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How To Buy VIP Packages For Rihanna Concert?

Good afternoon! We checked the order, all right, the tickets are valid!

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How to buy VIP packages for Rihanna concert?
thank you!

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How to buy VIP packages for Rihanna concert?
Zdravstvuyte the girl gave e-ticket for the concert Metallicana on the ticket has her name. She bought a map.
if I Can go to the concert with that ticket? And if net, what do I do?

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Can't find on the website of the cashier in the concert hall 31.1 the view user profile and the link does not work

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Zdravstvuydosvidaniya as the concert twenty one pilots transferred to ledovye places purchased in may tickets? On the dance floor or in the sector?

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I have a another question: if the barcode is suddenly not prochitaete still concert get? I was doing two tickets - Both tickets issued to me documents I predyavlyaet

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How to buy VIP packages for Rihanna concert?
the rest of the tickets not raspadaetsya value increased in connection with a change in the General economic situation in the country.

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We will try to resolve your issue quickly, the maximum period of 10 days.

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How to buy VIP packages for Rihanna concert?
Younger sister decided to have Pat bilaterales black pateno if prigoditsya visible ( the bar code is not affected). Sane propustit to the concert?

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, Good morning.We are working to improve the situation.For convenience, left the old version of the website:
We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Good day! A friend bought 3 e-ticket for Metallica. and all of them written in the column "firstnamelastname" is his name. will not have any issues when attending the event? after all, in fact it's the other person. thank you in advance

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Maybe write is not the topic ,but I have a question .Is there any news whether there will be a concert Hvorostovsky and friends in St. Petersburg in 2016 ? News about the Moscow concert have already appeared

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How to buy VIP packages for Rihanna concert?
Good Day ! We are guests in Your city . Going to visit SPB this weekend . Want to book tickets for a tour "Bus tour of St. Petersburg with visit to Peter and Paul fortress" in 26.11.2016 ( time 11.00) . Is it possible to buy tickets before the tour ?

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Good afternoon,
I tried 2 times to pay for the ticket of kartasova times attempts were unsuccessful. Your website did not request telefons with a confirmation code from the Bank was here. Choose to pay through Alfaclick - made opetating was debited by account number 5096075 (order number 4084634) in the amount of 4300 + 430 ₽ (parterre 13место 47). Now the website has been updated and in LK I napisannogo this order is cancelled. How to be? Money spiritalis cancelled. The ticket was going to give to mom she loves the creative musician. Who am I to say "thank you" does the same for you, can't I have 2 times to take payment, then taking Igoumenitsa order?

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Good evening! Is it possible to return the ticket for personal reasons?

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Yes , there are gift cards DTZK denominations of 500, 1000, 3000 and 5000 rubles. More information about gift cards You can read on our website

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very sorry. Davolno often buy you tickets and "compliments" no. At the casino promotions/discounts on tickets are offered, and you have nothing yet. Once in many years, by accident at the checkout I read about the discount in the theater shelter comedians.

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How to buy VIP packages for Rihanna concert?

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Hello! I would like usnate is it possible on your website to book tickets for some time (neprimerno day)?

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Good morning, for clarification please call us toll free number 8 800 333-80-51 and our operators will advise you if this is possible, and how to do better.

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good afternoon. Kosmonautentraum was too suspicious. Themselves ponimayete than perebdet nedobdet:( Not upset,gloweave dream come true!Join us at B. Sampson,7 and we'll give you a poster!

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I booked without registratiion as are unable voltino spaces are still available vysvechivajutsja? I will be able to redeem them or someone else will be able to book??

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sex in the evening with the same problem spent... Not allowed to buy tickets

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If you change an electronic ticketing conventional in the main casinosno to pay a Commission? or is it free?

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I am now trying logs on to the website. System somehow otvechaete such email not found.
Question. After changing the site design can and is necessary to register the new? I don't wiranto ever lagunilla on the website in its updated form. Probably not.

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Hello! Please tell me why the website still declining? We haven't had time to get used to the inconvenience of the last site, as it is now to these inconveniences were added the new. There is a limit to perfection? You want a website stopped using everything and forever?

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Hello. Prompt,please, in what the box office takes a collection,and what is not.

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Hello! The question is:
I want to buy a ticket for The Birthday Massacre. But the problem is tomoto I live in Penza and the ticket can pick up only on arrival in Petercde 15-16 may. To pay by credit card can it simply does not. Is it possible to transfer dengie ticket to pick up later? Ilimage bytecodestream shipping?

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Will Zdravstvuite in Minschew to take the e-tickets for Metallica in St. Petersburg. If I fail to get or concert canceled as I will be able to return the funds, except personal appeals to the office?

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may be. exactly do not know...

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Who debugpage with the answer. I bought by ticket to the concert another person (was originally purchased at the cashier). Ticket elektronnyy the name-the name of the buyer. There are variance I will not pass?

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good day! We apologize for the delay in response. Take away paper tickets only gorodisce the ticket was purchased. But you can always apply for an electronic biletii only need to print.

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How to buy VIP packages for Rihanna concert?
Thanks for the info.

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How to buy VIP packages for Rihanna concert?
a ticket to the EKB can be changed only if it is in ECx. You can try to go to the concert with an electronic ticket. The name on the ticket only to instances where it paginationviewdata problems with reading the barcode. That is, if you are sure you didn't copy the barcode,will it not spread and bought a ticket for the cashier.Ruto's problems probably will not documents from the armed forces will not be asked at the entrance

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alteration of the personal account and was the initial difficulty. Everyone who approached us with a similar problem (there were nemnogoe was)solved the problem. As for the room takasato we tested again the service last week at your request - all goes and comes correctly,if pressed, the corresponding checkbox.

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and with a need tickets printed take?

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Is it possible to exchange e-ticket back to the money? so they just credited back to the credit card.

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on the website what city You booked the order?

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Call 8-800-555-07-70продиктуй order number and tell him to cancel it

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we apologize for the delay in response! To agelenidae we do confirmation only through e-mail. But you can also subscribe to our e-mail of rassylku not miss promotions and discounts to events!

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tried to call tel. 3808050, but there is an answering machine.

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Could you tell me please is it possible to recover the ticket,bought at the ie, bought a ticket,but when you move lost,remember number and location,ready to call the account and order number you used to purchase tickets.

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Summary sent.When can we expect answer

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is it possible to return money for the ticket due to the cancellation of a concert (Nickelback)if you lost control??? the ticket itself and the control part on hand.
thanks in advance

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Good day! I read about problems with the website and realized that I'm not the only one..can't log into your account with the phone for a long time(( help pliz, to deal with this problem...I would not want to go to another service...

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in the cashier. Before the site update and after, respectively.

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When will any clear information on the return of "Game monsters"?

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Podschital cash how many days it will stay booked?

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How to buy VIP packages for Rihanna concert?
Booked the tickets on the cashier ru,the reservation until the evening of the 1st number,and the box office does not open until 2-Gokak rebook?or can buy e-ticket?

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my husband,thank you)

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Hello,bought tickets at the theater box office,but circumstances tore it possible to somehow restore?show tomorrow

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please tell me the return ticket is available in the branch?or need to Central office to go?

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thank you for Your review, our content specialists are working on this problem.

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Hello , You can place your order on our website and pay by Bank transfer. Paid tickets can be picked up at any time, including on the day of the event.