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How To Purchase Cheap Tickets For Rag N Bone Man Date?

Good evening,I purchased e-tickets on concertge they can be exchanged for ordinary?

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please write Your order number.

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if orders are reissued for technical reasons, they may not appear in the tab "My orders" on the website (they are). The audience is always provided new order number You see on the web site. With this new number You need to go to the box office to collect tickets.

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a VISA card You can pay for your order. The music hall is not yet connected to the system of electronic tickets and paying tickets online, You need to specify in the order form recipient, and that person will be able to receive the original tickets at any theater box office DTZK, showing your passport and the order number. Read more about the possibilities of order and payment :

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Rag N Bone Man date?
Could you tell me please is it possible to recover the ticket,bought at the ie, bought a ticket,but when you move lost,remember number and location,ready to call the account and order number you used to purchase tickets.

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Good morning , Yes, when purchasing tickets you are given only a receipt for their purchase. When you pass on the concert, you quite simply the tickets, well in any case, take a check.

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Rag N Bone Man date?
Good day! Tell me, please, I have a gift card to the Ushers. Can I use it when placing and paying an order online? Could not find how to do it.

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what event are You interested in return?

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Yes,print and go)

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Rag N Bone Man date?
Good day! Want to know interested in the show "Memories of the future" Alexandrinsky who will play on 28 December,and who 9 Jan-Peter Semak or Lysenko?

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And another question - e-ticket to print color or black and white?

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Rag N Bone Man date?
what event are You interested in return?

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Please tell me and Usher are not available tickets for Senseyshena white Peter 18 Jun??

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purchased email. the ticket was contentville the PDF file it just print it? input no problems?

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Good afternoon! So the only problem with the phone or You can't go into my account? Tried to reset password and look in the spam?

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I Booked tickets for the concert this morning. Status: "Order pending payment" (ordered on payment in cash in the offices of the cashier). How long will I keep my reservation? (today don't have time to redeem)

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we will try pomicino we have different regional offices and different workers (and different powers)

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Hello! Tickets for all events at which the shares were sold within the first hour of the theatrical box office. Theatrical box office of more than 60 in the city and all at the same time lead sale. The situation with the number of people willing to buy tickets display media:

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Good afternoon! Discounts or special conditions for families with many children provide spectacular companies. Usually there are discount tickets to the aquarium and exhibitions (for example: )

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Rag N Bone Man date?
Hello , have gift cards face value of 500 rubles, 1000, 3000 and 5000.

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How to purchase cheap tickets for Rag N Bone Man date?
Good afternoon - certificate acts as money so you take it and go to any of our cash (as if it worth more than the face value of the certificate, you can pay the remaining amount)

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Good afternoon, on this issue it is better to call us by phone 380-80-50 and our operators will tell you how best to do and what is possible to do through us.

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And I, as you know, have a new account to start? Since I am so no one answered, but a personal account is still not open. Naturally, all innovations only benefit the customers.....