessional actions of employees of our partners in the Agency "the Agency of Passenger Transportations". We are currently working on temtory future incidents do not recur. Thanks for posting about this proisshestvie all neobhodimosti purchase tickets at the box office was convenient and prijatnymi in all the others.

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Yes,that's right

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How to buy cheap tickets for Incubus date?
Thank you)

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Good evening! Question for the concert of Lenny Kravitz: that the transfer of the concert from 19.09.2012 G. for 2013?

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How to buy cheap tickets for Incubus date?
thank you))

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Hello. I need 2 tickets for Kasabian concert in Moscow. I live in St. Petersburg,can I order them through your website,pay by card and pick up at your office in St. Petersburg?

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service fee always estimativo the method of purchase and place

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Good afternoon, really sorry, at the moment there are technical problems with the site, our specialists are already working on a solution to this problem, I hope soon everything will work.

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contact the call center in N.Novgorod +7 (831) 428 99 99

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Thank you)

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Unfortunately no.(answered in private messages)

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tickets at 900p. we already ended. At such concerts the organisers will govern the prices of tickets, the first batch at 900p. sold the following is already sold in 1700СЂ.

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Good afternoon. To pick up the ticket at the ticket office needs only a passport or need some kind of digital code? Paid the ticket by credit card. Written order nor paid smsni email. emails not received any confirmation. And at the same time with a text from bankata money saleprice your SMS that I need to buy a reservation for 24 hours. Don't understand((((

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How to buy cheap tickets for Incubus date?