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How To Buy Tickets For Liam Gallagher Live?

this mailing of our Moscow podrazdeleniem mistakenly hit you

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thank you)

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was otpravlyal "application for refund" .
as I'm not policycommittee EMS only recoverable documents . ("Shoe Polish or Shoe Polish package I will not give. I'm not a fool" PechkinР’В©)
Suggest to send the application and a copy of the passport again a simple email ?

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How to buy tickets for Liam Gallagher live?
Yes,at the Central box office

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How to buy tickets for Liam Gallagher live?
Hello, I live in the Novgorod region and I have a website of any new or old doesn't open from the 7th of may.

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Hello! I have two gift cards with a face value of 1000 rubles, but there is no way to the desired concert to go to SPb to purchase a ticket at the box office (live, of course, not Peter).
is it Possible to purchase tickets via the website with these cards? On the website, if you select "E-ticket" did not see the possibility of "activating" certificates

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ordered the tickets on the stock with a redemption at the box office, drove to the box office near the metro station 'Primorskaya in 15-30, and there blinds are down and no information on the phone 380-8050 car is and no one answers... how do you know which cash at what time you work?

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Good day, you when you order should have come SMS with your order number.This number tell you the checkout, no problems should give you the tickets.If anything, call at tel. 380-80-50 and our operators will tell you exactly if this is possible in a specific register.

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Tell me, tickets for Cirque Du Soleil?

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Hello,I bought today March 27 at the box office tickets for theatre Akimov,I was charged another fee. I was very surprised because last year for the same action was not taken. As it should be?

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good day! all information here

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How to buy tickets for Liam Gallagher live?
and within what time they could come back?

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Thank you!

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thanks , in the phone column with the mode of operation was not visible (already used that service without a break for working lunch). Now only weekend work to get there, but that's about the mode of operation of the weekend is not clear whether there is a break for lunch or not?

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good denu was this information about a month ago. You can get the money back for the ticket from 25.11 at 08.12 at: B. Сампсониевский7 in working days: mon.-Thu 15:00-18:00пт from 15:00-17:00.

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tell me is it possible to return an e-ticket (unfortunately not get to the event) and what % will lose when you return

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Hello. Interested in this question. Bought 2 tickets for cash at the Musical Mamma-Mia but now on 26.10.13 at 18: 00.

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kaitempi e-ticket. To print it out and semajno to go? Need anything else?

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, , information on the cost of tickets, availability can be viewed on our website:

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thank you! ))

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good day! all possible options are stated on the website

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there on the tickets your logo and website.

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After the next update of the site normally does not work search on sites, through viewing tour events. Strange "of Usher" and desire for change that bring only inconveniences!

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Have you ever done that?

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Good morning, for clarification please call us toll free number 8 800 333-80-51 and our operators will advise you if this is possible, and how to do better.

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How to buy tickets for Liam Gallagher live?
Good day! To sozhaleniya the moment to buy a ticket to an event in another city through the cash register the nevozmojnoe we're working on it.

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what is the activity?

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Good morning! Can I buy You have to buy tickets to the Circus, but I need the left side 11 a number 13,14,15 place? or is it only in the circus.Thank you

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Well, a question. We have a place in the orchestra. Can we buy the second cheapest ticket on sector, but the child will have mom's hands in the stalls?

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Good afternoon.Please check now,all should earn,all updated and running.

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please write the order number and we will talk You through about the terms and conditions of redemption :)

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Yes,the balance is positive. Bank map

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answered in a PM

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Since the concert Brand nopflera otmenena would like to return the tickets. Tickets purchased at the Central box office in Proplacheny through my personal Bank cartoonito check I have not kept. honestly hovorany was pennydale me.

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Hello. Today the order was made for kids event New year
and Fixies on 28.12.2016. When ordering you specified the address of the event SPb TRK Yuzhnyy Polyus St. Prague 48/50после of purchase of the ticket has changed the address on TRK EYE "Lekoteka" Kolpino.Октябрьская8. The operator said that there was a glitch in the system and on Monday I'll be hearing from the Manager. Now your website is listed everywhere in Kolpino not in SPb. In the end, where the event is held? If Capinota please return the full value of an error has occurred through no fault of the customer.