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How To Buy VIP Packages For Spoon Concert?

tickets are already in sale -

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Dear I purchased tickets through You at "Monster Mania" on April 29, 2017 sodabutte good twitteraholic going on with the refund for the tickets? Today it took 33 days instead of 30 for vozvrata the sending of the documents.

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How to buy VIP packages for Spoon concert?
And the gift is already included in the ticket price?

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sometimes they ask for passports. You can exchange an e-ticket standard abracadabras

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How to buy VIP packages for Spoon concert?
Hello! On the website napisannogo 12-13 will be the musical "the Master and Margarita". But there is more about these numbers doesn't say. This information is correct?

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yet just what that is

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the ticket will go to the concert the other person. If there are problems with reading the bar adolecense that he will not be able I will not be able to attend and provide your passport?

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How to buy VIP packages for Spoon concert?
To use the site in the new version of impossible: the schedule is inconvenient, and loading of the data becomes a test of patience. Why so often to change their design? Why make "the people" raw product?

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Can you verify the authenticity of an e-ticket? bought from friends. all there. all your sitepal in PDF with a barcode. Or exchanged for ordinary what can be addressed?

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about job vacancies look on the page or on the website in the section company РІСљРЉ

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Hello. I need 2 tickets for Kasabian concert in Moscow. I live in St. Petersburg,can I order them through your website,pay by card and pick up at your office in St. Petersburg?

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Valeriya Sergeevna, You need to write an application for the restoration of tickets to the "Book of complaints and suggestions" on the website. If the tickets were purchased on order through the call center or through an online order on the website, the letter can be sent to the address .

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Good morning, Yes , unfortunately there are sometimes technical problems. Working on getting it fixed.We apologize for the inconvenience.

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You need to zaregestrirovatsya our website , choose the event that interests You and place an order for a specific location.

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you can pay for tickets cartage to pick up the ticket before the concert. The main thing - to pay them. Because to hold the reservation we can't last that long.

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Want to buy tickets with ruckblende have Wasno don't want to run into a fake.
Someone govorilje can send You a picture of the ticket and You check it for authenticity. Is this possible?
thanks in Advance for the answer!

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thank you!

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Rabatowy when the tickets they buy?

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Good afternoon, call 3808050, call the number on Your certificate, the operator will check its validity and status.

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napolitanos review to our customer service Department

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very strannoe not been canceled has scassapalle in the order to 10 to 15 hours privateline time, concoa courier all no..

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Zdravstvuyte printed tickets for the concert barcodes on the sides were cut more than half. Do I need to reprint tickets or to fit two drogakolinska?

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thank you,the tickets were exchanged :)

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Good evening! Want to take my little sister to a concert Delfinato limit is 16+it is now my 14V accompaniment will be allowed in the club? Thank you.

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Is it possible somehow to restore the lost ticket?

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How to buy VIP packages for Spoon concert?
the cashier can find Your order by name. View order status under "my orders" on the home page - it needs to be ready - then the tickets can be redeemed.

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Good afternoon! Personnel Department telephone 331-22-85

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live in another city,book a ticket going through the Internet.How and where can I pick up?Whether during the day or on the day of the concert?and if I order an e-ticket,you need to print on A4,is it possible to crop or present so,on a sheet?

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also, samoei hologram and barcode passport pokazateli. But lately a fake,so the supervisors were doubled vigilance.

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can't find the information on the website, ask here. Specify, please, how can I pay for the ticket with a gift card if I order it online?

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good day!can

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Hello! Sampson bought tickets for Ocean Elzy on February 22. Sasamoto no barcode. Pomogajut. Thank you!

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How to buy VIP packages for Spoon concert?
all the museums included in the list. How much time - all of your))

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well, this is you can answer only the cashier

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the tickets turned out to be Elizabeth. Dear viewers: please specify your correct data!!!

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Thanks for the reply. I already registered a long time ago.) Did as You said. But whether this is the Billboard? Maybe it's just the news of the cultural life of the city? Such a newsletter, I don't want to.

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with this issue better call us at tel. 380-80-50 and explain the whole situation, will tell you exactly how best to do.

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Tell me do you plan the play with Olga Buzova in SPb ???

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Hello! Tell me, do I pay the ticket with a payment card from another city.
Can I get a paid ticket on the day of the event?
Pay for today, come 1 February, the event 6th. what should I do?

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Hello! The question is:
I want to buy a ticket for The Birthday Massacre. But the problem is tomoto I live in Penza and the ticket can pick up only on arrival in Petercde 15-16 may. To pay by credit card can it simply does not. Is it possible to transfer dengie ticket to pick up later? Ilimage bytecodestream shipping?

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tell me whether you can skladiste tickets in half? Bought as a gift-wanted originally to give. But in the box the whole don't fit(

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Zdravstvuyte booked the tickets online on Semantic hallucinations in Saint-Petersburg Method of receiving tickets: free to pick up at any ticket office CASHIER.RU. Would like to know "any of the checkout CASHIER.RU" it's all over Russia, or only in St. Petersburg. Himself from Togliatti.

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how to get promo code?

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please write Your order number.

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Hello! I was given tickets to "Swan lake"
12 Angarano unfortunately I do not have time to arrive to this number in Saint Petersburg. Skatemore whether to exchange on the 25th?

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testcontent will be held March 4 100% Yubileyny? In case of cancellation of the concert will return us the money for the tickets?

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How to buy VIP packages for Spoon concert?
podskagite the ice Palace on the Leningrad tickets box seats do not buy through the Internet?

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How to buy VIP packages for Spoon concert?
Good time of day.Even in the summer I ordered tickets for a gig and they're already paid for.But as I live in Moscow to pick up a ticket plan before the concert.later, entering the private office he saw that the order number has changed.but I didn't copy.I've just tried to visit the site.however, write" E-mail not validated".Although I still have the letter on this soap with the confirmation ticket and can this be?I do not want to come and be without a ticket.and another question is it possible to transfer this ticket is now electronic.The Depeche Mode concert on March 4, 2014 in Saint-Petersburg.Thank you.

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Zdravstvuyte.mozhno to exchange you have an e-ticket for a regular?