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How To Get VIP Packages For Metallica Live?

PEOPLE WHO KNOW: DTZK sent to the form the receipt of payment. Question. In the graph the payment amount write the amount for the tickets, and in the column Amount of fees - the amount for distribution service, am I correct? Anyone have a completed form for a sample.

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I also highly attracted by the opportunity to see the performances staged by Neumeier on stage. Especially performed by the Hamburg ballet. Expect a public response.

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No access when trying to log in to the website via mobile Internet (smartphone, tablet, modem megaphone from the computer with the laptop)

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Zdravstvuyte bought tickets for the Beijing Imperial conquistata which was held on 25 of June in the Coliseum. The event pereplitenie for the tickets and not vernula on the website, the cashier already selling tickets for the rescheduled date. Poluchaetsya I'm not vernuli my tickets for November will be invalid?

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A letter with attached electronic ticket comes in the mail you specified when registering on the website.Write your email.mail me in PM

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by the way,Yes,I also already sold out at the box office tickets to the ready status (((

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the tickets are booked You will receive an order number in the SMS message, the tickets You can redeem at any of our theater box office from 1 to 3 days (the validity period of the order specified at the time of ordering).

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can the e-ticket to replace conventional?

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why you have an age limit on the concert of One Republic 16+and A2 on the website 18+?how old can I go?

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Manager with you on Monday?

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thank you!

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Hello everyone), I Learned that there are volunteers who need to play. For example, in St. Petersburg, in October will be "the Onegin", and "Miracle Yudo" was recently. Maybe you know something? I would love to participate! Thank you

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How to get VIP packages for Metallica live?
and in Petrozavodsk by chance. to buy tickets or just electronic??

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on b/W

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no. Do not purchase tickets

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very strannoe not been canceled has scassapalle in the order to 10 to 15 hours privateline time, concoa courier all no..

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Good afternoon! Yes of course you can. The advantage of ordering the cards on the website is that it is possible to choose individual design.

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You can always get support on the phone 8(800)555-07-70 - our contact centre specialists will be happy to help even during the holidays.
it is difficult to say why You have not received SMS opovescheniya it can affect a number of reasons (information about the validity of the reservation also appears in the public offer during checkout).
In the event that an order annulirovavshego be approached to any convenient address ( or arrange delivery) and buy tickets mastabas reservation.
the Most convenient way - is to buy e-ticket from the comfort of home.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Good luck.

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Good evening to you in personal messages were sent to contact this specialist

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Good day! Seitpagambetov for how many days to wait for the return of the den. funds on the card after you apply for a refund? (the concert canceled).
Thank you!

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good denined tickets

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Good afternoon. Prompt pzhl ticket price for the Shares shown already with the discount ?

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Thank you)

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How to get VIP packages for Metallica live?
Good day! And can check the accuracy and correctness of the order ?

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but if the man arrive, Moretto the site says needed a copy of passport and power of attorney. Attorney in arbitrary formatex?

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The tickets was sold on March 27. All complaints that come to the address should be brought and submitted to the authorities. This is to prevent such situations. Later You receive an official response from our organization.

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Hello,there was such trouble,crumpled ticket and lost him control. what do I do? can we exchange or with such empty?

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How to get VIP packages for Metallica live?
on the phone 380-80-50 You will answer first freed the operator. There's no Voicemail, there's only an advertising splash during the wait.

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Yes,at the Central box office

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To use the site in the new version of impossible: the schedule is inconvenient, and loading of the data becomes a test of patience. Why so often to change their design? Why make "the people" raw product?

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not seitse in order :)

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Hello! Tell me, do I pay the ticket with a payment card from another city.
Can I get a paid ticket on the day of the event?
Pay for today, come 1 February, the event 6th. what should I do?

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good day! A new date for the concert is not really announced. Refund can be made at club Cosmonaut.

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How to get VIP packages for Metallica live?
And how much are the cheapest tickets for Ural dumplings at the DK Lensoveta and tours in Karelia?

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Thank you!!!!

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Please tell me. And how to get tickets if you book through the Internet?

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Yes , the phone is correct. From our side everything is working properly. Try again to call.

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that's really true is a question-bewilderment) tickets to prodazhey a lot))

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detailed information about gift certificates
Soon in the sale will be certificates for 2014.

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it is better to consult with the cashiers at the main checkout B. Сампсониевский7. Dualmono to rent and buy

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Good evening) is unfortunately not(