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How To Purchase Cheap Tickets For Bruno Mars Show?

good evening. Probably wise to monitor this group BDT. As a different option at the moment(

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then how to make tchtoby others were able to easily pass on bought my tickets? My copy of your passport maybe they should take?

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"you can,if you pre-write a statement (at least 10 days before the concert)".
I Wrote the Application for refund den.funds have obrazuemymi electronically. Or do you want a scanned copy with signature ?
"if paid by besylate will return to the map"
Pay via Qiwi has Kosteleckou room. Will return there ?

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Bruno Mars show?
thank you)

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Bruno Mars show?
Hello! Can you please tell me if my order was 2 tickets by redeeming it in the office I can only buy one, because circumstances have changed?

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Bruno Mars show?
Why the new website of Ushers inactive button "Sites"?

PS. The font size chosen: moving large pictures distract from the small and faded letters. Hard to read, have to strain.

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tickets cashier have several degrees of protection. To verify just do not buy hand,buy at the box office

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And gift cards can only be purchased with a paid courier? To get to the nearest theater box office can not?

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thank you

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Good afternoon! If You have a gift card or gift certificate , they you can use when you pay at the box office or when making a delivery. More details can be found in the rules or on the phone 380-80-50

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producto concert Gaga PROHIBITS the admission of persons under 16 years?

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Good morning, while this information is not available. Stay tuned to our website.

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thank you! :) The poster did not, nado me she estival 2 for myself and girlfriend! But as soon as a decent concert in calendarized to you for tickets :)

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Bruno Mars show?
write your phone number and our specialists will contact you

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Bruno Mars show?
the main presence in these tickets the original bar code. The main thing is not to put them on the Internet and do not copy.

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tell me your ticket you have free??and how much she is given?

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In your basket to contain the tickets that can only be obtained electronically, and tickets that are not available electronically. In this regard, the methods of obtaining and no. Please delete some tickets.

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Bruno Mars show?
How to order tickets to "the Lady with camellias" 6или7ноября
answer those in PM if you can

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Hello! I booked 3 billano I only need two. What to do?

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Hello, in the near future the performances with his participation not stated.

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good afternoon! At this event there was a revaluation of tickets. They cost 1500, now are 2000. Our company has nothing to do with the pricing of the tickets. All this information comes from the organizers. Why are other companies cheaper tickets are sold, we can answer - apparently, this is the decision of the organizers.

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Better in our Central box office on the street Gorokhovaya 6

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Good evening. Tell me if it is possible to recover utrenny ticket if you have a receipt?

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no, tickets bought the house at 1.30 am and once printed. In a public place where to print?😂 Tickets kupte 24.03. night and 25.03 we went to the circus😊. And takes the tickets to these places was only myself and three!!!!! And the two bought tickets to the circus, and two (one) - on the website usher. ru.

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Good day! Please tell me if I can post the tickets you have your event on sale? If so, on what conditions?

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Thank you! But in your account still "pending payment"

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good waterhow to go to the concert Ramazzotti Erossa in St. Petersburg,I'm from another garudamon if I book you a ticket and redeem in the day of the concert?thanks in advance)

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giving elarbeten I still can't login to your account. Other issues I have.

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Bruno Mars show?

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good afternoon. Apparently in the time of your treatment system passed the upgrade. Such momentum sozhaleniya iskluchitelno we are Statemachine they take up less time.

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I ordered the tickets in his name, can I redeem them on to another person? I'm in a different city and she can not

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Good day! Bought tickets to Educational Theatre on the Fontanka, can't find a letter in the mail!

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Good dangde you can take the promo code?

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Bruno Mars show?
Thank you! At the time we went to the play "the wise man stumbles", but was replaced:( I'll Try to go to a Performance of "Night and day"

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Bruno Mars show?
Cashier the theme of the stalls sibling or, as in BKZ on the rise? Thank you very much then will take 205 or 212 of the first row;)

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Whether at the box office handing out posters after the last concert?

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all I have are tickets,even a receipt is not given,how can you know they are defective or not,and without a bar code will pass?

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I Govorun the future)

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Good dangde you can take the promo code?

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Good morning, unfortunately as we do not sell tickets for this concert, we do not have this information.Try to find on its official website.

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we have available only the right side of the circus.

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We sell tickets only to events taking place in Saint Petersburg. If you are interested in, for other cities we have a free Federal number 8 800 333-80-51

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Panemune unfortunately similar or the same events yet.

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Good day! Why is there no theater tickets skazkin the house on Gorky for children 2-3 years? There are tickets only for older children. In Skazkin house at Pioneer sells tickets for shows and for kids.

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Bruno Mars show?
in the near future-I'll still have time to order on 19E-20E November? Or these tickets are not to wait and do You mean the following? Know anything?

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Classic - access to the main dance floor.

Deluxe - access to additional dance floor and chill-out individual whosegame place on the podium with the right to secede on the dance floor.

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Hello,Alina. Return of tickets is only possible in case of cancellation or change of event by the organizers.

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skajite at the circus Masha and the bear for a child of 3 years is also a ticket pokupateli on my knees to plant?